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    10 Warning Signs of a Bridezilla


    Getting married soon? As a bride-to-be, it is inevitable that you want your wedding day to be perfect, or close to perfect as it can be. You’ve set up wedding catering in Manila for the reception (because we know that food is important for the guests), haved asked your friends as the bridesmaids, and reserved the church of your dreams as the venue where you will exchange vows with your significant other.

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    It’s stressful, yes, especially when there are obstacles in your way while you’re planning. Stress combined with control issues, overwhelming emotions, and temper tantrums can turn almost any bride into a bridezilla, which can lead to complications. Here are 10 signs that say you have crossed the bridezilla territory:

    1.      You are going way over your allotted wedding budget.

    2.      You give a one-hour long monologue each time someone asks “How are the wedding plans going?”

    3.      The tiniest difference in details can send you over the edge.

    4.      Your conversations with other people turn into a shouting match especially when they suggest something that contradicts with your ideas.

    5.      You fired one of the bridesmaids because she is pregnant and her large tummy will ‘ruin’ the pictures on your wedding day.




    6.      You begin to go on a crash diet and the gym is your new best friend.

    7.      You don’t have time for anyone or anything else, even your work.

    8.      You stick too much to your vision to the point that you don’t even bother pretending to care about practicality and the sake of others.

    9.      Your wedding planner, caterer, bridesmaids, the cake designer and basically everyone who is helping you with your wedding are not answering your calls and e-mails anymore.

    10. You are starting to neglect your fiancé.

    Of course, not every bride becomes like this. However, if some of these signs hit too close to home, take a step (make it steps, if it’s worse) back and breathe. Lay off the pre-nuptial preparations for a moment then assess your attitude recently. Go for a nice, long walk so you can calm your inner monster down, because that monster only has the right to appear at most only once a month and absolutely not on your wedding day. Weddings may only last a few hours but that event will live on in photos, in your memories, and on your new life as the wife of your beloved.

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    If you feel like you have entered bridezilla mode already, ask someone like your mother or your sister or even your fiancé. Their honest opinions will make you realize if you may have gone too far with things already. When the day of the wedding comes, avoid imagining how’s everything is going to be and embrace the possibility that some things may not go according to plan. Besides, you already planned and prepared to the best of your abilities so it’s up to the others to carry out the rest. What’s important is your and your betrothed’s friends and family have gathered together to celebrate a very special day. Be remembered as the beautiful, radiant bride on that day, and not as bridezilla.