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The Preferred Wedding Catering Services
Company in the Philippines

Juan Carlo brings dreams alive as the Philippines'
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Juan Carlo's wedding catering service not only meets standards;
it goes way beyond them!

Beyond Wedding Services

What does it mean to be the prime provider of wedding catering services in the Philippines? For Juan Carlo, it is all about high-quality menus, an impeccable commitment to customer service, and constant reliability, all for the purpose of a memorable celebration. Different personalities coming from various industries can attest to the character that Juan Carlo adds to any event that requires the best in food and service.

Getting recognized is all part of being the best in the business, but what we constantly strive to aim for here at Juan Carlo is to go beyond the norm and set our own standards. In the Philippines, wedding catering services give people a unique tasting experience through delectable dishes with tastes, creating lasting memories that stand the test of time. Who better to be a part of this memory that Juan Carlo?

Sharon Cuneta

"I have come to rely on your catering services because having you has always been a joy to our family during the parties. Many thanks and keep up the good work!"

Sharon Cuneta Actress, TV Host & Recording Artist

Carmina Villaroel

"We love the food. Very good and yummy. More power!"

Carmina Villaroel Actress & TV Personality

Couple's Choice Award

Couple's Choice

Wedding Fair 2004

Most Cooperative Caterer

Most Cooperative

1Esplanade 2006

Best In Booth Design

Best in
booth design

Wedding Congress 2008

Most Professional Caterer

Most Professional

1Esplanade 2009

Best Themed Menu

Best themed menu &

1Esplanade 2011

The Most Sought-After Wedding Supplier

The most sought-after
wedding supplier

Wedding Library 2013

Julia Montes

"I'm the kind of person who really has a hard time making decisions... I admire them, that's why I'm so grateful to Tito Alex because they really got my suggestions and they were able to visualize what I wanted to happen."

Julia Montes Teen Sensation

Miriam Quiambao

"Thank you for the excellent service and food! Outstanding! Thank you!"

Miriam Quiambao Miss Universe 1999 1st Runner Up

The Juan Carlo Tasting Experience

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For anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events and weddings, catering services can make all the difference in its success. At Juan Carlo, we recognize this, which is why we make sure that everyone can have the best experience tasting delicious dishes!

Our menus can cater to different tastes for any occasion with food selections fit for kings and queens, offered at competitive prices. With iconic dishes created from fresh, meticulously-chosen ingredients, Juan Carlo is nothing short of excellence. Expect to be served with world-class flavors and a wide range of delightful cuisines!

Be part of our long list of renowned clients as Juan Carlo team can give you a sneak preview of what is in store for your event from our well-curated menus. Have your own personal experience with our mouthwatering dishes by clicking the button below!

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Having been the consistent choice of many of tinseltown's biggest celebrities and
companies, Juan Carlo is an expert in defining the quality of its food and service.

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JuanCarlo's Parents
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Sheer hard work and unrelenting passion propelled Juan Carlo to where it is today
and it is the same passion that fuels the company forward.

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Wedding Services

Experience Something Divine from the
Best Wedding Catering Services in the Philippines

Experience Something Divine from the Best Wedding Catering Services in the Philippines

Your special wedding day will never come to fruition without the help of wedding catering services. In the Philippines, weddings are usually big social events where the bride and groom would invite their families, close relatives, and friends to celebrate their union together. But before such a wonderful occasion happens, a great deal of planning and coordination is required to pull every little thing off!

Every couple starts out with a wedding checklist, a budget, and a vague idea of how they want their wedding to look like. In most cases, they would hire the services of a wedding planner, especially if they don't have enough time between them. Otherwise, all the planning - arrangements, scheduling, decisions, and designing, would usually be under their control.

Although it can be overwhelming at first, you'll get the hang of planning pretty quickly, especially when you already have a list of everything that you want and need. With that in mind, you'll find it easy to do the first few steps in preparing a wedding. But something that you should keep a keen eye on is the wedding catering service that you will hire. There are many choices out there, but of course, only the best will be able to satisfy your needs.

