Royal Weddings You Can Remake with the Best Catering Services in Quezon City

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Royal Weddings You Can Remake with the Best Catering Services in Quezon City

You don’t have to spend extravagantly to feel like royal prince and princess newlyweds. You only need to call up the people with the best catering services in Quezon City and you are good to go! Royal weddings are always the talk of the town because of their spectacular elegance and this could be yours too.

All of this is possible together with your loving beau, supportive guests, and the best wedding catering service in Quezon City. Royalty is not only found in crowns and jewels but also in the little treasures of life. Reading this, you will be looking forward to that special night filled with fun, laughs, and a fine celebration of the love you have for your sweetheart. After all, how else can you celebrate but with great company and delicious food, right?

Although there are different traditions and celebrations that set royal weddings from all around the world apart, there is also a very common similarity between them: more than their status as royals, it is a simple celebration of the couple in love. British royal weddings for one, have elaborate catering choices that hold a significant meaning for the couple.

Before you finalize your wedding plans, consider consulting the wedding package you really want. If you would want to remake a romantic and elegant royal wedding, you need to go to the right place. Whether you are in Makati or Quezon City, a catering service will make all the difference in the event. Set a regal mood for your romantic event by drawing inspiration from these royal couples from all around the world and feel like royalty yourself.

A catering package that is reminiscent of a royal one is no easy feat but because you deserve only the most scrumptious menu choices, the best catering service in Quezon City has got you covered.

Most Talked About Royal Weddings

From the simple to the glamorous, these royal couples splashed headlines with their gorgeous smiles and sweet kisses. They might have celebrated differently from each other but one thing is for sure, it is a day filled with delicious food and cheerful laughs all around.

You might want to check out the grandest royal weddings so you know where you can draw inspiration from.

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Bowes-LyonKing George VI and Queen Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

As most royal weddings are, King George VI’s marriage to Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was a public affair. Seas of crowds lined up on the streets as the couple tied the knot at Westminster Abbey in April 1923.

They initially met as children before a dance in 1920 brought them together again as adults. Elizabeth was hesitant to accept Albert’s offer of marriage that she rejected him twice. The Duke was persistent and it was in the third proposal in mid-January in1923, at the country estate of the Bowes-Lyons that Elizabeth received the sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

The wedding breakfast was served in the State Dining Room and was a simple celebration, following King George V’s wishes because the economic climate was at a decline that time.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Mountbatten

Queen Elizabeth II married Philip Mountbatten, the Duke of Edinburgh on November 20, 1947. The Westminster Abbey ceremony was broadcasted on the radio and 200 million listeners tuned in. They began their love affair when Elizabeth fell in love at first sight and soon after, they started exchanging letters in and then in 1946, they announced their engagement. Princess Elizabeth was 21 years old at that time.

Elizabeth wore a custom satin gown and Philip wore his naval uniform paired with darned socks. Elizabeth looked radiant in her wedding dress although she had to save up ration coupons to acquire the material, according to BBC.

The union of Elizabeth and Philip remains undeterred as they recently celebrated their 69th anniversary.

Prince Charles and Lady Diana

Prince Charles and Lady Diana (Source - NY Daily News)

The “wedding of the century” took place on July 29, 1981, as 3,500 guests gathered at the Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London to witness the wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer. The lavish ceremony was also watched by 750 million people tuned in from their homes.

They began dating and after six months, Prince Charles proposed to Diana. They announced their engagement publicly on February 24, 1981. Diana was 20 and Charles was 32, and she was the first non-royal to marry an heir to the British throne – the first time in 300 years.

There were an estimated 600,000 spectators who took to the streets in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Diana and Charles riding their horse-drawn carriage. They made their guests happy at the reception when they could choose from one of the 27 wedding cakes.

Although they divorced in 1996 because of scandalous affairs, Diana died in a car crash shortly thereafter, Charles eventually remarrying, their marriage blossomed into the birth of their two sons: Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry of Wales.

Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones

The wedding of Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex and Sophie Rhys-Jones, was an exclusive event for family and friends with limited media coverage.

Prince Edward, the Queen’s youngest child, met Sophie Rhys-Jones at a charity event in 1993. What is notable about Sophie is that she is a commoner which is rare for royals. They married on June 19, 1999, at Saint George’s Chapel in Windsor, breaking the tradition of royal weddings being a public affair.

The wedding reception took place in St. George’s Hall at Windsor Castle, with their wedding cake decorated with tennis rackets reminiscent of their first meeting at a tennis event. The casualness of it all was what made the wedding memorable and as of today, Edward and Sophie are still happily married and as simple as ever.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate Middleton (Source - POPSUGAR)

There is an estimate of 3 billion people worldwide who witnessed the wedding of Prince William and Catherine “Kate” Middleton, a commoner who he met while he was a student at St. Andrew’s University. The beautiful bride stunned people from all around the globe watching their wedding from 72 million live streams, as she walked down the aisle in a captivating lace gown designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen.

The royal couple asked that charity donations be given in place of traditional wedding gifts. With this, they established the Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton Charitable Gift Fund which focuses on assisting charities such as the New Zealand Christchurch Earthquake Appeal, the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary, the Royal Flying Doctor Service, and the Zoological Society of London.

