15 Stand-out Debut Theme Ideas

What are unique theme ideas for a debut party?

  1. Kiddie Party
  2. Charity Debut
  3. Picnic at the Park
  4. Cosplay at a “Comic Convention”
  5. Enchanted Forest
  6. Tea Party
  7. Harry Potter
  8. Stranger Things
  9. Disco
  10. Cute Safari
  11. Avengers
  12. Gossip Girl
  13. K-pop
  14. The Greatest Showman
  15. Emo Po-Punk


When thinking of unique themes for a debut in the Philippines, wedding catering services can give many great suggestions. This is primarily because these catering services also offer packages for debuts – as well as corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. They’ve seen and served it all. From parties at grand ballrooms to local barangay covered courts, there is no place they would refuse to serve.

You can be sure that they’ve also seen many wonderful debut themes over the years. If you’re stumped and don’t know what theme to go for in order to stand out from the rest, then take a look at these suggestions from caterers:

Kiddie Party

1. Kiddie Party

This idea is great for two reasons: budget and childhood.

Who says that a debut has to be expensive? By holding your debut at home with fast food style meals, you and your family can save so much money. At the same time, it won’t be boring because no one really out grows a kiddie party. The food is delicious and the games are fun.

Sure, you could say that 18 is an age when most kids are considered to be adults. So why not celebrate one last day as a kid with an appropriately themed party?

A Charity Debut

2. A Charity Debut

A lot of less-fortunate kids have no means to celebrate their birthday with a huge bash. So here’s a suggestion, why not spend your debut budget to throw a party for them instead?

You can collaborate with an institution or your local barangay to set up a party in their establishment or at the local covered court. Be sure to hire awesome entertainment and have your caterer provide great food.

Not only will you show them a great time and make them feel special, but you will also feel like a princess in more ways than most maturing girls imagine. The laughter and joy that you will be giving these neglected children will fill your heart and make you feel like you’re making a big difference – and you will be.

Picnic at the Park

3. Picnic at the Park

Another great budget-friendly idea is an afternoon picnic/merienda at a park. There will be no need to spend on high-cost main course meals; only snacks. You can concentrate on having the caterer arrange a whole array of merienda bites in large amounts that will be sure to satisfy your guests’ cravings and leave them full.

The lighting outdoors is also really great, meaning you get to take good pictures with your close friends and families – a huge bonus to commemorate your party later on. Just be sure to choose a park with a wonderful view that would surely be Instagram-worthy. It could be at a scenic neighborhood park or one that is out of town with many natural wonders.

You can also up the picture game by investing in a Polaroid camera or you can rent out an Instagram printing service. Such a service will search for images with your assigned hashtag on the popular photo-sharing app and print it out on the spot. Both choices are a great way to get on the fly printer photos that will make your debut memorable, even though it’s fairly simple.

Cosplay at a “Comic Convention”

4. Cosplay at a “Comic Convention”

If you and your closest friends are nerds or nerds-at-heart, then this one is for you. Invite everyone to dress up as their favorite character and set up a venue to look like your very own comic convention. It will certainly be a treat for you and your friends to let go and bring characters from different universes to life.

The food can be superhero themed as well. Good examples would be a hulk burger with a green patty or drinks served in hero (or villain) tumblers.

An Enchanted Forest

5. An Enchanted Forest

Although debuts are usually held in a big function room, this usual classy hotel look is what makes all debuts look alike. To avoid this uniformity, why not go for the completely opposite look? You can hold your debut in a forest-y area – a park with a lot of trees – but still make it feel grand. In fact, this outdoor appeal may just be exactly what you need to feel like a princess.

With a complete enchanted forest look, you can make your debut look like a scene taken directly from a Disney movie. To do this, you must first pick a good location with very green plants and trees. Make sure it’s safe and easy to decorate. Then, have earthy decorations and food such as log seats and caramel apple desserts. Top it all off by asking your guests to come as fairies or any other enchanted creatures/characters.

Tea Party

6. Tea Party

Want to feel like Alice, who’s about to go on an adventure, on your 18th birthday? Then, a Tea Party is certainly what you want to do on your birthday!

For this, just set up a long table filled with cakes, cupcakes, and other kinds of sweets to go along with your favorite tea! You can hold this during the afternoon—which is the perfect time for high tea!

Harry Potter

7. Harry Potter

It’s time to bring out the magic spells! Decorate the walls with Hogwarts house banners, owl balloons, and Patronus stickers. And don’t forget to serve some butterbeer!

Stranger Things

Source: Pinterest

8. Stranger Things

The hit Netflix show brings horror and fun to your debut. Try to replicate the darkness of the TV series by holding the party at night. Light up the venue with some string lights and paint the words “Happy Birthday” eerily on the wall.

Of course, the party wouldn’t be complete without Eleven’s favorite waffles for dessert while 80’s music is playing on the background.


9. Disco

Not a fan of 80’s music? Then, let’s time travel to the 70’s!

Go ahead and bring out your dancing shoes. A Disco Party is all you need to become a Dancing Queen feeling the beat only 18!

Cute Safari

Source: mashable.com

10. Cute Safari

This debut style calls for the wild side of everyone! To make it more feminine and fun, invite your guests to come in their cutest animal onesies.


11. Avengers

The Avengers movie series from the MCU has delighted people of all ages. Your guests will surely be excited to celebrate your debut, dressed up as their favorite Marvel characters!

 Gossip Girl

Source: amazon.com

12. Gossip Girl

This popular teen drama was well known for having episodes that showcase preppy and high-end parties. Have one by hosting a classic and formal brunch, with white walls and decorations just like in episode 2.

 KPOP party

Source: mmo-champion.com

13. K-pop

Are you a self-declared K-pop fan? Then, you’d this theme!

Invite your friends and tell them to dress up as their favorite idols. Have an all Korean menu with a delicious barbecue that will make your guests’ mouths water. Of course, it won’t be complete without blasting some K-pop songs all night long!

The Greatest Showman

Source: YouTube

14. The Greatest Showman

Just like the movie, this theme combines the beauty of music, circus performances, and self-expression. Decorate the venue in red and white. Then, set up a karaoke stand for guests to sing their hearts out!

Emo Pop-Punk

15. Emo Pop-Punk

For a lot of 2000 kids, they spend their childhood listening to pop-punk bands such as Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Panic! at the Disco.

Just imagine blasting their songs all night long as you and your closest friends sing your heart out!


Key Takeaway

Thinking out of the box goes a long way to make your debut unique. With these simple ideas you can make sure your 18th birthday will be very memorable to your friends and family!

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