To most people in the Philippines, wedding catering services consist of only cooking and serving the food for your - in reality that's just the tip of the iceberg. Choosing the right catering services will eventually turn your wedding event, into an experience that both you and your guests will remember forever.

The Basics of Wedding Catering in the Philippines

The Basics of Wedding Catering in the Philippines

The quality of the food at your wedding is something that will affect the overall event. This is why the best wedding caterers in the Philippines don’t only provide delicious food, they also make sure that it will add another layer of sophistication to your wedding

Let’s Talk about Food

It’s no surprise that wedding catering services in the Philippines are hired primarily for the food that they provide. However, don’t underestimate how much good and quality food can actually provide to an event.

If the venue of your wedding is already decorated perfectly, with the right ambient music and tantalizing scents, the perfect choice of food will add another sensory experience to your already lavish event.

Choosing a wedding catering service largely depends on what meals they can offer and how delicious they are. A catering service that depends on a single menu is not a very good option because this indicates a lack of flexibility. Look for a wedding caterer that respects the art of creating a menu for your wedding.

Weddings usually have themes where everything revolves around on — and no matter what that theme is, the best wedding catering services in the Philippines would be more than happy to adjust to your needs. The willingness to adjust to what you, the client, want is a sign that they are veterans in their craft and will be able to provide you with exactly what you desire!

The Flexibility of Catering Styles

Wedding caterings aren’t just about how delicious the food that will be served is. It’s also important to consider how you’re going to serve it to your guests. It’s not like the food will already be waiting on the table for your guests. The food will most probably be served in a preconceived catering style for the duration of the whole event!

In the Philippines, most wedding caterers let you choose the catering style that they would follow. Two of the most popular ones are:

Buffet Style


probably the most popular way of serving food in weddings in the Philippines, the buffet-style presents the food neatly on a long table. Servers then describe and distribute each dish to those who would like them. This style perfect for large weddings, but you have to take into account the long buffet lines.


Classic Plated Dinner

as traditional and as formal as it gets, this catering style brings the food to your guests, literally! Your guests would only have to wait in their seats, and they will receive a three-course meal: appetizer, entrée, and dessert. This style adds a bit more intimacy to the wedding. It is also usually less expensive than buffet-style weddings because caterers would already know the exact number of meals they have to prepare beforehand.

There’s a number of other catering styles that have started to become popular in other countries such as Serve-yourself Food Stations and Family-style wedding dinners, but in general, Weddings in the Philippines would almost always stick to the two listed above.

At the end of the day, it all depends on your choice. If you want to try out something new, then talk about it with your caterer! You’ll probably work something out in the end that will satisfy what you want and what they can provide.

Logistic Concerns

Wedding catering services in the Philippines usually have to do their work in a venue of their client’s choice. With that in mind, they need to have a good sense of preparation in order to provide the services they offer.

Most catering services provide their own silverware, tables, and chairs as part of their catering package. Transporting of these goods can be a hassle without thinking of the food that will be served. Will the catering service have to cook the food they’ll serve on-site or in their own kitchen? These questions should never be asked on the day-of, rather it should be clarified as soon as possible.

Most of the time, your wedding venue would be willing to provide the utensils, tables and chairs, and the kitchen where the catering service can cook the meals. If those amenities are afforded to you, it removes a load of logistic concerns from the caterers. However, there should be great coordination between the venue, and the catering services for this to happen.

Logistics Concerns Banner

Going the Extra Mile for your Ideal Wedding
What Else Can You Get from the
Best Wedding Catering Services in the Philippines?

Discussed above are what is usually provided by almost all catering services for weddings. Those are the very basics, so to make your wedding day an experience that you and your guests will never forget, the best catering services should provide you with so much more than just what is necessary.

Wedding catering services that share your passion of wanting to make your dream event come true will not only provide you with the most delicious and appropriate meal for your wedding, but they’ll be there with you every step of your wedding planning.

Pre-Event Planning Assistance

A wedding is an event that happens only once in your life. Chances are, you’ve probably never had any prior experience in planning it on your own. Even with the assistance of a wedding planner, you’d usually have a few things that you’ll still be curious about when it comes to planning a wedding.

