Know the 4 Most Common Types of Wine

13th September 2016

Calling all wine lovers, this post is especially for you! Wine is somewhat considered as a popular drink in various functions including weddings. In this regard, you will find that this drink is almost always served in wedding caterings in the Philippines and all over the world. Certainly, wines can help make this important celebration more memorable through their delightful taste.

If you are planning a wedding or any other important occasion, you should get to know the common types of wine. This will help you figure out which is best to serve in your event and which will go perfectly with the food you intend to serve. 

Wine is made through long hours of effort and numerous varieties of grapes. Europe, Australia, New Zealand, America, and some parts of Africa are the main distributors of this succulent drink. There are numerous flavors of wine, but below are its four main kinds. 

  1. Red

Black grapes are used to create delectable red wines out there. The flavors include fruity dry, herbal dry, and sweet flavors. It’s best to pair red wine with red meat, lamb, chicken, salmon, vegetables, and Japanese dishes.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon – made from mixed cabernet franc and merlot with an oak treatment. This is popularly considered as the best variety of red wine worldwide. Although it might taste tannic and strong, it is still amazing.
  • Pinot noir – known as the most decent red wine because its grapes are hard to grow, smooth, and rarely mixed. Think of this as the opposite of cabernet sauvignon because its flavor is certainly delicate, which plenty of people find very pleasant.


  1. White

White wine is typically made from green grapes and, sometimes, with black grapes. The tastes of white wines vary from smooth to rich, light to zesty, with dry and sweet flavors. White wines are best paired with salad, seafood, meat, pasta, and poultry.

  • Chardonnay – this is the most famous varietal drink under this category. Chardonnay is velvety, citrusy, and buttery. It is best paired with fish and chicken dishes.
  • Sauvignon blanc – Sauvignon blanc is lighter than chardonnay, giving an herbal feeling with bits of apple, melon, and mango flavors.
  1. Rosé

Rosé is made from black grapes which skins are removed, thus, its light color. Aside from black grapes, this type of wine can also be created through a combination of red and white wines, causing it to have dry, sweet, herbal, and fruity floral flavors.

  • Provence – the top pick when it comes to this type of wine is Provence. It tastes crisp and fresh, making it a perfect drink for almost any kind of food. 
  • Tavel – it is believed Tavel is Ernest Hemingway’s favorite rosé varietal. This one might be similar to a classic red wine because of its nutty and strong fruity taste. 


  1. Sparkling

Sparkling wine is another type of wine. This is made through a series of secondary fermentation which causes bubbles. It can be red, white, or rosé wine with a strong and sweet flavor.

  • Champagne – This is the most popular sparkling wine and it is made through a mixture of chardonnay, pinot meaner, and pinot noir. Its exquisite taste makes it one of the most remarkable sparkling wines. 
  • Asti – muscat grapes from Italy are used to make asti. This type of sparkling wine tastes sweet. 

Wine has been proven to provide numerous health benefits, especially for the heart. This alcoholic beverage is certainly a great alternative to the usual liquors served in important events. Try any of the wines stated above to see which suits your preference the best and which will go perfectly with the food that you want to prepare on your event. Just remember to budget well because wine can be quite expensive!

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