Wedding Food Catering: Cocktail Style Wedding Reception

What are the advantages of a cocktail style wedding?

  1. It has a more relaxed atmosphere
  2. There is freedom in planning it
  3. Budget-friendly menu
  4. Flexibility towards guests and hosts


Among the modern ways of planning a nuptial event which includes the wedding food catering, venue, program, and all, what appeals to couples these days (especially the youth) is the so-called cocktail wedding style.

It’s becoming more prevalent with its lax nature and affordability. But for some, they consider it as an informal way of executing a wedding reception. This is mostly because of its light atmosphere and the slight breakaway from the traditional wedding reception experience. Still, it attracts most lovers who are planning their wedding day. These are the advantages and the beauty of why weddings of the modern age would opt for this famous catering style:


It has a more relaxed atmosphere

It has a more relaxed atmosphere

Oftentimes, there is a slight pressure on the part of the coordinators and the guests on how they will act upon arriving at the reception area. Where will the guests sit? How will the coordinators instruct them on the program proper? These are just a few questions that pop up in their minds.

With a cocktail style wedding, there is no need to panic as guests are free to choose their own seating space. Table numbers and guests’ table assignments aren’t very strict. In fact, it is encouraged among guests that they sit where they are most comfortable so they could mingle with others while enjoying the rest of the wedding proper. If they feel hungry, they could go ahead and walk towards the designated food stations and have their fill of food. Otherwise, it is part of the catering that appetizers be passed around by the waiters when guests have settled down.

The couple or the wedding planners do not need to worry if their guests are confused about what to do or how to act as they wait for the program to start. The bride and groom can rest assured knowing that with a cocktail style wedding, there won’t be any pressure on their part or worries if their loved ones are doing alright.


There is freedom in planning it

Most of the time, during an appointment with the wedding food catering service who will provide for the reception, there will be packages of services and deals which you could avail. You could just discuss with the caterer on what goes with these promos and how best to arrange it. You can make a few tweaks and optimizations based on what you and your partner may or may not like. However, in requesting for a cocktail style arrangements, you are given the reins in planning everything goes over all. Your only limitation will be the lack of originality or perhaps the fear that you will overdo the whole thing.

Freedom in a cocktail style wedding can also be exercised on the program flow itself. You don’t have to do it in the boring, usual tradition. Rather, you can give it a twist or have it arranged in a different manner which best suits our program flow.


Budget-friendly food options

Budget-friendly food options

The highlight of a cocktail style wedding is the selection of food and how it is presented. This is entirely at your disposal as well. You can coordinate the menu with your caterer during the planning process. The cocktail style is known to have budget-friendly food offerings. The menu can range from chicken strips, grilled cheese combos, to sliders and sandwiches. You can even serve everyone’s comfort food of fries and ketchup on the side.

It’s budget friendly in a way that there are no requirements urging you to prepare a classy dinner if you don’t want to nor is it confining you to just this specific food theme alone. Just like a cocktail style’s purpose is to exercise the liberty to experiment and customize, so is it lenient towards food catering ideas. Mix and match casual potato fries with a fancy lobster menu if you must, the choice is entirely yours.


Flexibility towards guests and hosts

Flexibility towards guests and hosts

There are no awkward moments with a cocktail style wedding. You provide space for your guests to explore and be satisfied with their day. You give them the right to move at their own pace as long as it’s not interrupting the program flow. They could eat and drink at any time they want to, be sociable towards others, or be by themselves. You and your significant other can relax and enjoy your wonderful celebration without too much concern.


Key Takeaway

The cocktail style wedding is a fun idea you can do for your wedding. It seems to break away from tradition, but really, it just gives the dull, usual wedding reception a bit of a kick with an exciting twist!

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