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    The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Kid’s 7th Birthday

    The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Kid’s 7th Birthday

    How Do You Plan Your Kid’s 7th Birthday

    1. Decide On The 7th Birthday Theme
    2. Come Up With A Guest List According To Your Budget
    3. Choose A Venue
    4. Plan The Games, Prizes, and Party Favors In Advance
    5. Serve Kids Party Food

    Is your child turning 7 years old? Chances are, you want to throw a big party to celebrate the occasion. But just like any event, a kid’s 7th birthday requires careful planning. From selecting the perfect theme to arranging the kiddie menu — everything can be a lot to manage. Read on this guide to planning your kid’s 7th birthday party to save yourself from stress!

    Why Is A Kid’s 7th Birthday Celebrated

    For any Filipino family, birthdays are the most celebrated occasion. Every birthday is celebrated, though the 7th birthday is typically the grandest occasion for kids. In the Philippines, a child’s 7th birthday is seen as a milestone. This is usually the age when a kid says goodbye to the preschool years and enters grade school. In addition, this is also the age when a child can be held accountable for actions and develop a sense of right and wrong. It is a big leap to maturity, which is why most parents throw special parties for such an event.

    In this blog, we have curated a list of five steps to follow to celebrate your kid’s 7th birthday party without any hassle.

    Decide On The 7th Birthday Theme

    Decide On The 7th Birthday Theme

    The first step to planning a kid’s 7th birthday is choosing a theme. Choosing a theme is important because it will determine all the other aspects of the birthday party, including the attire, décor, food, and program.

    Thankfully, you don’t have to think about the 7th birthday theme alone. At 7 years old, a kid will already have preferences and interests. You can ask your precious birthday celebrant on what theme he/she wants.

    As your child if he/she wants to consider the following 7th birthday party themes:

    • Unicorns
    • Mermaids
    • Video games
    • Princesses and Barbie themes
    • Superheroes
    • Dinosaurs
    • Pirates
    • Favorite TV show or movie (Paw Patrol, PJ Masks, Frozen, Peppa Pig)

    Come Up With A Guest List According To Your Budget

    The next step in planning a kid’s 7th birthday is to come up with a guest list. Who will you send out the invitations to? Contrary to what many believe, creating a guest list is not easy.

    The best way to decide who will be added on the guest list is to determine your budget. If you have a limited budget, you can invite family and the kid’s close friends/school friends. Those with more flexible budgets are free to invite all the kid’s classmates, playmates from the neighborhood, relatives, and other people who you want to witness this important milestone.

    Choose A Venue

    When it comes to 7th birthday parties, there are plenty of factors to consider when choosing a venue. A 7th birthday will include more invitees such as school classmates and playmates. And most of the time, kids at this age range are very playful and energetic. For this, the venue should be big enough to seat guests, while also having enough space for the kids to run around and play.

    Plan The Games, Prizes, and Party Favors In Advance

    When celebrating a 7th birthday, games are always a must to entertain the kids. It is always a good idea to plan the games and prizes in advance because it will be easier to arrange the needed materials.

    For example, if you want to have a Musical Chairs game, you will need to set up a few kiddie chairs. Or, if you choose to have a Pin the Tail on the Donkey game, you need to purchase or make a donkey cutout as well.

    When selecting games, be mindful of their age group as well. If it is too difficult for the kids, they will not be able to play properly. If it is too easy, chances are they will be easily bored.

    Then, take note that not only the winner should get a prize during kiddie birthdays. Make sure to purchase consolation prizes as well for the other kids as well to avoid tantrums. For the prizes and party favors, you can prepare goodie bags filled with candies, small toys, stickers, and school supplies.

    Serve Kids Party Food

    Serve Kids Party Food

    Since the most important guests coming to your child’s 7th birthday are kids, you would want to make sure that the food you serve will be loved by the kids. Some of the most classic kids party food in the Philippines include hotdogs with marshmallows, fried chicken lollipops, barbeque, spaghetti, and lumpiang shanghai.

    If you don’t want to be stressed up with all the food preparation for the party, consider hiring a caterer! You can ask your catering service provider to serve a kid-friendly menu. The best part is, they will be in charge of setting up the tables, chairs, food stations, as well as the clean-up. This way, you can focus on celebrating your kid’s precious birthday party without any hassle.

    Key Takeaway

    In this blog, we’ve curated a guide to planning a kid’s 7th birthday. While these steps can be a good outline for you, make sure to consider what works best for your kid as well and reach out to party planners for expert advice. Start planning and make sure everyone will have fun!