Get to Know the Different Alcoholic Drinks

6th October 2016

There are plenty of lovely locations in the Metro which are perfect for memorable gatherings such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. Fortunately, catering in Manila is abundant in this area as well. This ensures that you can easily organize parties in Metro Manila to celebrate different milestones in your life.

Aside from the location and food, you should also carefully consider the type of beverage you plan to serve for your party. After all, what is a celebration without drinks, right? Drinking alcohol is not all bad as long as you do it moderately. As a matter of fact, it alleviates stress and tension, enabling people to enjoy the moment. Before indulging, get to know your alcoholic drinks well enough first!


Vodka is known as a distilled spirit. It is created through distilling fermented grain such as corn or wheat. This beverage usually has an alcohol content of about 40% and it is often mixed with other alcoholic drinks to create cocktails. However, some people also prefer to drink vodka straight.  


When you ferment sugar cane juice or molasses, you create rum. It is strongly popular in numerous regions in Latin America and in the Caribbean region. Rum is best paired with Coca-Cola to enhance its flavor. You can also combine it with other ingredients to create a mojito. 



This alcoholic drink is another distilled beverage which is created by fermenting grain mash along with other ingredients such as barley, rye, corn, or wheat. Whiskeys are stored in charred barrels for a long time to boost its flavor. 


Brandy is sometimes interrelated with whiskey. What’s the difference? This one is created by distilling grapes or other fruit juices. The alcohol content may range between 35% and 60%.


Gin is made by distilling Juniper Berries. There are a hundred types of this alcoholic beverage in the world. Gin and tonic is one of the best combinations out there; this is also usually one of the ingredients used to create cocktails. 


Mexico brought numerous food and drinks to different parts of the world. One of their contributions is tequila. It is made out of Blue Agave plant; this drink derived its name from a city in Mexico. When drinking tequila shots, most people use salt plus lemon as the chaser. 



Known as one of the oldest fermented alcoholic beverage, beer has numerous sub types. They are ale, fruit beer, lager, sahti, and wheat beer. Ale is a type of beer which is brewed from malted barley with a minimal amount of yeast in it to give the drink a fruity flavor. Regardless of sub types, it’s best to drink beer as it is and while it’s chilled or iced.


Sake is a popular drink from Japan which is created through fermenting rice at a certain temperature. Pair it up with Japanese food to contrast its harsh alcoholic taste; it is guaranteed to make your meal more enjoyable.


The Philippines also has a famous alcoholic drink and it is called basi. It is made by fermenting sugarcane, which can be found in many provinces in the country.

Learning the different types of alcoholic beverages will not only allow you to know which drink to order when you’re out with friends, it will also give you the chance to plan which beverage will go best with the meals you intend to serve if ever you host a part. Just remember to drink alcohol moderately. Otherwise, it might affect your health negatively.

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