5 Impressive Garden Venues To Celebrate A Debut

September 18, 2019

What are the best garden venues to celebrate a debut?

  1. Fernwood Gardens
  2. Glass Garden
  3. Sitio Elena
  4. Hanging Gardens
  5. Light of Love


For Filipina women, their eighteenth birthdays represent a significant milestone that deserves to be grandly celebrated. Therefore, no matter the intimacy of the celebration, toast for the debutant in a natural setting to remind her of the beauty that she is. Just like the flowers that surround you in a garden.

While Fernwood Gardens is one of the most sought after debut celebration spots in Tagaytay, wedding packages and debut packages are also available in Quezon, Pasig, and Rizal. To go further into detail, here are the best garden venues to celebrate a debut.


Fernwood Gardens

Fernwood Gardens

Nestled within a 5-hectare area near a picturesque ridge above Taal Lake, Fernwood Garden Tagaytay is arguably one of the most breathtaking celebration spots for debutantes. Many high-profile celebrities like Ms. Kathryn Bernardo have held their celebrations in the garden.

The beauty of nature and modern living luxury come together at another Fernwood Garden located in Sanville Subdivision, Quezon City. While Fernwood Gardens in Tagaytay can accommodate up to 150 guests, this majestic garden in Quezon City can hold up to 300 people. Which makes both venues suitable for grand affairs.


Glass Garden

Glass Garden is a picture-perfect venue that highlights green architecture. It is located in urban Manila, more specifically Barangay Santolan, Pasig City. The indoor garden is suitable for the country’s tropical weather. The iconic walls of frosted white and green glass, lofty ceilings, and plush garden landscapes fulfill every debutante’s dream of a garden celebration. The intricately designed spiral staircase allows the debutant to express her dreams of a grand and unforgettable dramatic entrance.

Moreover, the event venue can accommodate over 160 vehicles for the convenience of parking for all of the guests. Therefore, whether the celebration will be held during the day when it’s scorching hot or even if it rains heavily, the glass ceiling can protect the whole function room.


Sitio Elena

Sitio Elena

Located in Cainta Rizal, Sitio Elena is an events venue that offers nature’s best that will truly captivate senses. The venue boasts breathtaking man-made waterfalls and ponds amidst towering trees and lush landscaped surroundings. A debut celebration at Sitio Elena will definitely create timeless memories.

Sitio Elena is a fully air-conditioned glass pavilion with full white ceiling drapes and a carpeted stage. To make the venue even more convenient, the pristine place is WiFi-enabled.


Hanging Gardens

Located in Quezon City are the three grand reception venues in Hanging Gardens. Namely, the Paris, Luxembourg, and Lafayette gardens. Each venue can accommodate 200 guests. The Paris and Luxembourg gardens allow a combination of larger affairs with up to 400 guests. The gardens are fully air-conditioned and have separate restrooms and lobby entrances. Perform a grand entrance with two sets of intricately designed double doors. The Hanging Gardens is an iconic destination for wedding receptions and debut celebrations because of its alluring French-inspired structure.


Light of Love

Light of Love

The Secret Garden Estate is located in Quezon City near SM City, CenterPoint. It comprises of six venues: Love, Trust, Integrity, Loyalty, Cherish and the Atrium. The Light of Love is a modest open-air venue designed for an intimate debut celebration. The garden venue is wrapped in lights that look like floating lanterns amidst the dark night sky. Enjoy the debut with fresh air and a serene atmosphere that will preserve the solemnity of the event.


Key Takeaway

A girl only turns 18 once; therefore having an intimate or a grand celebration is necessary to honor the special day. Most services that offer wedding packages in Tagaytay provide the same generous packages for debut celebrations. Choose these venues and arrange every detail, and fulfill the debutante’s celebration she has constantly dreamed of.


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