Wedding Packages Philippines

February 9, 2023

If you want to make the best wedding possible within the limits of your budget, consider availing of wedding packages in the Philippines. These are customizable depending on you and your partner’s interests. Some packages include the basics such as venue booking, decorations, and catering. If you want a more extravagant night, you could avail of a package that has additional perks such as a videographer & photographer, a bridal car, and special souvenirs. Trust only professional wedding catering companies such as Juan Carlo to pair you with the perfect wedding package. Here is a list of benefits that you can find within wedding packages:

Event Coordination

To help you plan and oversee the details of your wedding, some wedding packages in the Philippines include an event manager and event coordinators. These professionals can help you in every single step of your planning process, from choosing your theme to setting up the decorations of your wedding reception. They will help get you acquainted with the best services to hire in order to get the best quality possible while staying within your budget. They will also take care of everything on your special day, such as the overall supervision and execution of the programs. Trust professionals to ensure that you will have the best experience.

The Venue

When choosing your venue, it is important to take note of how many guests you are expecting and what your theme is going to be. This will determine if you should choose a small enclosed event space or a wide open field. Start to envision how much time it would take to completely set up the area, and what kind of color schemes would complement the space. When you’ve chosen your perfect venue, your event coordinators at Juan Carlo will handle its booking.

Whether it’s wedding venues in Tagaytay or elsewhere, the theme of your special night will greatly impact the mood of your guests. It is crucial that the planned decorations go hand in hand with your chosen venue. Choose an appropriate color scheme, put a centerpiece on each table, and think of the decorations that will be placed around the venue. To help you conceptualize, think of the timeline of your guests’ arrival and what kind of decorations they could see throughout: first, they will arrive at the venue, then they will walk up to the ceremony hall, and finally, they will go to the reception area. To save up on your budget, consider renting an outdoor area and utilizing its natural beauty as your decor. Play it up with some floral decorations on your guests’ chairs.

Besides decorations, wedding packages in the Philippines also include lights, a projector, and a sound system to further showcase your theme. Talk to your event coordinator regarding the kind of lights they offer and if it would fit into the theme of your wedding. You could also opt for a special playlist of songs that mean a lot to you and your partner and play it on the sound system. The projector can be used to show different kinds of videos and photo slideshows for your and your guests’ enjoyment. Consider creating a special “thank you” video to show how grateful you are for the support of your loved ones.

The Day Of

Wedding packages in the Philippines contain different benefits to help you on the day of your wedding. For the bride, there are hair and makeup services as well as a rental bridal car of her choice. She could choose a natural makeup look or even a full glam makeup look, the important thing is that it will be a special look that will surely turn heads. The bridal car is important as it is what the bride will first step out of on the way to the altar. This car should not steal the attention, but should instead complement the bride’s wedding dress and hair & makeup. It is also a key vehicle as it will be the first car that the couple will ride as the bride and groom on their way to the wedding reception. If they so wish, wedding packages could also include vehicles for their entourage to ride in.

Another benefit of wedding packages is for the couple’s entourage. Some packages provide the bride and bridesmaids’ bouquet, groomsmen’s boutonniere, and the basket of petals for the flower girl. They could even provide special matching boutonnieres for the fathers of the groom and bride as well as matching corsages for their mothers. This is to ensure that each member is in theme and complements the attire of the bride and groom.

To guide your guests through the night’s festivities is an emcee provided by the wedding service. They will be in charge of ensuring that the program flows well all throughout the night. These professionals are also trained to entertain the crowd, especially in moments in between programs. A unique trait they have is that they are able to interact with people of all ages and from different backgrounds. A talented emcee is important to ensure that all your loved ones have a fun time.

Whether it’s wedding venues in Batangas or elsewhere, performers can truly elevate any event. Depending on your theme and your preferences, you could hire an acoustic band to help create a heartwarming mood or you could hire a DJ to spin your favorite party tracks. If you come from a family of musicians, you could also prepare songs to perform on your special night. If you have any friends or loved ones who have talents such as singing, dancing, or in terms of instruments, your wedding package can help you create a stage for them to perform in.

Make Lasting Memories

Wedding packages in the Philippines offer you multiple options to make the memory of your wedding day last. This starts from your prenuptial shoot. It is important to plan ahead when conceptualizing your prenuptial shoot so that every single part of it goes hand in hand with the theme of the day itself. It is important to plan where you will be having the shoot, what you and your entourage will be wearing, and what props you will be using. Your wedding coordinator could suggest a photographer that could help you think of more possible concepts.

Then, it’s a matter of invitations. What is the perfect design that will let your guests know the details of your wedding as well as what to expect in terms of the theme? The way it is written is important. It could be written in calligraphy, it could be engraved, or it could even be letter-pressed. What the invitation comes in is also crucial. Will it be in a scented envelope? Will it be inside of a box that you and your partner filled up with objects that fit your theme? Or will it be wrapped in laser-cut paper?

