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    3 Best Venues For Your Tagaytay Wedding

    What are the best venues for your Tagaytay wedding?

    1. Affinitrees Tagaytay
    2. Alta Veranda de Tibig
    3. Angelfields: Nature Sanctuary


    Do you want to tie the knot in a beautiful venue surrounded by nature? Are you looking for a location amidst the cool mountain breeze? Interested in reserving the best venue for you and your partner?

    Then, Tagaytay might be the perfect place for your wedding. Located south of Manila, Tagaytay is a popular wedding destination because of its cool temperatures and scenic views. Read on to learn more about the best venues you can get in your Tagaytay wedding package:


    Affinitrees Tagaytay

    Affinitrees Tagaytay

    Affinitrees Tagaytay is a prestigious events space that overlooks the famous Taal Lake. It rests 2,000 feet above sea level and is designed to be the epitome of elegance and glamour. The area has four different event spaces available that can be further combined to accommodate more guests.


    Venue 1: The Serenity Room + Skylight Haven
    For an elegant and intimate wedding reception, the combination of The Serenity Room and Skylight Haven can house around 130 guests. The venue is separated into an indoor and outdoor area. You can host your program inside the air-conditioned room and easily transfer to the outdoor area for cocktails and music.


    Venue 2: The Harmony Hall + The Symphony Hall
    The combination of The Harmony Hall and The Symphony Hall can accommodate up to 350 guests. It boasts a contemporary high ceiling as well as a high glass window with a gorgeous view of the mountain range. For a more intimate event, there is also a garden area that can be occupied by up to 60 people.


    Alta Veranda de Tibig

    Just a short drive away from Tagaytay is a hidden treasure of Philippine colonial history found in Silang, Cavite. Alta Veranda de Tibig combines traditional Spanish-Filipino architecture with a modern experience. There are a number of halls and spaces you can choose from that would best fit your wedding’s theme.


    Venue 1: Entresuelo (Silong) Hall
    Entresuelo (Silong) Hall is an open space decorated with Spanish designed columns and tile flooring. The area can hold around 150-250 people — perfect for a luxurious yet intimate night. There is a covered section that can be turned into a designated buffet or reception area.


    Venue 2: El Pabelion de Jardin
    The El Pabelion de Jardin is a venue that exudes class and Greek elegance. The hall’s most prominent piece is its grand dome illuminated by a striking chandelier. The dome is a combination of white stone and clear glass, which gives its guests a view of the majestic garden found outside of it. The air-conditioned venue can hold up to 350 attendees.


    Venue 3: Daisy’s Garden
    Get married underneath the setting sun in Daisy’s Garden. This 1,200 square meter open area can fit 150-350 guests. The large field can accommodate all kinds of designs depending on your wedding checklist budget.


    Venue 4: Aquatore
    Aquatore is a venue for couples looking for a unique wedding experience. This outdoor area has two level swimming pools. One of which has a 360 view of Laguna de Bay, Mt. Makiling, and the Tagaytay skyline. The entire area can hold up to 300 guests.


    Angelfields: Nature Sanctuary

    Angelfields: Nature Sanctuary

    Found on the border between Silang, Cavite, and Tagaytay is an event place within a 10-hectare nature sanctuary. Angelfields has a number of large structures, each with its own religious theme. These spaces are perfect for couples who want to be wed amidst God’s creations.


    Venue 1: Holy Family Pavilion: Aqua + Vino + Magnificat
    The Holy Family Pavilion is a grand complex made of 3 structures with a modern industrial architectural style. Its sleek walls are composed of wood and stone, some of which are embossed with Bible verses. The biggest venue is the Magnificat, which can hold up to 400 guests.


    Venue 2: The Sanctuary: Sanctuary Garden + Santuario
    The Sanctuary is perfect for couples who enjoy being one with nature. This outdoor garden can entertain up to 300 people. Take a look out for the different species of birds that live around the garden, as well as the fireflies that illuminate the night sky.


    Key Takeaway

    Found a venue you’re interested in that fits your wedding checklist budget? Avail of Juan Carlo’s well-known Tagaytay wedding package to help turn your choice into your ideal wedding. Ensure that you get the best venue for the best price with Juan Carlo.