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    Planning Your Private Catered Dinner Party

    Orchestrating an unforgettable experience is a daunting task. Responsibilities like planning the menu, inviting guests, styling the venue, and more can be a lot of pressure. Regardless of the size, theme, and occasion, you can be assured that your event is a success when you hire the right professionals for the job.

    For intimate weddings, small kiddie parties, family reunions, and more, you can count on Juan Carlo to make your private catered dinner party more enchanting. We understand the sentimentality of celebrations and these memories should not be rushed. So, let us guarantee you a hassle-free event with your closest friends and family—book a tasting experience with us today to get started.

    Why Hire a Catering Service for Your Private Dinner Party

    A private catered dinner party maximizes not only your experience but also the experience of your guests. Hiring a catering service can help you make the best out of any occasion important to you. This means that you can mingle with your guests on the dancefloor, by the food station, or anywhere without any guilt.

    With Juan Carlo, our well-trained and highly-skilled staff of bartenders, waiters, servers and more will give unparalleled attentiveness. Your private catered dinner party will experience nothing less than the best service it deserves. 

    Impress Your Guests

    Our more than two decades’ worth of experience have garnered us helpful insights and knowledge to impress your guests. We offer a world-class menu from the rich and sophisticated taste of Europe to the umami flavors of Asia. 

    We can also provide detailed presentations or interactive elements that will truly leave your guests speechless. From exquisite food plating to carving stations and sashimi and sushi bars, let’s work together to make your private catered dinner party a time to remember. 

    Gourmet, High-Quality Service

    At Juan Carlo, we pride ourselves on being the best of the best. We make sure to use premium ingredients that are fresh from reputable suppliers. Our meticulous and visionary chefs ensure that dishes are prepared and made with quality in mind.

    Our perceptive and heedful service professionals aid in giving your private catered dinner party exceptional service. They are prompt and courteous staff who are committed to exceeding expectations through a proactive approach.

    Focus on Hosting

    When you hire private catering services like Juan Carlo, you can ensure that half of your hosting duties and responsibilities are well taken care of. This time you can attend to the more pressing hosting obligations within the very party itself.

    You now have more time to steer your private catered dinner party in the right direction by making toasts or speeches, assisting in conversations, facilitating games, and more. Let us help you create a memorable night that you too will adore.

    Menus and Packages for Your Private Catered Dinner Party

    What is a dinner party without the taste of mouthwatering and exquisite flavors? After all, food is the centerpiece of any celebration. This is because it reflects the overall goal or theme of your occasion. It enhances the sentimentality and ambiance to further strengthen the purpose of your private catered dinner party. 

    With Juan Carlo, you and your guests can savor and discover decadent dish profiles with our customizable plated service and buffer service options.

    Plated Service

    Plated service is the ideal way to go to build a more formal atmosphere. This type of service shows the excellent skills of the chef and the server, preparing a stunning dish that will be delivered at each table.

    To maximize your plated service event, Juan Carlo offers a wide variety of gourmet dishes made by passionate and innovative chefs. Our plated service menu is curated to specific taste profiles which you can freely mix and match.

    Buffet Service

    Private event catering using the buffet style is the go-to for many occasions. It creates a more casual and laid-back feel to your party without compromising on delicious food. They are a great option for feeding a large number of people at your private catered dinner party with ease.

    This option is also less expensive than plated dinners. They typically include a selection of soups, bread, salads, and four main entrees. With Juan Carlo, you can find premium dishes that can accommodate the different palates of your guests. 

    Special Occasions We Cater To

    There are a multitude of reasons to celebrate and here, at Juan Carlo, we are flexible to host them all. Our team of proficient catering professionals is here to organize, arrange, and manage all your private catered dinner party demands. 

    From event venues to styling, food, and beverages, let us work together to design a memorable event that can effectively focus on the purpose of your celebration. Elevate your occasion with our expert team members and partners.


    Celebrating anniversaries is made easier with our catering services. We understand that these are nostalgic and tender dates of your lives, and we want nothing more than to help you encapsulate the specialty of this day. Our staff can offer the best services to make your private catered dinner party a day to remember. 


    Children’s birthday parties, debuts, and all other birthdays in between an event with the need for intricate details. This is because details matter in making these annual occasions more special. To create magical moments created by artisans in their field, partnering with us can ensure the success of your party.

    Special Family Occasion

    Is your overseas relative going back home? Is your older sister finally graduating from college? Juan Carlo can assist in your private catered dinner party. You can customize our menu to fit the favorite dishes of your loved one. 

    Private Parties

    Whether it is a social gathering with a simple theme or a semi-conference for a fantasy movie or book, private parties are planned and created more easily when you work together with us. We can adapt to your event’s vision with thought-out menus, services, and elaborate solutions to ensure an enjoyable occasion. 

    Intimate Celebrations

    Catering services for a small group can make this kind of celebration more intimate. It is because hiring professional help can help you make a personalized menu while adapting to the cozy venue settings. Moreover, you can freely socialize with your guests knowing that the party will be managed well by our Juan Carlo staff. 

    Book a tasting experience with Juan Carlo for your private catered dinner party!

    No matter the size and intricacies of your celebration, we at Juan Carlo aim to make every moment of your private catered dinner party extra special. Partnering with us can give you guidance in making crucial decisions that can enhance your event experience. 

    To learn more about our services, contact us today, and let’s start planning the event of the century!