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        Lot 12 & 13 Greystone Commercial, Blk 19 Congressional Ave Exit, Culiat, Quezon City, 1128 Metro Manila


        J.P. Laurel National Highway, Soro-Soro Karsada, Batangas City

        The Perfect Venue

        Welcome to the start of a beautiful and tasteful celebration. As we begin our journey together, we hand-pick each venue for your tasting experience. Each venue is carefully researched to ensure quality standards both in aesthetic and hygiene.

        Our team will be ready to provide you with top notch customer service, attending to your every need--from dish preferences down to the tiniest detail. Just fill out the form below for the reservation process.

        What We Offer

        At Juan Carlo, we make sure that you can experience your vision right from the beginning. Our array of services can help you further realize your ideal occasion.

        Food tasting for two

        Prepared table setup

        Elegant buffet table setup

        Team of professional service people

        Freshly made food on the day of tasting

        Pre-prepared food to suit your preferences

        Head chef to guide you through the tasting experience

        For Your Corporate Needs

        For Your Corporate Needs

        For Your Corporate Needs

        Catering to corporate events and celebrations is a service Juan Carlo is well accustomed to. With long standing partnerships with various businesses spanning a decade or so, our team has serviced top companies such as Nestlé, Lenovo, Adidas and Unilever.

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