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Filipinos love to celebrate. We like commemorating moments with family, friends, our loved ones, and even those we have yet to be close to. We like to make the most of every chance to be together because we understand that our time with those who matter is precious and should be spent happily. Therefore, we hire only what our loved ones deserve—like the best services for special occasions catering in the Philippines.


What are some special occasions we celebrate in the Philippines?


In the Philippines, we love birthdays. From greeting our acquaintances to throwing surprise parties for our closest friends to celebrating milestones by going all-out, we always make sure the celebrant’s day is going to be a memorable one. Planning for birthday celebrations can be done even months in advance, and are always capped off with food, music, and company.


Mothers’ / Fathers’ Day

Some of the most special people in our lives are our parents, so it’s only natural that we have specific days of the year meant just for them. Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day, which fall on the second Sundays of May and June, respectively, are usually spent with a get-together with the family, or even a party to celebrate all mothers or fathers within a certain group.



Graduating high school or college is an event that celebrates a student’s coming of age, milestones in life, and school achievements all at once. It’s a chance to reminisce about good times and look forward to a bright and inviting future. Therefore, it’s no surprise that graduations are often celebrated in such a way that the whole family comes together and throws a ball.



Speaking of balls, prom is an event that brings an entire batch of students together for a night of fun. Dancing to good music, feasting on delicious food, and enjoying a night with dates and friends alike characterize prom as an unforgettable and iconic event in a young student’s life. It also precedes the end of a school year spent with beloved friends and teachers.



Good memories are the best fuel for long, laughter-filled, and enjoyable conversations. They’re also a great thing to celebrate, as we can see from the number of reunions that happen every year. Reunions vary in size, festivity, grandeur, and style, but one thing remains the same: they’re always full of good friends, delicious food and drinks, and stories from days gone by.


Christmas party

Christmas Eve and Noche Buena are often spent with the family, but that doesn’t stop Filipinos from spending Christmas all throughout the month of December (or even months before). Once the “ber” months have come around, it’s all about the parties and get-togethers with friends, colleagues, old classmates, and family. As a bonus, the parties continue up until the New Year!


Other causes for celebration

Filipinos being the caring, joyful, and festive people we are, we almost never run out of reasons to celebrate. We just love life, and we love to enjoy it. So there’s no need to limit yourself to the previous occasions on this list. There are so many reasons to celebrate. And while you’re at it, celebrate with the help of the preferred service for special occasions catering in the Philippines!



What makes an occasion truly special?

As you can see from the myriad of events above, almost any occasion can be made special. But what makes it truly one-of-a-kind and memorable?


Here at Juan Carlo, we believe it’s the uniquely personal touch that only a catering service working hand-in-hand with the celebrant can provide. We believe in active discussion between both parties to create an event that is bespoke and beautiful. We believe in prompt and professional service, well-crafted and scrumptious food, a program that puts a smile on everyone’s faces, and a theme that reminds each guest exactly what (or who!) the party is for.


Why hire a catering service for your special occasions? 

Filipinos love to go all out when we celebrate big days and special occasions. We plan in advance, we fill up long guest lists, and we think of every little detail.


Most of all, we invest in caterers, event planners, and party suppliers who know their stuff. After all, special occasions catering in the Philippines is truly something else. The best catering service providers know that it goes beyond providing food that is divine in taste and appearance. It’s all about providing an experience that guests—and the celebrant especially—will remember for the rest of their lives.


That’s why Juan Carlo, as the preferred service for special occasions catering in the Philippines, offers you a bespoke experience to truly elevate your big event. We personally discuss with you the amenities you need, from the food to the decor to the program, and we do our best to provide them.



Let Juan Carlo be your caterer for special occasions in the Philippines!

At Juan Carlo, we take big steps toward making your experience unforgettable. We do this through our professional service and top-of-the-line event coordination, and that’s precisely why we are the best at special occasions catering in the Philippines.


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