Our Story

A Rich Heritage: Carrying the prestige of its iconic name, a legend in the catering and events industry, Juan Carlo’s success story is dictated by the owners’ creative culinary direction, purely by its heritage. Steeped in history, the original recipes have brought the brand to its pinnacle. The hearty dose of food and experience have been passed from generation to generation. Still, the novelty Juan Carlo always serves to the table is what makes it sustain its impeccable reputation. In essence, the past and the present bridge the continuity of the legacy.

Here is how our story unfolds.


Engr. Alex Michael U. del Rosario and Teresita Macatangay del Rosario, our founders, were born.

Teresita Macatangay del Rosario
Engr. Alex Michael U. del Rosario
Cecilia del Rosario Pacumio


A treasure trove of heritage and recipes loved by families and friends were passed down to Alex from Mrs. Cecilia del Rosario Pacumio, his Auntie.


A lifelong journey knows no bounds as fate would lead Alex and Teresita to meet across international land and sea. It all started in Saudi Arabia where both dabbled in the food industry exposing the two multi-cultural cuisines-- from exotic Arabian, Egyptian, Pakistani, Palestinian to Tunisian dishes. And it was only just the beginning of their continuous mastery of their craft.

Alex and Teresita, founders of Juan Carlo the Caterer
Alex and Teresita's wedding


Alex and Teresita fell in love and a year later tied the knot.


The two welcomed their son Juan Carlo del Rosario.

Juan Carlo del Rosario
Opening of Juan Carlo the Caterer


The del Rosarios would then return to the Philippines, applying the skills and craftsmanship they’ve learned in Saudi Arabia to open their new venture, Juan Carlo the Caterer.


As the culinary prowess of Juan Carlo the Caterer business would continue to grow, their list of clientele also grew. Being recognized as the superior and go-to catering company by serving celebrity clients one of which would be the Centennial Wedding of Senator Bong Revilla & Congresswoman Lani Mercado.

Centennial Wedding of Senator Bong Revilla & Congresswoman Lani Mercado
Juan Carlo the Caterer commissary


Backed by years of culinary craftsmanship, Juan Carlo continued to elevate experiences and dishes to its clientele-- a brand of luxury service combined with impeccable finer taste.

With that, a new commissary with state of the art facilities was established at the center of Batangas City in 2013.


A legendary name trusted for 25 years. At Juan Carlo, we're all about creating delectable dishes gastronomic epiphany, and stellar customer service using our 25-year experience, ingenious process, and personal approach. Whatever your needs may be, experience the culinary mastery that is the Juan Carlo way. From Weddings, Debuts, Special Occasions, to Corporate events, we ensure bespoke service for you.

Juan Carlo 25th anniversary