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Top 5 Fascinating Wedding Food Catering Traditions From Around the World

What are the top 5 fascinating wedding food catering traditions from around the world? San-San-Kudo in Japan Croquembouche in Paris Breaking Bread in Bulgaria Bom Bom Yara in Greece Foy Thong Cakes in Thailand   Each culture has unique wedding celebrations. These traditions influence the union of two people. There are so many of them, […]

8 Personalized Wedding Favors that Your Guests Will Love!

What personalized wedding favors can you hand out to your guests? Polaroid coasters Wine cork keychains Small paper rose bouquets Glitter wine bottles DIY instant hot chocolate mix DIY heart-shaped birdseed feeder Cocktail kits Scrabble magnets   Filipino weddings are grand celebrations that symbolize the matrimony between two soulmates. The families of these individuals go […]

10 Filipino Wedding Superstitions We Still Practice in 2018

Wedding superstitions may be seen as something passé in nature. But here in the Philippines, tradition is always blended well with modernity. Superstitions center on practices that may bring your life good luck or misfortune. And although superstitious beliefs completely disregard the pillars of logic, they are a healthy embrace of culture and heritage. When […]

5 Things You Should NOT to Include in Your Wedding Package

What are things that shouldn’t be included in a wedding package? Too many expensive things A long guest list Unavailable entertainers Inconvenient wedding venues and other locations Non-professionals   Wedding packages are there for a reason. Planning a wedding can be pretty stressful from the get-go and we wish for things to be a little […]

How to Evaluate Manila’s Best Catering Service for Your Wedding

How can you evaluate Manila’s best catering service for your wedding? Take a look at their previous events Taste or sample their dishes for the menu Coordinate with them on the menu Make sure they’re responsive to any query or concern Evaluate their prices   A wedding is one of the many occasions that come […]

6 Wedding Packages and Ideas to Include in Your Dream Christmas Wedding

What wedding packages and other ideas can you include in your dream Christmas wedding? Put up some Christmas-themed wedding decorations Pick a venue that is holiday-friendly Opt to wear a snowy-white wedding gown Have your bridesmaids wear Green Christmas dresses Hang a mistletoe at your altar Hand out “Christmas presents” to your guests in place […]

Cake Experts: Difficult Cakes and How They Handled it

We’ve all taken cakes as a symbol of celebration, don’t we? Thus, aside from the best catering services in Manila, soon-to-be spouses and debutantes alike also expect highly from their chosen cake artists. Of course, a wedding and a debut cake isn’t something to be taken lightly as it is among the extremely significant elements […]

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