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Here’s What You Should Know About Corporate Catering In the Philippines



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A home to services like wedding and corporate catering, the Philippines definitely have the greatest minds to have configured the way into making the simplest of events into one with class and elegance. Filipinos have even gone further by combining elements to create balance on every corporate event possible, thereby making it truly remarkable for every attendee.

However, while it’s safe to say that the country may have produced great caterers throughout the years, you have to ask how all of this started in the first place? Specifically, what may have caused the sudden surge of catering services around the country?

Without further ado, here are a few things that you should know about the corporate catering in the Philippines:


What is catering?

In its simplest definition, catering is a remote food service providing for occasions such as weddings, birthdays, christenings, and corporate affairs. Over time, these services have evolved for the better – further providing a balance of elements that makes a simple event turn into an exquisite celebration that people will enjoy most.

At times, catering services are classified into four differing types. This includes wedding, corporate, social event, and concession catering.



Wedding catering is the most popular among all these types, as typically, caterings make the most appearances at weddings. Even more, caterings make utmost impact on weddings given that it’s a special day. Hence, it can be expected that for this kind of event, the aesthetics, details, and flavors are being paid special attention.



Corporate catering, on the other hand, makes a great role in small to large business affairs, as it boosts the morale of each and every one in the event. It also creates a balance on the atmosphere, therefore making the event as professional and as enjoyable for the people involved. Furthermore, it also allows the employees and the management to focus on more important tasks while the caterers work on making food great for them.



Social event catering provides services for birthdays, retirement parties, and to specific gatherings such as family get-togethers, which involves a wide variety of choices of foods and themes. These kinds of events often require the creativity of caterers, especially when the event focuses on children.



Concession catering typically caters to specific requests such as those seasonal, yet major public events that involves a huge number of people. Commonly, this kind of catering service is considered a challenge to caterers given that this is of special request or aren’t normally being conducted. Hence, a careful planning on the right menu that must satisfy everyone is often practiced. For some, this includes hamburgers, cheese fries, ice cream, hot dogs, and other crowd favorites.

For every catering service, there corresponds a specific catering type that they are able to pull off smoothly. Hence, it’s important to note this factor, when choosing a catering service for your event.


How did catering start?


Corporate Catering and Styling from Juan Carlo


The Early beginnings of Catering

Catering dates back to the 4th millennium BC in Mainland China. It was a special service on extravagant inns, where people used to check in and get served with good food. Also, some people claim that this particular practice boils down to the Chinese tradition of displaying hospitality to strangers.

It can also be said that some particular catering practices dates back to the ancient Egypt, where there are grand feasts that are held at times of abundance – serving as thanksgiving to the gods.

Though, it is important to mention that the ultimate origin of catering trade began in the ancient Greeks’ hostels and inns, given that the old China’s and Egypt’s “catering service” was served for free. Eventually, the catering trade also reached the Roman Empire, where the practice has then evolved from there.

Around the 4000 BC, changes in the catering trade has begun to appear. At first, the clients were only Roman soldiers, served along military roads and trading routes. But not long after that, the catering service trade was opened to travelers.

During the Middle Ages, a rebirth of the catering trade was seen in Europe, on monasteries which provided the needs of aplenty of Christian pilgrims traveling to Rome. There were even caravans that served catering trade in the Orient region around 600 AD.

Moving forward to the reign of Charlemagne, the catering trade has flourished significantly. It was then where the food service has moved into the other parts of Europe, and was greatly appreciated by men and women because of its implication of hospitality.

In the later part of the Middle Ages, the catering trade’s evolution has been greatly influenced by the church. A lot of changes in the region have contributed to its massive popularity, which includes the birth of money in the economic space, the newly built bourgeoisies, the continuously progressing trade industry, and the intensification of transport.


The beginning of the modern catering

The 14th and 15th century made a mark in Germany as the catering industry began to flourish from there. Its fame has moved people to operate several catering services, and as a result, a huge client base began to form.

However, this major progress did not go unnoticeable. Hence, legislators passed specific laws in order to regulate the beer and food services widely spreading all over the country. Therefore, resulting to the first ever beer inspection license, in which was first paid by the Augsburg Elector way back in 1530. Following this law, is the Reformation gutter Polizey, which was immediately enacted and replaced various ordinances on a regional basis.

Going further with the laws implemented for beer and food service regulation, it included the ways on how hostels and inns serve drinks, the sizes of beer mugs used, the purity and quality of beers, and the kind of dishes that was included in the Zehrordnung regulation.

However, in the 18th century, catering guilds were forced to close as restaurants grew rapidly in France. This is due to the fall of the aristocrats after the French revolution, wherein people moved to operate on high class restaurants instead of catering guilds in order to provide exquisite food service to the society.

But the catering industry rose again as it moved to the United States after the World War II. With the chaos that the war caused the country, a lot of businessmen used catering service as an alternative way to continue doing business. This, then, boosted the catering presence across cities, and more investors began to capitalize in the catering industry.

Moving forward to today, the catering industry has reached even the furthermost corners of the world. Thereby also expanding the nature of the business, amplifying food service into its maximum capability – from weddings to corporate affairs to funerals. Definitely, it can be said that the changes through time has molded the catering industry into what it is today.



Why Juan Carlo is the best Corporate Caterer in the Philippines


Types of Corporate Catering


Corporate catering comes in many forms, depending on the needs of the company in question. These include mobile food vendors, popup restaurants, platter or food tray catering, buffet-style catering, and individual order catering.


Mobile food vendors are those who provide meals or snacks from a mobile vending unit, like a food truck. They are commonly hired at casual outdoor happenings, like sports or team-building events.


Popup restaurants are stands or kiosks put up in place of full-scale restaurants, which serve either the restaurant’s full menu or its bestsellers. These can be for either casual or formal events since restaurants are so diverse, and the style of the event often dictates the choice of restaurant.


Platter or food tray corporate catering occurs when platters of food that are enough for a fixed number of people are provided to the company. Again, these can be for either casual or formal events—from parties to galas to simple office lunches.


Finally, both buffet-style catering and individual-order corporate catering involve the catering service coming to the event itself and providing food, but in the case of buffet-style the pre-planned dishes are placed on a table and attendees serve themselves, while for individual-order catering, the guests are served their meals a la carte—that is, they can choose their preferred meal rather than stick to a fixed menu.




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Our top-notch event management services, customized amenities, and finest dishes guarantee a flawless experience for all parties involved. We cover all sorts of corporate gatherings, such as:

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  • Impressive buffet set up with food labels
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  • Registration table
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