Steady and Stable at the Old Grove Farmstead

Steady and Stable at the Old Grove Farmstead

Having a wedding reception at a barn or farmstead has become a popular choice for brides and grooms alike. It’s a quirky and charming choice, which is why Old Grove Farmstead is a great choice for couples looking for something new. Barn-style weddings are all the rage across North America right now because of its simplicity. The star of the show is the neutral and understated colors that can match most decorations. Barns offer versatility like no other with customizable options to make the venue unique. These venues can offer a piece of history with a vintage aesthetic that’s enough to make any wedding a night to remember.

A farmstead can offer a refreshing view of nature and the countryside with lush greens and tall trees that adorn the area. This rustic style has captured the hearts of many millennials and shows no signs of declining anytime soon. The casual alternative to hotel function halls leaves the haughty and fancy aesthetic behind. It’s a down to earth style that is appealing to the eyes. The wild look calls upon the blessing of mother nature because of the intimate mindset it insinuates.

More brides these days are opting for intimate weddings. For them, the nuptials are more about sharing the experience with loved ones. Taking their vows should be heartfelt and sincere which the venue, decoration, and reception reflects well. Weddings nowadays are about the couple representing who they are and their values. Couples are deviating from the norm and visualizing a desire and experience they want their guests to feel.

Rustic doesn’t have to be all about the venue, but also the look and feel of the couple. Using various textures that emulate the simplicity and elegance of the rustic style can be incorporated into dresses, shoes, and suits. Decorations can also come from recyclable materials such as glass bottles, jars, stones, and wooden furniture. The DIY aesthetic emphasizes fun, making the decor feel more personal and closer to home.

The menu isn’t limited to traditional styles that are expected in rented ballrooms, either. The taste and experience of the food can take a home cooked style that can appeal to guests. It’s rich in flavor and appetizing in smell — another factor to add to the memorable experience.

The Icing on the Cake: The Old Grove Farmstead

Old Grove Farmstead

Old Grove Farmstead offers a unique experience for both families and couples. Any interested parties can enjoy the feeling of a western countryside with an old town feeling. Holding your wedding at this venue will unleash your inner haciendero or haciendera. The main barn is bold, painted in crimson and features adequate lighting with its large windows. White picket fences surround the barn, while the walkway leading up to the barn entrance is cemented in a tasteful off-white color. The grasslands of the Old Grove are lush and soft. Take a photoshoot by the lake or the hanging bridge. Make creative use of the windmill for that perfect wedding shot!

One word to accurately describe the farmstead is rustic, but not necessarily vintage. No lace here — just the full aesthetic of a farm using burlap, leather, and wood. Expand your horizons by taking up the challenge of DIY and home-style cuisine. Rustic is not just about fifty shades of beige but about nature as the main backdrop.

The Old Grove Farmstead is 5 hectares in total. The development of Old Grove started when the Bluroze Farm was closed. The animals that once roamed Bluroze can now be found in Old Grove Farmstead. Farm or old town themes are popular for many foreigners because of the rustic and romantic aesthetic energy it flows. Many Lipa locals and Metro Manila folk will definitely enjoy the change of pace the Old Grove Farmstead offers.

The Reception: No Mixed Signals

A room inside Old Grove Farmstead

Planning a wedding reception can be a daunting task for any bride-to-be or wedding planner. It is a celebration your guests are looking forward to the most after the couple ties the knot. Depending on the budget that you have allocated, the reception can be as grand or as simple as the couple wants. To make sure that the venue that you’ve chosen is available, for example, the Old Grove Farmstead, book the venue a year ahead of your wedding for a one hundred percent guarantee that there will be no discrepancies. The day chosen can also affect the overall cost of the venue. Take note of the peak seasons that may increase the price.

The overall capacity of the venue and the current budget should also be taken into consideration. It’s never a good idea to overstep as this can lead to unnecessary bills and unsatisfied guests. Always spend within your means. This includes food, drinks, and entertainment. The guest list should be compatible with what the groom and bride are prepared for. Intimate weddings often feel more special than huge weddings. A large guest list can spell fun, but can also bring up unnecessary chaos. There is no obligation to invite the whole congregation. This can leave a couple or family feeling trapped in debt and an obligation. Remember that it’s the wedding of the couple, not the whole town.

Figure out the best seating plan to accommodate everyone. Guests should not feel awkward during the reception because of a poorly thought out seating plan. Parents and children should be seated near each other to avoid separation anxiety. For guests who are single, set up a few games and icebreakers to keep the conversation light and casual.

Receiving lines is time-consuming but are also a great tradition to keep around. Going through the receiving line gets small talk out of the way if time is a concern. However, if mingling and chatting with guests is something the couple is planning to do, opt to hover around tables for chats and giggles.

Keep the toast short and sweet. Ideally, they should be done during mealtimes. Assign one to three short toasts per table to allow guests with important words to speak up. Be sure to also have a designated coordinator to monitor the clock.

Core Decor: Country Chic

Old Grove Farmstead Events Hall

Old Grove Farmstead is a modern take on the rustic feel of the countryside. Let nature do the heavy lifting and go back to your natural roots. Outdoor ceremonies can take advantage of various would pieces and accents. Pay homage to mother nature by using subdued, natural colors and textures for the bouquet.

