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Tips & Stories

How to Pick the Perfect Song for the First Dance

How do I find the perfect song for our perfect dance? Choose your dedicated song for each other Remember songs that played during key moments in your relationship Pick a song from a common favorite artist Pay homage to your parents by choosing the song that played during their first dance Decide on what kind […]

7 Things You Should Know Before Planning Your Debut

What are the things that you should know before planning for your debut? Limitation on the number of guests Consider your venue Strategy with the making and distribution of invitations Check your options for your catering packages Know your priorities The people who will take part in your 18’s Follow your budget   Nowadays, it’s […]

10 Uniquely Australian Desserts

What are unique Australian desserts? Lamingtons Fairy Bread Pavlova Tim Tam Mint Slice Chocolate Crackle Caramel Slice Vegemite Jelly Slice Anzac Biscuits One of the best things about connecting the world through the internet is the ability to discover other cultures and their practices with a click of the mouse. With just a few clicks, […]

5 Wedding Catering Foods for Kids

What are catering food do kids enjoy at weddings? Mini Cheeseburgers Fruit and Vegetable Cups Smoothie Popsicles Macaroni and Cheese Peanut Butter and Jelly Sure they’re adorable, but there can be times where children can be a bit too much to handle. This is why many couples prefer to keep their wedding children-free. Nonetheless, there […]

This Again? Wedding Foods That People Need to Stop Serving Right Now

When it comes to wedding food, the husband and wife-to-be not only have to think about the possible dishes they can serve for their celebration, but also those that need to be left out. This is particularly because multiple dishes can cause stress and hassle to wedding guests. Admittedly, this detail in your wedding can […]

7 Ultimate Wedding Catering Trends for 2017

Planning out something different to serve at your wedding reception could be problematic. But you don’t have to worry much, if the service for your wedding catering in Manila is a highly experienced one. In most cases, the people behind them are very much adept to the various trends in the food industry – particularly […]

How to Feast on a Budget: The Wedding Edition

A wedding is considered to be one of the grandest occasions society has ever bore witness to. It’s the union of two people in love in front of their friends and family. In other words, a wedding signifies the start of a new life between two individuals. However, as touching as it seems, a wedding […]

30+ Ideas for Unique and Memorable Wedding Delicacies for your Guests’ Enjoyment

What unique and memorable delicacies can you serve in your wedding?   Doughnuts Shepherd’s Pie Pizza Mashed Potato Potato Chips Various Candies Assorted Popcorn Macaroni and Cheese Ice Cream Sundae Bar Ribs Tacos Steaks Burritos Fried Chicken Barbecue French Fries Ramen Kimchi Sushi Philly Cheesesteaks Tempura Pancakes Pies Waffles Macaroni Salad Cereals Shawarma Cookies and […]

Sugar? Yes, Please: A Healthy Lifestyle Practice

Thanks to several medical discoveries and experimentations, it is indeed great news to hear that you may not need to avoid sugar altogether. Those, who have a sweet tooth, can finally rejoice, given that there are too many delectable dishes and desserts for them to ignore. People, who are planning the menu for their wedding, […]

8 Inspiring School-Themed Wedding Ideas

Congratulations, you’re finally getting married! Of course, planning might take some time, from hiring wedding planners and organizers, to choosing one of the best catering services in Manila. Before settling everything in, how about talking with your loved one and reminisce on a few things, you might even be able to think of your own […]

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