11 Edible Wedding Giveaways

February 18, 2016

Wedding Catering Cake in Jar

What are good edible wedding favors?

  1. Ice cream
  2. Personalized liquor
  3. Caramel apples
  4. Cake in a jar
  5. Chocolates
  6. Fruity treats
  7. Popcorn
  8. Marshmallow sandwiches/cookies
  9. Brownies
  10. Candy
  11. Personalized cookies

Whether it be company events with corporate catering or fancy, dream-like weddings, it’s no secret that guests love eating the dishes served and receiving giveaways. What if we tell you that you can combine them? You can also give out food items as giveaways and souvenirs, especially on your wedding day.

With the right kind of caterer and these suggestions it, you can give your guests another set of memorable sweet and fabulous treats aside from than the event itself. With tons of savory options, give a delicious edible favor as your wedding thank you. Check out these 7 crowd-pleasing favorites:

Caramel Apples

These aren’t your typical stall created caramel apples; they are tailored for your special day. Most of these are formed in a shape of a bride and a groom, they’re pretty gorgeous to the point you wouldn’t want to eat them actually. The bride is dressed with white chocolate, while the groom is cloaked in a dark and white chocolate tuxedo.

Cake in a Jar

Usually guests are already very full by the end of the night, hence some wedding cakes remain untouched. The best way to let them have a taste of your wedding cake is by sending some cake-in-a-jar. Surely your guests will feel happy that they can end the night on a sweet note.


Love and chocolates are always synonymous and with hand-made chocolates that are rich in flavor, you wouldn’t need more than two.  Personalize your chocolates with your monogram, logo or any design which represents the bride and groom. You can simply pack them in cute boxes, then voila; you’ve got the sweetest treat in the world.

Wedding giveaway cookies by Petit Gateau. Photo by Cheryl Joy Miner
Wedding giveaway cookies by Petit Gateau. Photo by Cheryl Joy Miner

Personalized Cookies

Who doesn’t love this pastry? Add a little kick to your cookies by making it more personal and special. Use your favorite flavor like, for example, chocolate-covered Oreos; then style them up with pretty candy hearts. Be imaginative and use your creative juices to decorate your cookie souvenir. Plenty of your guests will definitely be happy.

Ice Cream

You can use your names as the brand of the ice cream and that’s pretty awesome. Go for a single-serving ice cream cup and create your very own custom blend, there are plenty of flavors to choose from. And you can even go crazy with the mix-ins and toppings you’d want to include.

Personalized Liquor

End the night with a toast! Customize your very own mini sparkling wine, vodka or champagne. Be stylish and decorate the bottles with tags and ribbons that match your color palette. There is a variety of liquor you can choose from seasonal drinks to Bourbon-infused drinks.

Fruity Selections

After a night filled with fried appetizers, indulgent entrees and an abundance of sweets, your guests may appreciate taking home a healthy giveaway. With a wide selection of fruits to choose from, you can pick one then have it imprinted with the design of your choice. Also, you can add a ‘thank you’ message on the back for that personal touch.


Who doesn’t love popcorn? People eat this popped snack everywhere: in the movie house, at home, at parties, and even at your wedding. But if you’re going to give this as a wedding favor, then avoid the common flavors to make it special. One perfect example would be Garrett’s signature mix, which is a combination of caramel and cheese flavored popcorn. Your guests will love this marriage of savory and sweet just as much as yours. No matter what unique flavor you choose, pick out a small and stylish packaging, buy a lot of these, and stuff some popcorn in them and you are good to go.

Marshmallow Sandwiches

Not only are marshmallow sandwiches (or cookies) an unconventional treat, but also it’s made with zero preservatives which make it a healthier option than many others. It comes in flavors such as raspberry hibiscus and spiked espresso, which is fun for both adults and younger guests.

Pair this up with a chocolate bar and you have the perfect food station for a cold wedding. Enjoying this with a hot cup of cocoa with a marshmallow sandwich may be all you need to make your celebration memorable (but of course you wouldn’t want your guests to remember your wedding just because of the food).


Not all your guests will be so free to enjoy unlimited sweets. In fact, most of them probably have dietary restrictions; with some even having their life depend on it. For the sake of their health, you may want to go for favors that can please both them and the free-spirited. Such a flexible treat is the brownie. These yummy delicacies remain delicious no matter what form they are in; whether they are sweetened, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, or kosher. Just find a caterer or baker that can slay the brownie game no matter what dietary restrictions there may be.


Giving out an assortment of candy at your wedding is a great way to give a favor that is both stylish and easy to share. Thus, this is a great option when you know a lot of couples will be attending. After a long day at your celebration, all the couples will be able to share the candy with each other and keep their energy up as they make their way home. Just be sure you know exactly who is bringing a plus one. You don’t want two single guests awkwardly finding that they are meant to share one set of candies.  For these guests, give them a smaller serving they can enjoy for themselves.

Key Takeaway

Today’s modern age gives us the opportunity to be more innovative and creative with everything. You should take advantage of this and make your wedding a unique experience. Thus, you should try something new and fun when you are pondering on which edible giveaway you should have. The list above will help you to think about which one is perfect for you.


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