For invitations and place cards, using recyclable items such as craft paper with handwritten lettering can add a fun and personalized element. Natural painted stones and mineral crystals for place cards also sprinkle interest in bland setups. Bring out the mason jars for a picturesque centerpiece.

Making use of greenery livens up the otherwise subdued decorations. Table settings can be environmentally sustainable while still being rustic by incorporating bamboo flatware and plates. For a Filipino feel, using bamboo leaves is a great alternative to plastic. Fairy lights or bulb lights make a good lighting solution for an outside photo booth for that creamy bokeh effect.

Going fully rustic is all about being casual. The feeling of a black tie affair is out. The full experience isn’t about being trendy and popular. It’s about adding a personal and intimate touch that’s unforgettable. It adds a character that is often missing from traditional and classic weddings.

Farmstead Eleganza Extravaganza

Old Grove Farmstead Lakeside

The category is farmstead eleganza. Traditional rustic fashion was part of the 19th century and was brought back in the 70s. The rustic style is once again at the forefront after gaining popularity from designer runways. Celebrities and everyday women around the world have slowly fallen in love with this elegant laidback style.

When thinking of country and rustic, various leather, suede, denim, and rough textures are front and center. A great way to incorporate these materials is through the use of accessories and accents throughout the whole outfit. Add interest to a bride’s veil by using a fresh flower crown to channel the Greek goddess Persephone.

Tight dresses contradict the rustic feel. Match the Old Grove Farmstead by choosing a flowy dress that sways elegantly upon every step. For footwear, going for leather sandals is a great alternative to often cumbersome stilettos. Leather cowboy boots are also a fun surprise underneath the bridal dress. Nothing says horseback-ready more than a rugged pair of boots. If daring is the plan, go barefoot with a floral anklet to really emphasize being one with nature.

Ladies can opt for the natural 70s laid back makeup with neutral tones, nudes, and light shimmers that emphasize natural beauty. If color is a preference, the drunk blush style adds just the right pop of warmth without overwhelming the face. The no-makeup look is a light option for receptions that are outside. It covers all that needs to be covered without altering the face too much. Hairstyles can be as flowy as a dress or elegantly coiffed in buns or a bouffant.

The groom can take inspiration from a romantic Western novel with leather belts adorned with brass buckles, a classic 10-gallon cowboy hat, and a durable pair of cowboy boots. These can be paired with a suit or layers of suave outlaw style clothing. To have the element of both, pair a good suit jacket and shirt with the best jeans. The fantasy is all about riding into the sunset after a long day in the field.

You Got Served: Farmstead Cuisine

Old Grove Farmstead Break Room

Deciding the meals for your reception and how to serve them affects the overall budget and flow of the festivities. Formal and traditional wedding catering styles are the easiest to develop and budget for. A buffet-style a more casual option where you can control the amount of waste produced. Food stations allow guests to make their own meals. It’s similar to a buffet with how casual it is, but can potentially be more wasteful as not all guests might not enjoy the options available.

If your plan is to save money, a cocktail style catering has the most potential to reduce waste and lower costs. The plated style is the most formal and the most traditional. This eliminates the lines but increases the costs overall. Here are two examples of a buffet style or food station style menu and a plated style menu:

Buffet Style and Food Station

  • Fried Chicken and Biscuit Sliders
  • Chicken and Waffles
  • Mini Shrimp Cocktails
  • BBQ Sauce Bar
  • Pan de Sal Pulled Pork Sliders
  • Juice Bar
  • Stuffed Baked Potatoes with Mac and Cheese
  • Mini Fruit Pies
  • Pudding Station
  • Open Bar

Traditional Plated Menu


  • Deviled Eggs
  • Poutine with Goat Cheese Curd and Savory Gravy
  • Country Salad with Bacon
  • Butter and Rosemary Baked Oysters

Main Course:

  • Chicken and Waffles or Steak and Herbed Baby Potatoes
  • Creamy Butternut Squash Soup
  • Buttered Corn on a Cob
  • Sundried Tomato Pasta


  • Blueberry or Apple Pie
  • Chocolate Banana Pudding
  • Fruit Tart
  • Red Velvet Cupcake


  • Lemonade
  • Sweet Tea
  • Wine
  • Moon Shine

The Choice: Why Choose Old Grove Farmstead and Juan Carlo?

Choose Old Grove Farmstead with Juan Carlo Catering services today for a unique, rustic country style experience. Juan Carlo Catering offers the best, high-quality menus and services to help you fulfill the wedding of your dreams. Juan Carlo goes above and beyond for client satisfaction. Competitive prices can provide the most mouth-watering meals and classiest venues. Eliminate wedding catering anxiety by choosing the best of the best!

Old Grove Farmstead is a hidden gem in Lipa. It offers a rustic country experience that is rarely seen in Metro Manila. The venue goes all out with its iconic red barn which can fit up to 300 guests. Enjoy the man-made lakeside for a lovely photoshoot or simply find a place to unwind. Our swimming pool area is the perfect place to cool off on hot summer afternoons while enjoying a delicious cocktail.

Couples want guests to have the most memorable experience. Traditional function rooms and ballrooms exude a certain expensive sophistication that isn’t as appealing as it was before. A good farmstead offers the perfect backdrop to honor the intimate experience of mother nature. The closeness of natural beauty through the use of a rustic style can be as casual or as extravagant as it can be. If you want to know more about the Old Grove Farmstead and the services that we can offer you, click here!

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