Juan Carlo — Your Go-To Small Dinner Party Catering Service In The Philippines

Juan Carlo Offers the Best Small Dinner Party Catering Services in the Philippines

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Have you ever wanted to hold a small dinner party? You may labor for several hours just thinking about not only the food but also the kind of concept that you may want. You may even fool yourself that you can do it all — from the number of guests who will attend, menu planning, concept planning, and even the venue! While there’s nothing wrong with doing everything on your own, there’s simply nothing like hiring someone who can provide professional small dinner party catering services in the Philippines.

What better caterer to provide you with this than Juan Carlo? Read on to learn why you should trust us for any catering event that you can think of.

Company Profile

As the main provider of catering services, Juan Carlo has been through so many years of experimentation. We are constantly looking for innovations from every level of service we provide you with — down from the food, to the most beloved packages that we have. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our most passionate founders, Engr. Alex Michael U. del Rosario and Teresita Macatangay.

Their sole dream, after all, is to bring the finer tastes of international cuisine, accompanied by exceptional customer service, to the public. There’s no one better to trust your small dinner party catering services with, in the Philippines.

Run by Professionals

When you’ve already chosen to trust your small dinner event with professionals, you’d also expect that they would show this quality throughout the entire process. This is the only way you’d be able to have a smooth-sailing dinner event that will keep everyone happy and satisfied throughout the entire evening.

Having said that, Juan Carlo already meets this quality. We are handled and managed by a team of professionals who will ensure your evening goes off without a hitch. No event is too small for us — we still exhibit the same dedication to professionalism and excellence. Our well-trained staff is there to serve you. You only need to enjoy a worry-free evening.

Multiple Award Recipient

We wouldn’t be known for providing beautiful, small dinner catering services in the Philippines, among others, if we haven’t had the credentials to prove it. As such, it would be in your best interest to find out that Juan Carlo has been recognized as a formidable player in the industry.

We have won several awards in catering exhibition events, such as Culinaire, The Big Banquet, and more!

Luxury Services

It goes without saying that Juan Carlo’s services are nothing short of luxurious. Whether it be an intimate setting such as a small dinner party, or a more extravagant and grand one, luxury is always at the fore.

Our catering services are highly customizable, with respect to your preferences. You don’t even need to spend an exorbitant amount of money, with our competitively priced packages for small dinner party catering services in the Philippines.

We are dedicated to meeting your needs in whatever small dinner event ideas you have. Everything we do comes with a touch of our signature luxury.

Catering Service Profile

Small dinner party catering services

Now that you’ve learned just some reasons to choose us for any small dinner party catering services in the Philippines, you might want to find out the key ingredients which make our food some of the most delicious ones out there. Coupled with beautiful venues, we ensure that each meal fits just the kind of event you’re looking for. From freshly cooked main courses to intricately-arranged dessert pieces, Juan Carlo is your go-to catering service provider.

Time-Tested Recipes

The food that we serve in many of our catering events wouldn’t be where they are today without some rich history behind it. While we are constantly on the lookout for recipe innovations, we make sure to stay true to our roots, as a reminder of our early successes in the food catering industry.

From traditional Filipino recipes passed on from generation to generation, to the more foreign tastes present in Middle Eastern cuisine, we have been able to branch out our food. We make sure to use only the finest ingredients to keep everyone’s tummies in your small dinner event, happy and satisfied.

Wide Variety of Options

Every purveyor of small dinner catering services in the Philippines needs to understand the needs of their customers.

You’d be happy to know that Juan Carlo simply does not fall short of this. While we showcase our most well-loved recipes which have stood the test of time, we can also give you a wide variety of options on our many buffet and event packages. All of our appetizers, main courses, desserts, cocktail drinks, and the like can be curated to fit your tastes.

Premier Venues

Juan Carlo’s premier venues are the perfect locations to accommodate your intimately arranged small dinner event. Located in multiple areas around Batangas and Tagaytay, these premier locations simply highlight everything that these beautiful regions have to offer.

By forming collaborations and partnerships with these venues, Juan Carlo makes sure that everyone attending your small dinner event will have an unforgettable experience. Whether it be a grand evening at Acuaverde Beach Resort overlooking the cool, inviting waters of the beach, or a contemporary house with a view of the Taal Volcano, we can make it happen for you.

Events We Cater To

Intimate gathering catering services

You may already know that we aim to make every event that you trust us with, to become successful. No matter how big or small it is, we make sure that we pour in our best efforts to give you a night that you won’t forget — or for whatever time of day it is, for that matter.

Though we are known for expressions of grandeur as exemplified by our wedding events, we are adaptable to cater to small dinner parties or even corporate events.

Small Dinner Parties

During this time, many people prefer the closeness of smaller-scale events, such as dinner parties. It’s a way for them to catch up with friends and families who haven’t had the chance to, due to their busy schedules.

If you’re not necessarily enthralled by the idea of a ridiculously extravagant dinner party, then you won’t have to worry because Juan Carlo’s buffet packages can be tailor-fit to serve you.

We can curate our menu offerings to fit this kind of dinner event. — and you get to choose! In fact, you can book a tasting experience with us to see for yourself why our food is up to par.

Corporate Events

After a three-hour-long corporate event exhibition, you’d want to make sure that all your attendees have the best refreshments available at arm’s reach. Once again, Juan Carlo is ready to make this come true for you. Our small dinner catering services in the Philippines can also accommodate pre— or post-corporate events.

Whatever the taste buds of your attendees are, we are ready to take on the challenge. To ensure that every person gets a chance to eat, we also adapt our food to meet the necessary dietary and allergen requirements.

Choose Juan Carlo For Exceptional Small Dinner Party Catering Services In The Philippines!

For over 20 years in the industry, Juan Carlo has been providing nothing but the most outstanding catering services in the Philippines. We have been the go-to catering company for a wide variety of events, enabling us to climb the ladder of the catering service industry.

Whatever job you have for us, we are certainly up to the challenge! Featuring a world-class, comprehensive buffet menu, and customer-centered catering solutions, we are the ones you’ll want to turn to for any kind of event.

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