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Tips & Stories

How to Accommodate Handicapped Guests

While choosing the best place to celebrate a wedding in Manila, catering to handicapped guests could easily slip out of your mind. Forgetting to make your venue accessible to disabled people could force them to go through inconveniences that could ruin their day and, subsequently, yours as well. You don’t want this type of complication […]

How to Keep Kids Entertained at a Wedding

Deciding whether or not to have kids present at your wedding is up to you – on one hand, having a wedding exclusively for the adults means less chances of having a screaming child during your vows. On the other hand, some invited parents might not be able to find a sitter and bail; kids […]

How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Wedding

There are a lot of things to plan in a wedding; catering, seat plans, transportation, etc. Choosing the colors might seem like a small task, but it will greatly affect the overall aesthetic and environment of the wedding! The colors will have influence on things like the décor, dress code, and even the food garnish! […]

The 6 Unforeseen Critical Details You Need To Check with Your Caterer

Holding a nice party? Organizing a wedding reception? If the answers to those two questions are a yes, then hiring a caterer is definitely a must. Caterers provide a diverse selection of food choices and packages for events like weddings, parties, and various social gatherings. Having a caterer for your big event makes sure that […]

Summer Wedding Attire Ideas

Going to a summer wedding? Wedding packages in Manila vary and tend to follow a theme, which guests must then follow as well. If there’s a dress code, it is imperative that you follow it! Nevertheless, here are a few ideas.   A Vintage Dress If you’re a fan of 1950’s vintage style, this could […]

Wonderful Ideas for Summer Weddings

When preparing and arranging a wedding, there’s a lot to make decisions on: venue, decorations, catering arrangements, music, and the date and time of the ceremony and the reception. All of these need to be coordinated with one another (can you imagine having an outdoor winter-themed wedding during the summer? Horrible idea!), which is why […]

Awesome Bachelor Party Ideas

Strip clubs for bachelor parties are so old school. Unless that’s actually what you and your groomsmen want and your wife-to-be is comfortable with it – in that case, it’s your choice. Much like wedding catering packages and reception venues, you have plenty of other options for your bachelor party other than the traditional. Here […]

Tips for Writing Your Wedding Vows

Food is serious business, especially when it comes to deciding on food catering for your wedding. But what’s even more important are the wedding vows you make to your betrothed. This is what encapsulates years of love in the past and promises years more of that love in the future. Unsurprisingly, many people find it difficult […]

How Long Should You Be Engaged Before Getting Married?

The moment two people become engaged is a wonderful thing – the love is strong and everyone is excited for the big day. Then comes actually planning the entire thing. From choosing the right wedding package in Manila (or another dream wedding destination altogether) to planning the guest list, the stress that comes with planning […]

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