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    Catering Services in Quezon City: Only the Finest for Your Events

    Catering Services in Quezon City: Only the Finest for Your Events

    The largest city in Metro Manila, Quezon City offers some of the best venues that have stunning views and picturesque settings that become the backdrop of unforgettable memories and celebrations. When it comes to making these memories and celebrations happen, it is best to choose the finest catering service in Quezon City with Juan Carlo.

    A trusted name with over decades of experience, Juan Carlo has become the caterer of choice for a number of high-profile guests, guiding them to achieve their vision and create some of the most captivating events and create memories that will last for a long time. The quality service of Juan Carlo has made it become the leading catering service in Quezon City, providing the best cuisine, along with helping our clientele create the best events in the Metro.

    Events Catered by Juan Carlo

    Events Catered by Juan Carlo


    A trusted name when it comes to making the grandest and most beautiful weddings in the country happen, Juan Carlo has organized and catered to a number of high-profile weddings over the past two decades. Famous couples include Zoren Legaspi, Carmina Villaroel, Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez. If you are looking for the best caterer to organize and make your big day the best it could be, Juan Carlo will only provide the best.


    Celebrate the coming of age by creating magical moments and memories that will be treasured forever. When it comes to debuts, Juan Carlo has organized some of the grandest celebrations in the country, with high-profile guests like Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes choosing Juan Carlo to make their dream event come to life.

    Children’s Parties

    Make your child’s birthday a day to remember with Juan Carlo. If you are looking for a caterer that will help you organize your child’s special day, Juan Carlo will be able to provide the best venue and cuisine that will make your birthday extra special.

    Corporate Events

    When it comes to company events, celebrations, and meetings, Juan Carlo creates a quality experience like no other. With a diverse set of cuisine, along with a wide selection of venues, Juan Carlo will be able to assist you in organizing the best event for your company. If you are looking to hold a company event in the heart of the Metro, choose Juan Carlo.

    Best Event Venues in Quezon City

    Best Event Venues in Quezon City

    Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan

    A venue that captures the vibrant energy of Quezon City, Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan has a sleek and modern design perfect for a wide variety of events. Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan contains 3 event halls that can hold up 330 guests each, along with lounges for their guests. If you are looking for a stunning and luxurious venue, Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan provides a very captivating experience for their guests.

    Elements Centris

    If you are looking for a venue for large gatherings and celebrations, Elements at Centris is one of the best choices within Quezon City. With 1,165 square meters’ worth of space, Elements at Centris is a venue that can accommodate any kind of event. The venue boasts two large halls (Prosperity and Fortune) that can be combined to handle around 500-600 guests, along with suites for guests looking for a more private space.

    Felicidad Mansion

    Located on Roosevelt Avenue, the Felicidad Mansion is a jewel in the heart of Metro Manila that exudes old-fashioned style and luxurious elegance. With an interior inspired by Greek and Roman designs and a fountain that serves as a captivating part of the grand entrance, the Felicidad Mansion offers a beautiful setting for any celebration.

    Fernwood Quezon City

    A beautiful garden venue located in Sanville Subdivision, Fernwood Quezon City has 4 different venues that combine the beauty of nature with modern design. A venue that has hosted weddings, children’s parties, and promenades, Fernwood Quezon City provides a beautiful backdrop for unforgettable events.

    Hanging Gardens

    A French-inspired venue located in the heart of Quezon City, the Hanging Gardens is a venue that captures the beauty of Paris. With a 30-foot indoor garden, the venue contains three halls: Paris, Lafayette and Luxembourg. All of the halls are beautifully designed, air-conditioned, contain private lobbies, and have grand staircases that are perfect for grandiose entrances. With a beautiful and captivating ambiance, the Hanging Gardens is truly a sight to behold.

    Light of Love

    A beautiful secret garden estate, the Light of Love is a little paradise surrounded by nature. With 6 captivating venues, Light of Love has the best backdrop for couples looking to organize an outdoor wedding. With an amazing view of the night sky, Light of Love is also the best place to organize evening balls and promenades while connecting with nature.

    Sampaguita Gardens

    Once a film studio, the Sampaguita Gardens is a beautiful, scenic and historic venue that offers breathtaking views that capture perfect moments. Located in the heart of Quezon City, the old film studio has now turned into one of the most beautiful events venues in the Metro, continuing to capture the same magic that the old Sampaguita films were able to create.

    Why Quezon City Is the Perfect Location for Your Event

    A city located within all of the hustle and bustle of the Metro, Quezon City also offers some of the most beautiful backdrops as well. A fitting getaway from the busy lifestyle, Quezon City is home to the most luxurious and grandiose venues that exude a blend of modern style and design, natural beauty, and traditional sensibilities. This makes the city the perfect backdrop for any type of special event. Whether it be weddings, birthdays, or corporate celebrations, Quezon City is surely the perfect location.

    Why Quezon City Is the Perfect Location for Your Event

    Why Juan Carlo Is the Best Catering Service in Quezon City

    When it comes to catering in Manila, years of experience have not only shaped Juan Carlo to become the country’s premier catering service, but it has also become a brand that is trusted by a distinguished set of clientele. This trust built on quality service has helped establish Juan Carlo as the best catering service in Quezon City.

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