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How to Make Your Wedding the Best Without Compromising Your Budget

What are some of the factors you could consider cutting some costs on without compromising your wedding? 1. The guest list 2. The invitations 3. The wedding car 4. The reception venue 5. The wedding rings So, here’s a fact: the wedding catering, the cake, the invitations, the venue, and the bride’s gown [most especially] […]

6 Things Couples Should Never Do for Their Wedding Day

What are the things that couples should not do for their wedding? You should never crash diet You should never stay up all night before the wedding You should never try a heavy workout You should never second guess You should never overload yourself with last minute hiccups You should never forget your soon-to-be spouse […]

Here’s the Trendiest Wedding Proposal Ideas of 2017

What are the trendiest wedding proposal ideas of 2017? Proposal secretly captured on film – The proposal will be secretly captured, with its images and footage to be unveiled on the wedding day. Live performance proposal – A perfect example of this is a flash mob proposal. Destination proposal – Men would take their girlfriends […]

The Best Wedding Cars: A Special Ride for Your Special Day

What are the most sough-after wedding cars in the world? Maserati Quattroporte – Sleek and exudes classiness. Mercedes Maybach – Efficient and reliable with a powerful engine. Rolls-Royce Phantom – A car with imperial dominance. Aston Martin Vanquish – A vehicle with a simple and smooth design. Beauford Open Tourer – A vehicle with vintage […]

Public vs Private Marriage Proposals

What are the pros and cons of public and private proposals? Private proposals Pros: Easier to plan Pros: Feel more intimate Cons: Limited grandeur Cons: Could lack the surprise factor Public proposals Pros: Grander expression of love Pros: Emotional support can be provided by your close friends and family members Cons: Difficult to plan Cons: […]

Good Morning, Good Taho!

  What is Taho? It is a refreshing and tasty snack that is usually enjoyed during breakfast in the Philippines. It is made of tofu, arnibal (caramel), and sago pearls. These are sold by a vendor called magtataho and are usually contained in aluminum buckets. This allows them to walk or ride around a city […]

5 Stand-out Debut Theme Ideas

What are unique theme ideas for a debut party? Having a kiddie party at home Throwing a party for needy children Afternoon picnic at a park Cosplaying at a make shift comic convention Creating an enchanted forest and inviting your guests for lunch   When thinking of unique themes for a debut in the Philippines, […]

How to Pick the Perfect Song for the First Dance

How do I find the perfect song for our perfect dance? Choose your dedicated song for each other Remember songs that played during key moments in your relationship Pick a song from a common favorite artist Pay homage to your parents by choosing the song that played during their first dance Decide on what kind […]

7 Things You Should Know Before Planning Your Debut

What are the things that you should know before planning for your debut? Limitation on the number of guests Consider your venue Strategy with the making and distribution of invitations Check your options for your catering packages Know your priorities The people who will take part in your 18’s Follow your budget   Nowadays, it’s […]

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