Awesome Bachelor Party Ideas

14th May 2017

Strip clubs for bachelor parties are so old school. Unless that’s actually what you and your groomsmen want and your wife-to-be is comfortable with it – in that case, it’s your choice. Much like wedding catering packages and reception venues, you have plenty of other options for your bachelor party other than the traditional. Here are a few suggestions that are bound to be just as fun, if not more.


Game Night

A HUGE percentage of men love games. If you’re one of those people, and each of your friends are too, then this could be the perfect sendoff from singlehood to marriage. Gather your friends, grab a couple of cold ones to enjoy (cold beer, not cold friends), and some of your favourite games. Whether you’ll be battling each other out for first place or teaming up is up to you. Just be sure to bring a large number of snacks to munch on and some extra drinks in case you run out.

Sports Night

In the Philippines, Basketball is the go-to sport to almost every man in the country. Besides the love of watching the sport in screens everywhere, there’s nothing like the rush of adrenaline you get from actually playing the spirit. If you’re a player yourself, take the opportunity to rent a court and dribble and shoot to your heart’s content all night. Food and drink supplies should obviously be provided for as well.

Other people prefer a different sport altogether such as football or archery, but the concept is the same. Rent a place where you can drink and play the night away.

Barbeque and Ribs

What’s manlier than lean meat? They say that when you’re able to grill a mean piece of meat, you’re a real man. If you wish to put it to the test, gather around the grill and cook the best barbeque of your lives. In fact, to make it more interesting, go against your best man in a cook-off and see who makes the best barbeque and ribs.

Side Note: If you can’t cook to save your life, that’s really no reason for you to be considered any less manly. You may want to take this opportunity to learn though.

Travel/Road Trips

There’s nothing like the feeling of spending quality time with your bros by going on a long drive with them to wherever you want. Be sure to take a lot of photos, bring a lot of beer, and exercise every measure of precaution because stranger danger is real. Also have a designated driver or hire someone so you don’t put yourselves and others at risk by driving drunk.


These ideas will keep your last moments of engaged life memorable. No matter how you choose to celebrate, always remember to keep the brotherhood you share with your friends in the years to come.


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