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    Popular Wedding Catering Styles to Maximize Your Catering in Tagaytay

    Popular Wedding Catering Styles to Maximize Your Catering in Tagaytay

    Love is always in the air, and weddings never rest. Today, wedding catering in Manila has been one of the most popular locations for many individuals. If you plan on having your wedding and reception in the city of Tagaytay, we have some tips for your catering service style and ways in order for you to maximize your budget. Here are some popular wedding catering styles and ways for you to maximize your catering budget in Tagaytay.

    Buffet Style Catering

    Buffet Style

    A buffet style service in Tagaytay is a catering staple and is perfect for any form of wedding reception. Your guests will have the freedom to choose from the selections of food presented to them and how many servings they’ll be able to acquire is under their control. Guests will always love buffet style catering.

    You don’t have to worry about guests not being able to eat because there will always be food for everyone. In most weddings, it’s common for buffet style catering in Tagaytay to have servers behind the buffet table to aid guests with their food and for those who need the dish to be described to them. Though it isn’t necessary, it would be great if someone would guide your guests for an orderly buffet.

    Buffet style catering services have the potential to help you save more and maximize your budget as you have the choice not to hire too many waiters and servers. This option allows you to allocate funds that would go to extra waiters and servers to other aspects of your wedding. You’ll be able to provide your guests with a variety of food choices and help induce interaction among your guests as they fall in line to get their food. The only drawback to this is that you’ll have to prepare larger quantities of food as guests tend to exploit the freedom of buffets.

    Plated-style Dinner

    Plated-style Dinner

    Undoubtedly the most formal catering style of all, a plated-style dinner is a very traditional form of dining style for weddings. It is also the most eloquent and sophisticated of all food services. Typically, in a plated style setting, guests are served with a three course or four-course meal, depending on the menu.

    A plated-style food catering service will present guests with a menu that consists of a limited selection of appetizers, entrées, and desserts. Before the designated meal time, the guests are given time to select the course of their meal, based on the menu. Then the waiters will take note of each guest’s order and serve their meals during meal time.

    Plated-style dining will most likely involve food that is more lush and expensive. More servers and waiters are required; as a result, you should expect to shell out more funds for a plated-style catering in Tagaytay than other food catering styles.

    Your guests will experience the utmost dining experience during plated-style dining. Everyone will receive their food at the same time while enjoying and allowing them to focus on the activities that are occurring, such as band performances, dedication speeches, or dance numbers. It may require the most funds but it’s worth every single centavo. Give every guest the chance to experience a lush dining service!

    Self-service Style

    Self-service Style

    One of the most popular catering options today is the serve-your-self-catering style. Many individuals from this generation choose this type of catering service in Quezon City. This is a hit with newlywed millennials because serve-your-self-catering offers a wide range of food stations of different cuisines which eliminate guests from having to fall in line at one food table. This food service setup is similar to what you see at hotels.

    This is a great way of spicing up your reception theme, as guests can enjoy a variety of different food choices and provide them with much more freedom to customize their own meals. Having dispersed food stations will be a great way to avoid people from cluttering one area of the room. You could even use this catering style to separate stations for finger foods, appetizers, salads, entrées, and desserts. It may require a lot of coordination with food suppliers but it’s well worth the cost and effort.

    Family-style Menus


    Family-style catering services are pretty common and somewhat considered traditional for many families. Much like the plated-style service, guests are served on their table without having to stand up to get their food. The only difference is that all the meals are served on their tables for the guests to serve themselves.

    No menus will be presented. It’s very much like dining in your own home, the only difference is that meals that have been consumed will be replenished by waiters and servers to allow guests to enjoy another plate or two.

    This form of catering service is a cut across the plated-style and buffet style. Guests are served with pre-chosen meals, and they can get as much as they want. Guests can happily serve themselves throughout the reception and can choose the number of servings they want.

    Similar to buffet style, this catering style may be costly as serving sizes and the amount of food required to prepare may be hefty. This will also require larger tables for food, and as a result, this catering style is much more effective for larger venues.

    Cocktail Style Service

    Cocktail Style

    In this day and age, the cocktail catering style has grown in popularity, especially for weddings and many other formal events. Serving guests with hors d’oeuvres and bite-sized meals instead of full meals throughout the event. There are two popular means of cocktail style catering.

