Bespoke Catering in Manila

February 9, 2023

Best caterer in Manila

Everyone wants their event to transpire flawlessly, but not everyone is capable of planning and management. Without proper planning and handling, there is no guarantee that an event will take place smoothly. To preserve the fun and to reduce hassle-related stress, it is thoroughly recommended to hire a professional catering service in Manila that can offer services beyond food preparation and food management.

Whether you are celebrating a massive get-together like wedding receptions and debuts or intimate events like children’s parties and corporate functions, you can enjoy, be entertained, eat good food, and spend the day without any trouble by acquiring the best services that offer catering in Manila .

The best quality caterer always makes sure that there is no room for errors. They satisfy their clients and present them with only the most festive celebrations with no excuses through their attention to detail. Your choice of caterer should not exclusively be based on their food prepping experience, but also their flexibility, creativity, and customer care.

Why Hire a Caterer?

Hiring a caterer in Manila

Simply put, hiring a caterer in Manila will save you time to prepare for more significant things before the big event. Acquiring the best catering service in Manila will allow you to enjoy an impeccable celebration without having to worry about the venue as well as the taste and quality of the food to be served.

Food and Preparation Management

When it comes to the food menu and presentation, hire a caterer that offers a multitude of dishes; one with years of experience in the food industry.

Their catering services can be tailored fit to the requests of the client. They can attend to particular orders, specifically guests with dietary restrictions and allergies to certain types of dishes. Besides that, they can also identify exactly the amount of food and drinks to serve. In this manner, you will not have to worry about running out of or wasting food.

In Manila, catering services can also plan menus. They know which menu suits the type of the event as well as the preferences of guests. Besides that, they can also suggest which dishes complement one another, including the beverages to pair it with.

Catering services additionally provide well-trained staff to attend to and serve guests. They entertain clients with the utmost respect by meeting their demands. They are able to think on their toes to resolve any issues that may arise.

Time and Cost Efficiency

As counter-intuitive as it may sound, hiring the best catering service for your next big event will allow you to save money in the long run. How? One, you no longer have to prepare the menu by yourself. Two, you may not possess the right kitchenware for the job, and three, you may not have the time to spend on cooking and preparation.

Similarly, scheduling the event by yourself can be time-consuming, physically exhausting, and mentally tiring. There are other things to arrange like the invitations, the guest list, the theme, and the entertainment.

With this, you should be thinking of relieving the weight of food planning and management from your shoulders to a caterer. Allow skilled caterers to handle the venue and the menu.

Party Planning

Imagine celebrating your wedding in a few days, and you still have to worry about the guest sitting, adequacy of food and at the same time your wedding gown.

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to enjoy the time and take in the moments during your big day. Organizing and planning are tedious work for any type of event.

By allowing professionals to provide you with planning and catering in Manila , you give yourself ample time to focus on other aspects of the celebration and, more importantly, yourself.

Professional Guidance

Another reason why you should opt to hire a catering service is to be advised and guided by events professionals. Services that adequately provide catering in Manila have extensive experience and knowledge in terms of event planning.

You can definitely trust them when it comes to major decisions like which table decor will seamlessly fit the theme as well as where to strategically place the food in the venue.

The Menu That Embodies Your Event

Catering menu

Expect only the best menu from professional catering in Manila for your next big event. From hors d’oeuvres, starters, entrees and side dishes to desserts and beverages, caterers offer a multitude of dishes to suit your event.

It is important to conduct a tasting experience to select the dishes you want to serve as well as receive the best food menu advice from the caterer. Start your meal with delectable soups like garlic, basil focaccia, and creamy pumpkin soup.

For the most-awaited part of the event: lunch or dinner. Choose from a variety of fish, pork, and beef main courses like Chicken Breast with Teriyaki Sauce, Korean Pork Spareribs, Salmon With Tequila Cream Sauce And Beef Brasato.

Wash it down with an iced tea concoction made with mint leaves and a peach infusion served in an elegant glass.

To complete the full course, staple desserts like Coffee Magnifico and Caramel Custard with Cherry and Macapuno Strings are served to satisfy your guests’ sweet cravings.

Whether it is for a wedding, debut, children’s party or corporate events, rest assured that a professional catering service in Manila can deliver to you the best and freshest food to satisfy your guests’ preferences.

Why Manila Is a Great Place for Any Event

Catered event in Manila

Manila is the capital of the Philippines. Huge brands and big corporate names are spread across its bustling streets. The reason why the area is the best location for events, especially corporate functions is that events places in Manila are suitable for meetings, seminars, and product launches.

Arguably, the fundamental reason why Manila represents an exceptional place for any event is because of the catering services present in the area. With that, expect freshly cooked food to be served in time for lunch or dinner.

Venues in Manila for Your Event

Event venue in Manila

An area with a multitude of appealing spaces to accommodate any event, Manila is the most preferred venue compared to other locations. Here are some of the most popular venues in the city.

La Castellana

Located in the historic walled city of Intramuros, La Castellana boasts a gazebo with mini waterfalls, draped side arches, and well-manicured landscape surroundings. Wedding receptions and debuts are commonly held at the Salon de Joaquin Ballroom. Hovering over the dancing debutante and the newly wedded couple are nineteen stunning crystal chandeliers.

La Castellana is also a sought-after venue for wedding and debut celebrations because of its bridal suite, Sala De Gleceria, which is a perfect haven for touch-ups and change of outfits.

Aside from the grand ballroom and bridal suite, La Castellana also comprises of a courtyard and a veranda. The Spanish-inspired courtyard of El Jardin De La Luz is the perfect place for quick photo ops. Meanwhile, Patio Domingo remains the place to retire and watch the fun festivity that is transpiring in the ballroom.

One Esplanade

A state-of-the-art structure erected in Pasay City near the Mall of Asia Complex, One Esplanade, offers several function rooms that are suitable to accommodate intimate and large affairs.

For conventions and massive corporate product launches, Coral Halls A and B are suitable venues as those can hold 300 to 800 guests. For more private seminars, the Executive Lounge can accommodate 50 guests.

The Bay Ballroom in One Esplanade is highly recommended for weddings, debuts and other social gatherings. It can hold up to 150 guests.

The Pergola

Located along Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City is The Pergola. If you are seeking a venue to celebrate weddings, debuts, birthday parties or anniversaries, then the 150 to 200 guest seating Octagon Hall with extended Terrace and Garden is the ideal area for you.

For an intimate outdoor celebration, the Garden Trellis with polycarbonate roofs and hanging plants will definitely cater to your preferences. The garden area is most commonly used for pre-dinner cocktails, after-event mobile bars, and even a garden wedding ceremony.

Why Juan Carlo Is the Best Catering Service in Manila

No matter what the event is, from a wedding or corporate function to an intimate anniversary party, hiring a competent service that provides catering in Manila can produce a substantial difference in your experience.

Celebrations are supposed to be fun-filled and hassle-free. As the bride, groom, or celebrant, when you undertake all of the planning and preparation, you most definitely rob yourself of the chance to purely enjoy it. Put the fun back into throwing a celebration or party by relieving yourself from the tedious work and hiring the renowned and quality caterer Juan Carlo.

Juan Carlo offers professional services, the best food tasting experience, and a multitude of dishes to choose from. The best caterer in Manila prides itself on their professionalism when it comes to planning and management. Entrust the crucial decisions of planning the decor, theme, venue design and let Juan Carlo perform its magic as it has been doing for years.