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    Your Ultimate Debut Party Guide

    Your Ultimate Debut Party Guide

    A girl’s 18th birthday or debut is a cherished occasion that calls for a grand celebration. It marks the moment a girl transitions into womanhood. A traditional debut party is composed of several programs such as the 18 roses, 18 candles or wishes, the parent’s message to the debutante, and more. Once a girl holds a debut in the Philippines, the Filipino community will start treating her as a “dalaga”, which means an eligible young Filipina. In this light, the parents of the debutante will organize a special debut party and gather friends and family to mark the milestone.

    Are you planning a debut party for yourself, your daughter, or friend? At Juan Carlo, we would make sure every moment is worth remembering. For more than 25 years, Juan Carlo has been blessed to have catered to thousands of weddings, debuts, children’s parties, and corporate events. In all the events Juan Carlo has handled, our team has made sure we not only offer catering services, but also help in conceptualizing and planning the event.

    The Best Debut Party Theme Ideas

    Just like any event, throwing a debut party requires meticulous planning. At the early stages, you would want to decide on your debut theme. Identifying the debut theme is an integral part as it will determine all the other aspects of the celebration. The theme will transform the debut venue, decoration, dress code, and catering menu.

    Traditionally, debut parties used to have classic themes. Today, a debutante can choose any theme she wants to make the celebration extra special. After all, you would want to choose a theme that fits your personality best. Wondering about which debut party theme is most fitting for you? Here are some ideas to inspire you!

    Fairytale Debut Theme

    If you want to feel like a princess during your 18th birthday, then a fairytale debut theme is perfect for you! Some of the things that resonate with fairytale-themed debuts are extravagant ball gowns with matching gloves, crowns, designed arches and castles, and Happily Ever After storybook endings.

    With this in mind, channel your dreams of becoming a princess. You deserve to be treated no less than one! Take your pick from Disney princesses — be it Belle, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Snow White, or Cinderella.

    At Juan Carlo, part of our debut package includes a princess’ chair and platform as your throne, Tiffany chairs for your guests, and more, to help you create a perfect fairytale-themed debut!

    Bohemian/Coachella Debut Theme

    Bohemian/Coachella Debut Theme

    Want a more laid-back yet aesthetic debut party? Free-spirited girls who have a fondness for whimsical things would love to choose a Bohemian debut theme.

    Typically, bohemian debut parties take inspiration from music festivals like Coachella and are usually held on relaxing beaches. Formal dining chairs are replaced with cozy cushion pillows. To stay true to your debut theme, plop up some chic tents.

    At Juan Carlo, we can help you channel your inner boho chic goddess by serving delicious finger foods with bohemian-inspired dining tables, buffet setups, and table centerpieces.

    The Great Gatsby Debut Theme

    Have all your guests travel back in time for your debut party. Get everyone dancing to jazz songs and incorporate all the extravagant party details used by Gatsby from the Great Gatsby movie. Think feathery A-line gowns, lush florals, balloons, glitter, and lots of gold confetti.

    Masquerade Debut Theme

    Parisian Debut Theme

    If you have a flair for romance, then going for a Parisian debut party theme is the no-fail choice. Let your guests experience the city of love by adding a miniature model of the Eiffel Tower at your venue.

    At Juan Carlo, we can help add a fabulous French vibe to your debut by serving traditional French soups, entrees, and desserts. If you want, we can even set up gorgeous French charcuterie boards complete with cuts of choice meats, bread, fine cheese, spreads, olives, dried fruit, and nuts.

    Beach-Inspired Debut Theme

    Does your 18th birthday fall during summertime? Take advantage of the beautiful weather with a beach-inspired debut theme! Ditch the big ball gowns and have every guest come in beachwear and flowy dresses. Choose a beautiful resort venue. Let Juan Carlo set up a tropical-themed drink bar to refresh each one of your guests.

    Parisian Debut Theme

    Masquerade Debut Theme

    Add a touch of mystery to your debut party by going for a masquerade theme. Ask everyone to arrive in their masks to create a charming air of mystery. Make sure your mask stands out by adding feather adornments and matching accessories. Go for color motifs like red, black, and gold. Turn your debut into a night of fun by asking your guests not to remove their masks until the event culminates.

    Celebrate Your Debut Party With Juan Carlo!

    Turning 18 is one of the most important days in a lady’s life. Make your debut party unforgettable in the best way possible by choosing a standout debut theme idea from this list.

    At Juan Carlo, our debuts are all about creating moments of magic. Our high-profile clientele, which includes Julia Montes and Kathryn Bernardo, is a testament to our brand’s dedication to event excellence. Contact us here to get started with planning and choosing from our wide variety of 18th birthday venues!