    In Tagaytay, formal events and wedding catering services normally serve as an option for both cold and hot food options; that could either be accessed buffet style or have servers walking around and offering guests with food. This is perfect for both large and small sized venues.

    The space-saving potential of cocktail style catering is one major reason for its growing popularity. This gives the event host more options in terms of the location of where the event will be held. Interaction between the guests will be highly induced with cocktail style services.

    In terms of costs, you could save a lot more money as you won’t have to serve entrées throughout the event. This style also eliminates having to set tables and arrange guest seating.

    Maximize Your Catering Style

    Maximize Your Catering Style

    Now that we’ve talked about the popular catering styles that you could apply for your event in Tagaytay, a catering service will always depend on what will fit your needs. Allocating your budget properly will help you achieve a successful event. Here are some tips for you to make the most out of your budget:

    Laying Out Your Plans

    When thinking about your wedding and its catering in Tagaytay or elsewhere, it’s essential to have every concept in your mind laid out. The food, the number of guests, the event’s theme and where the event will be held are only but a few things to take note of. When laying out your plans for your wedding, you’ll need a concept that covers every single fine detail that will fulfill your every need.

    It’s essential to provide a checklist for your wedding catering service, in order to instill proper coordination and cooperation during the event. This is the first step to maximizing your budget. With a clear concept and every single detail laid out, you may end up saving much more money rather than being scattered-minded with your plans. With no direction, you’ll spend much more funds than what you have initially planned.

    Sticking to a plan with every single detail comprehensively laid out will prevent you from making too many changes over the course of time. This will help you properly allocate your funds. It may be unavoidable to make changes as you close in on your big day, but having a proper plan will prevent you from making major ones and letting you stick to your original plan as close as possible.

    Coming up with a list to present to your suppliers, coordinators, and wedding catering services involves answering a bunch of questions such as when will the wedding be held? How many guests and plus ones are you expecting? Where will your reception be held? What food will be served? What food catering style will be chosen for the event? How much staff is needed? These are common questions that are answered in order to generate a comprehensive plan.

    Ingredients in Season is a Must

    When you want to maximize your budget and squeeze as much as you can when preparing a meal plan, it’s best to stick with what’s available in season, rather than going out of your way to finding some off-season ingredients. The best approach to go about this is to make use of local ingredients and food, this will surely help you maximize your budget and assure you of the freshness of the ingredients.

    It isn’t necessary to opt for off-season ingredients and food with the thought of satisfying your guests. You’ll be spending a lot more cash on off-season ingredients and food than on food and ingredients in a season of the same amount. There will always be something in season that is at least good during the time of your wedding.

    DIY as Much as Possible

    When availing a wedding planner or even a wedding catering service, they will always offer you a package to decorate your event place. They will provide you with their own materials and props, but this will come with a price. In order to cut costs, save money, and avoid unnecessary spending, you can provide your own decorations and spruce up the place yourself.

    It may require some effort and time to craft your own decorations, but it wouldn’t hurt to allocate time for this. Crafting your own decorations gives you the freedom to truly work with what you want and how you want your place to look. Incorporating your own touch to your event will make your event much more meaningful.

    If you need a helping hand, you can always ask your family and friends for some aid. Working with your loved ones for your special day could help you speed things up and enjoy a good time together. When it comes to Do-It-Yourself things for your wedding, remember that you’re not only limited to decorating the event’s place. You could even provide your own food, tables, silverware, plates, and the wedding invitation if you want. It’ll be a fulfilling task to accomplish for your very special day.

    Agree on a Budget with Your Catering Service

    Of course, when you talk about maximizing your budget, you have to agree with the total amount you’ll spend on every service you’ll avail for. This is not only important for you but it’s essential for the other services you’ll work in coordination with as well. For your catering service, you’ll need to establish a budget they can work with in order for them to come up with the perfect menu.

    If they know how much they’re allowed to spend, your caterer will whip up the most outstanding foods with your provided budget. Finalize your plans and the set amount of funds you’ll be willing to spend with your other service providers right away. It’s the key to stick with every budget allocation and avoid shifting them from time to time.

    This will lead to confusion and miscommunication with every team involved in the preparation of your wedding. Additionally, allocate an amount of money that you’re willing to spend and let your wedding catering services know about it right away. Don’t make too many shifts in the budget allocation as this will mess up the plans of the catering services. Don’t forget to give an allowance to a few more people and adjust your budget accordingly.

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