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Here at Juan Carlo, our catering packages are among the best in the country. We have the resources and years of experience to accommodate any style and theme you want. We offer catering services for weddings, debut parties, corporate events, or any of your dream events that may come to life without sacrificing quality or class. We aim to fulfill your dream event and make it a reality.

Juan Carlo’s Signature Plated Catering Packages

Our commitment to culinary creativity and innovation allows us to regularly update our plated buffet service, ensuring that you always have a wide selection of delicious catering menu packages to pick from, whether you're craving Filipino or foreign cuisine, or something curated to your exact specifications.

American Plated Menu

American Plated Menu

The dishes on an American plated menu are cooked American-style and are among the most well-known in the world. Almost every culture in the world is represented by this cuisine.

Soupa de Congrejo and Pinoy-Flavoured French Macarons are examples of the wide variety of foods we serve.

American Plated Menu

Arabic Plated Menu

The exotic flavors of Arabic food have merged with those of other cultures that have adopted it. From the Maghreb to the Makresh, Arabia is home to dozens of distinct cultural traditions and thousands of unique dishes. Spices and flower essences add a wide range of aromas and flavors to traditional Arabic dishes.

We offer traditional Arabic dishes such as Mediterranean Feta Toast, Masgouf Iraqi Grilled Fish, Israeli Salad, and many more.

Asian Plated Menu

Asian Plated Menu

Asian Plated Menu

The spectrum of flavors and textures that can be experienced when eating an Asian-plated menu is expansive. This includes the more familiar sweet, sour, spicy, salty, and "umami" flavors and textures. Many different spices, herbs, and condiments are used in preparing Asian food, resulting in various flavor profiles and aromas. Lemon grass, basil, coriander, sesame, and other fresh herbs and spices are commonly used as garnishes in Asian cuisine.

Since Asian cuisines cover a wide range of styles and regions, we also feature international dishes like Beef Wellington in Adobo Sauce and Macao Egg Drop Soup with Seafood Symphony, Traditional Classic Chinese Sharksfin Soup, and many more.

Filipino Fusion Plated Menu

Filipino food is often regarded as the first truly international cuisine. Filipino cuisine's unique flavor, inventiveness, and diversity never cease to amaze visitors and locals. Filipino cuisine is distinctive because it combines various culinary traditions; for example, you can taste the impact of Spanish, Chinese, Indian, and Western cuisine in almost every dish.

Cannoli with Mango Balls, Palabok Spring Rolls, Fresh Ocean Clam in Ginger garlic soup in Buko Shell, and more are all available here. Each dish from the Philippines is carefully prepared, using only the freshest ingredients to produce a balance of tastes that is sure to please even the pickiest diner.

French Plated Menu

American Plated Menu

Many people believe that French cuisine is the world's most elegant and sophisticated style of cooking. French cuisine has grown to control the world, establishing the groundwork for many other types and specialties with its formal techniques, concentration on fresh ingredients and basic flavors, pride in presentation, and rich and colorful history.

French cooking incorporates a wide variety of ingredients, some of which may be unfamiliar, to create dishes that are both delicious and nutritious. Our French Plated Menu has Classic French Escargot Roquefort Cheese with Fragrant Pear and Walnut Toast Crawfish Deviled Eggs, Potage Florentine Et Créme A La Crecy, and many more.

French Plated Menu

Mediterranean Plated Menu

There is a universal love for Mediterranean food. The cuisine and cooking techniques of the Mediterranean give this region its name. Mediterranean food is like a little bit of sunshine on your plate because of all the flavor, color, and freshness it brings to the table. The addition of grains and legumes boosts the overall freshness.

Mediterranean cuisine is a fusion of the flavors of the many ethnicities who have settled in this area.

The wide range of herbs and spices makes this one of the most flavorful cuisines we use for our Mediterranean plated menu, like Wrap Ala Portifino and Chicken Kebabs with Garlic Yoghurt Sauce.

Asian Plated Menu

Spanish Plated Menu

Asian Plated Menu

The air of refinement in Spanish cuisine complements the dish's straightforward preparation. You can always find something new to try on your travels thanks to the abundance of regional specialties, from fresh farm vegetables to seafood captured straight from the ocean to your plate.

Spanish cuisine is distinct from its European neighbors because of its variety. No matter where you go in this country, from Valencia on the eastern coast to the Basque Country in the north, you will never be bored. Taste Spain's rich history and culture with dishes from our plated menu. Salmorejo, Deconstructed Brazo de Mercedes, Mushroom Adobo Shooters, and many more are just a few of the various dishes we offer.

Customized Plated Menu

The Customized Food Station Buffet is the most flexible option among our catering packages in the Philippines, allowing guests to pick their food and beverages.

The various options included in this package are a Kebabs Station, a Grazing Table stocked with European cheeses and charcuterie, and a Spanish cold cuts and cheese platter. Our professional chefs will fill all the stations with an abundance of delicious options for your guests.

Food Stations by Juan Carlo Catering

Incorporate a special dining experience into your event with our food station offerings. We provide your guests with an intriguing variety of food options by carefully placing these food stations throughout your event venue.

The stations can be set up in accordance with the main course, side dish, or dessert. We also have the option of providing food from a variety of cultures. Your visitors can make their menus by choosing items from various stations.

Carving Stations

Allowing each guest to carve their meat, we have a wide variety of international dishes available. Typically, beef tenderloins and prime rib roasts are the stars of this upscale staple. Our carving stations have not just your ordinary meat but offer different meat options from various cuisines.

Sushi and Sashimi Bar Stations

American Plated Menu

Your guests have their choice of a wide variety of sushi and sashimi options from our menu—delight in this traditional Japanese dish that our most talented chefs expertly made.

Sushi and Sashimi Bar Stations

Dessert Stations

Desserts can be served to visitors before the main course is even done. Different desserts from various cuisines are available. Your guest can make their selection from the various options this station has.

Juan Carlo Provides the Best Catering Packages

We ensure that all details are taken care of and that your specific wants and desires are met from the beginning of planning to the end. Our professional team of wedding consultants, chefs, captain waiters, and waitstaff will execute your event flawlessly, providing you and your guests with a wonderful full-service experience.

Being in the business for more than 20 years has allowed us to work with some of the most prestigious corporations and famous people in the nation, earning us numerous awards for our high-quality services. Juan Carlo is an expert in defining the quality of its food and service.

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