Today, they are still happily married with two adorable kids: Charlotte, George and with Kate pregnant now with their third child.

What’s in a Wedding Package: Menu Choices of the Royals

What you must know about royal wedding menus is that they are symbolic. They use food choices to reflect the state of Britain and the monarchy’s position in the society. You should take this for example, as food choices should have a deep meaning for you and your partner so that guests will have a significant recollection of your reception.

You don’t have to necessarily have British dishes but homegrown recipes will inspire nostalgia and romance for your guests. Take note that royal wedding menus are not always lavish because some of the couples would just want a simple selection as compared to an extravagant one. One thing is for sure: their menus have certainly been a feast for their taste buds and their wedding guests.

April 1923 – Elizabeth and Albert

There is a tradition wherein chefs create new signature dishes in honor of the couple and it is said that the French menus for these weddings attribute to the culinary sophistication of it. Elizabeth and Albert had a nine-course meal which was fairly simple but a delight at the same time. Here are a few selections from their menu:

  • Consommé à la Windsor (Soup)
  • Suprèmes de Saumon Reine Mary (Queen Mary Salmon)
  • Côtelettes d’Agneau Prince Albert (Prince Albert Lamb Cutlets)
  • Chapons à la Strathmore (Scottish Style Capons)
  • Fraises Duchesse Elizabeth (Strawberries and Cream)

November 1947 – Elizabeth and Philip

November 1947 Elizabeth and Philip

Elizabeth and Philip married during the end of World War II. This royal festivity saw a condensed menu so as not to appear too lavish in a post-war public. Although their wedding cake is nine-foot tall and 500 lbs., the guests did not get their fill of it because the royal couple chose to hand it out to local schools, hospitals, and charity institutions instead.

  • Filet de Sole Mountbatten (Fish)
  • Perdreau en Casserole avec Haricots Verts et Pommes Noisette (Braised Partridge)
  • Bombe Glacee Princesse Elizabeth (Ice Cream Dessert with Strawberries)

July 1981 – Diana and Charles

The young couple kept up with the traditions of previous royal weddings with dishes named after members of the monarchy. With five courses, it was concluded with a simple dessert of English strawberries with clotted cream. They received 27 wedding cakes as gifts which were given to guests and following the royal wedding custom, it was also gifted to charities and schools.

  • Quenelles de Barbue Cardinal (Fish)
  • Princess de Galles Supreme de Voilaille (Chicken Stuffed with Fine Lamb Mousse)
  • Fraises and Crème Caillee (Strawberries and Cream)

June 1999 – Sophie and Edward

June 1999 Sophie and Edward

The simple couple carried on being casual with their menu choices. They opted to have a classic, simple, and unpretentious buffet, breaking the tradition of elegant menu choices.  The simple flavors are still delectable enough for the royal members in attendance.

  • Beef Stroganoff and Koulibiaca (Layered Dish of Salmon, Spinach and Rice Pilaf, en Croute – Delicious)
  • Fresh Vegetables and Salads
  • British Raspberries and Cream

April 2011 – Kate and William

Will and Kate wanted a gastro-pub style menu, an extravagant one of course. The ingredients ranged from heritage and organic ingredients that made up the sophisticated recipes. There were 10,000 canapes served by a team of 21 chefs and see the list below for a few of the menu choices.

  • Cornish Crab Salad on Lemon Blini
  • Pressed Duck Terrine with Fruit Chutney
  • Roulade of Goats Cheese with Caramelized Walnuts
  • Bubble and Squeak with Confit Shoulder of Lamb
  • Smoked Haddock Fishcake with Pea Guacamole
  • Miniature Yorkshire Pudding with Roast Fillet of Beef and Horseradish Mousse
  • Gateau Opera Cake
  • Rhubarb Crème Brulee Tartlet
  • Passion Fruit Praline, White Chocolate Ganache Truffle, Milk Chocolate Praline with Nuts and Dark Chocolate Ganache Truffle


Making the Most Out of Your Catering Services in Quezon City

Royalty may be too hard to achieve but your partnership with the best catering services in Quezon City will make all of this a reality. As much as possible, fill them in with the specific details about you and your partner. This will make the event a cozy and intimate one with a personal touch.

Catering services in Quezon City and in the entire country will be most accommodating if you help them achieve your dream catering package. Make the most out of it by having a clear goal in mind, and if you are remaking a royal wedding package, then tell them the inspiration you want to influence the menu choices or the whole package.

Find the best team to work with you on your big day, the people who will give you the royal treatment fit for a King and Queen.

Regal and Elegant Catering Services by Juan Carlo

What comes to your mind when the need for catering services in Quezon City arise? Juan Carlo will be a resounding name in the wedding package you would want to have. Our premier catering and event services company not only gets the job done but brings your fairytale dreams alive as well.

The reliable catering services based in Quezon City have been known by personalities from all around the country as the most-sought after team because of menu choices which bring joy to newlyweds and their guests. We aim to deliver the best wedding experience aided by your visualization of how you want your event to be. A grand affair is more personal than ever with just the right amount of regality and elegance that can rival that of a royal wedding.

The best catering service in Quezon City is within your reach. Go ahead and reserve a catering package here!

Bringing Elegance in your Celebration

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