There are different services you can avail of when it comes to capturing memories on the day itself. First is hiring a professional photographer that could create your wedding photo album. The photographer will cover the most important moments of your wedding day as well as capture the emotions and reactions of your loved ones. The best photographers will be able to capture the moment the bride walks into the venue, the husband’s reaction, and their first kiss as husband and wife. During the reception, the photographer could capture the cutting of the cake, the different performances, as well as the speeches given by the different family members.

Videographers aim to capture moments to use for a Same-Day-Edit (SDE) of your special day. SDE is a video that compiles the major events that happened throughout your wedding. Videographers utilize different kinds of lenses and stabilizers to be able to quickly capture each passing moment. You could do some research beforehand to look at styles that you would enjoy, or you could leave it all up to the videographer’s choice. Choose a song that you think is the most fitting to your theme. At the end of the night, the videographer will showcase their finished product.

Another popular factor in weddings is a Photo Booth. Design the background and provide props that your guests can use to really solidify your theme. Photo Booths usually allow people to take 4 photos per session. They are also free to keep returning back to the Photo Booth with all kinds of family and friends. Some props could include quirky glasses, printed out faces of the bride and groom, or even hats and other types of clothing. You will also receive a soft copy of all the pictures, which you can upload to social media. With the latest technology, photos can easily be printed and given to your guests just a few seconds after taking their pictures.

Souvenirs are the most traditional way for your guests to always remember your special day. You could customize it depending on what kind of relationship you and your partner have. If you both enjoy being one with nature, consider giving souvenirs such as tiny potted plants. If you both have a big sweet tooth, you can give little packages of macarons or meringue. You could also specially make a product such as a wooden cutting board to give your guests a one of a kind present. To make these even more memorable, think of creative ways to label them. Try stickers, handwritten labels, or wooden engravings.


Wedding packages in the Philippines offer a mix and match system when it comes to their menus. Experienced professionals can come up with a menu that fits your wedding theme and also exceeds your expectations. You will undergo multiple tasting sessions to find the best kinds of dishes from the appetizer all the way to dessert. Juan Carlo wedding catering services provide world-class dishes made by world-class chefs. You can combine dishes that originated from China with local seafood dishes perfect for a beachside wedding. These are the usual offerings of a menu in a wedding package: appetizers, bread selection, soup, salad, main entree (choice of chicken, beef, seafood, fish, pasta, vegetable, and even rice), dessert, and beverage. Another important component wedding packages provide is the wedding cake itself. You will have the option when it comes to the kind of cake it is, the kind of frosting it has, and the design that will envelop it.

Here is a list of sample menus crafted to fit specific themes:

All Around the World

  • Appetizer: Mediterranean spicy chicken wings
  • Bread: Black olive ciabatta
  • Soup: Sausage, scallop chowder
  • Salad: Russian salad, red cabbage, sugar beets
  • Main Entree 1: German-style roast chicken
  • Main Entree 2: Korean pork spareribs, sesame seeds
  • Dessert: Eclair with Bensdorf chocolate
  • Beverage: Yellow dalandan lemonade

Under The Sea

  • Appetizer: Crispy seafood wonton with cilantro
  • Bread Selection: Garlic and basil focaccia
  • Soup: Crab meat, celery, and carrots
  • Salad: Tuna, pineapple rotini pasta
  • Main Entree 1: Parmesan crusted fish fillet with homemade tartar sauce
  • Main Entree 2: Grilled Black Tiger prawn butterfly in lemon butter sauce
  • Dessert: Kiwi Panna Cotta
  • Beverage: Hawaiian Punch Drink

A Look into Wedding Packages

Wedding packages in the Philippines can be a combination of different services that you may need for your special day. Try the basic wedding packages offered for a good deal without breaking your bank. If you want a more high-end event, opt for the more luxury packages that are offered. Companies also give you the option to include specialties such as a Cheese and Cold Cuts station or a Halo-Halo station for a given price.

Basic Wedding Package

  • Event Coordination
  • Venue Decoration
  • Venue Equipment
  • Catering Service
  • Photo and Video
  • Hair and Makeup
  • Invitations and Souvenirs

Luxury Wedding Package

  • Event Coordination
  • Venue Decoration
  • Venue Equipment
  • Deluxe Catering Service
  • Photo and Video
  • Hair and Makeup
  • Invitations and Souvenirs
  • Bridal Car
  • Special Entourage Pins and Flowers
  • White Doves

Wedding Packages in the Philippines with Juan Carlo

Get the best wedding package deals by consulting with trusted establishments such as Juan Carlo. Let us help you plan a night that you and your loved ones will never forget. Click here to learn more about wedding packages in the Philippines!