In that regard, some wedding catering services provide another mind to the planning of your wedding. Their goal is no longer just to provide the best food, but to also provide you with the means to make your wedding extraordinary!

With more minds working to perfect your wedding day celebration, you’ll have a little more time to yourself, particularly for the other aspects of your wedding! As much as wedding catering services can provide, the stars of your wedding day are none other than the bride and groom themselves.

Venue Coordination

Wedding catering services that have done numerous weddings with different themes and styles will surely have a list of venues they are partnered with. These venues would not only be of high quality and great aesthetics but will also bring out the most out of your wedding day if you choose to select them.

This will also ensure that there will be smooth relations between the catering service and the venues—lessening, or completely removing any kind of logistical problems that may happen if you choose to have your wedding at another location.

Another advantage of having a catering service that offers venue coordination is that they would have the utmost experience in detailing said venue. Less time will be spent scouting out the venue and more time will be put into planning and designing the décor that will be used for your wedding.

As one of, if not, the best wedding catering services in the Philippines, Juan Carlo has in store for you a large collection of possible wedding venues that are sure to satisfy your taste! Have a look at the possible places where you can experience your dream wedding right here!

Venue Coordination

The Characteristics of a Great Wedding Catering Service

There’s a lot of wedding catering services in the Philippines. Some, more capable than others. Some have better food, while others provide exquisite services. However, getting the most of what they have to offer depends on how great they are as a company. With that in mind, here are some characteristics that you should look for in the wedding catering service that you plan on choosing!

Easy to Talk to

Easy to Talk to

Nothing flows better than a conversation where both parties respond to each other quickly and informatively. That is something that you should aim for when you talk to a representative of a catering service. You should feel the same drive as you have to perfect your wedding day whenever you talk about it. They should be easy to contact and serious in all of your inquiries.

Genuinely Interested in the Success of Your Wedding

Genuinely Interested in the Success of Your Wedding

The most obvious factor that will show that a wedding catering service is a good choice is that they want you to have the best possible wedding that you can. Yes, some catering services are in it for the money, while others are popular because of their food and service. The passion to provide the best service will eventually trump all of those factors.

Experts When it Comes to Food

Experts When it Comes to Food

Every good wedding catering service will provide tastings for their food. But not everyone will have a comprehensive discussion with you about it. When this happens you’ll be sure that the catering service is experts when it comes to food, and will most definitely not settle for simple dishes. This is incredibly important particularly for the people who are allergic to certain types of food. A good catering service would present alternatives and even improvements to what you plan on getting!

Flexible and Willing to Adapt to Your Wants and Needs

Flexible and Willing to Adapt to Your Wants and Needs

Weddings usually revolve around themes. And these themes would require specific kinds of food, sometimes even needing expensive and hard to acquire ingredients. They should also have multiple options for you depending on your budget! A catering service that is willing to adapt to your budget and wants is the one that will eventually let you achieve your ideal wedding!

Knowledgeable About Food Service Regulation

Knowledgeable About Food Service Regulation

Wedding catering services usually employ their own wait staff. With that in mind, the people they hire should all be trained and knowledgeable on simple do’s and don’ts of serving, as well as the laws and rules that are relevant to food service.

Organized Yet Versatile

Organized Yet Versatile

Weven before the big day, great wedding catering services in the Philippines would often have a plan just in case something goes out of hand. And even during this incident, they’re not afraid to change their plan and adapt along the way.

Experience your Ideal Wedding with Juan Carlo

Juan Carlo is an award-winning catering service that prides itself in providing only the best for all of its clients. They specialize in bringing the most lucrative weddings to a whole new level through their amazing wedding packages.

With a number of enamored clients all throughout the Philippines and serving some of the most famous people in the country, you’ll be sure to experience nothing less than the very best service you could imagine.

Apart from their world-class food and high-quality service, Juan Carlo is known for offering a complete experience! From presenting you with mouth-watering meals to providing the best venue for your wedding, Juan Carlo will provide it all for the sake of making your wedding unforgettable.

Find out just how Juan Carlo can elevate your wedding day by visiting their website!

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