Manila Wedding Catering: Quality Wedding Catering Services and Other Little Details that would Make Your Wedding more Awesome

Partaking in the vow of matrimony is one of the most memorable and most precious experiences any person could have in their life. It not only celebrates their love for their spouse-to-be, but also signals the beginning of their lives together as one family.

Essentially, all of these and more are being signified in a successful wedding ceremony. Admittedly, a successful wedding should also entail preparing for other details, such as the venue, the entourage, and also the food items to be served by your chosen wedding catering service in Manila.

All of these details should be properly planned out beforehand, in order for things to run smoothly on your wedding. Planning the venue, theme, decorations, invitations, and wedding catering menu takes a good number of months, before the big day, which means every detail is crucial.

But you shouldn’t neglect the smaller details, for they could easily make or break your whole wedding experience. They can easily make your family and guests go “wow!” which might even inspire them to do it in their own wedding ceremony as well.

These small details can vary from sincere personal touches to unique wedding gifts and favors. To give you a few examples, here are some of the small details that will elevate your wedding to a whole new experience:

  1. Family and Guest Photos

    A nice and subtle personal touch that you can add to your wedding is by placing the personal pictures of each guest in their respective seating assignments. This would not only make it easier for them to look for their seats, but it also gives your wedding that small detail that makes it feel extra special.

  2. A Grand Entrance

    As they say, first impressions count a lot. While the whole venue and the altar are some of the most eye catching parts of the wedding ceremony, having a beautiful entrance to your wedding would give it that special feel that really signifies how important the event is for the couple and their family.

    Adding some elaborate decorations, along with a beautiful arch of flowers on top, would make a really great first impression that your guests would love.

  3. Get the Music Going

    One of the best ways to energize your guests during the wedding reception is by playing some good and fun music. You can hire a DJ to play a nice collection of hit songs, or go with a live band for a more authentic and genuine feel. You can also hire a wedding singer to serenade all of you, especially during your first dance.

    Music makes people move and dance, which will give your wedding reception a positive and celebratory mood.

  4. Share Your Story

    Another great way to add some sweetness factor during the wedding reception is by sharing a few bits of your story as a couple. There are many creative ways to share your story. For example, you can share your story through pictures that have short captions that tell the events behind it.

    You can place these pictures near the entrance of the venue, or place it on a wall for all the people to see. You can even place one picture in each of the tables and have the guests piece it out. This is a nice way for your guests to know more about the couple and their journey to getting married.

  5. Fancy Guest Rooms

    Programs are the perfect way to guide the guests on the things happening during the whole event. Since you are going to print a good number of them to your family and guests, why not give them some extra functionality and purpose?

    As a suggestion, you can add popsicle sticks to your guest programs to turn them into fans to keep the guests cool during a warm day. Adding some functionality to your guest programs would make them more interesting, and can help them turn to be a wonderful souvenir.

  6. Sentimental Bouquet

    The wedding bouquet is one of the highlights of the wedding ceremony. This wonderful combination of colorful and beautiful flowers will be passed on to a potential bride-to-be.

    If you want to add a nice personal touch, you can add a short message to whoever receives it. You can also add some wonderful nods to your relationship and your family by adding some keepsake photographs on your bouquet (just remember to remove them before throwing it to the bridesmaids).

  7. Advice / Prediction / Message Cards

    After the wedding, there are so many possibilities that could happen to your future. With that in mind, you can ask your family and guests to give out some advice, suggestions, and predictions on what could happen in the future.

    To handle all of this, you can add a box filled with cards wherein they can write some nice messages, pieces of wise advice, and some suggestions for the things to come.

    You can also add questions to these cards. For example, you can ask your guests what would be the best place to spend your family vacation during your first Christmas together, or you could even ask for possible names of your child.

  8. Throwback Photos

    Similar to sharing your story, you can also share your pictures when you were still children. You can show those adorable and awkward photos to your guests, which give them a glimpse of your life as a child and as a teenager.

  9. Add a Photobooth (and a photo wall)

    Nowadays, seeing photo booths during parties and social gatherings has become a more common sight than before. This is because adding a photo booth in your wedding reception would allow you and your guests to be able to have a nice keepsake during the event in the form of photographs. You can add a photo wall and some creative props as well, for the complete effect.

  10. Cover the Event

    With the latest technology available today, it has now become easier to take photographs and videos of events, including weddings. If you want to capture all of the memorable events in your wedding ceremony and reception, it is best to hire a photographer and videographer.

    Here’s a bonus tip: With someone already covering the wedding ceremony, it is advisable to inform the guests in advance to refrain from using their own cameras during the event, to prevent any obstructions to the view of the rest of the guests.

  11. Get Creative with Table Numbers

    Make table numbers interesting by making it more fun and exciting. You can add a personal message or give some fun facts about you and your partner to get your guests talking during the reception.

    By adding some creativity to this simple element, you would be adding more life to your wonderful wedding reception.

  12. Personalized Invitation Cards

    Handing out invitations is one of the most classic wedding traditions. Sending them all out to your guests gives you that exciting feeling of anticipation, considering it is an indicator that the wedding is bound to happen within a few months.

    In order to have a personal and creative twist to your wedding invitations, you could put a personal message in each invite. These simple notes would make it feel more special and sincere. Your guests would definitely appreciate this kind of small and sincere gesture.

  13. Give Your Chairs Some Style

    One of the more overlooked details in a wedding ceremony and reception is the design of the chairs. Depending on the theme, it is best to give your chairs a good amount of style and flair by adding some nice decorations like flowers and ribbons. These would enhance the look of your reception while also keeping up with the theme and atmosphere of the special event.

  14. Turn Up The Lights

    One important element that can dictate the atmosphere and feel of your wedding ceremony and reception is the lighting. Having lighting that is consistent with the theme would help set the mood of the entire event. Lighting can evoke a sense of intimacy, or even evoke a warm and inviting vibe, which could give out a calm atmosphere.

  15. Get a Quality Wedding Catering Service

    The wedding reception is considered a day/night of great food, music, and the all-important first dance of the newly-wedded couple. One of the first things that your guests would look forward to is the delicious and diverse cuisine that will be served at your wedding.

    There are many different kinds of wedding foods that can be served, depending on the theme. To make sure that you are able to give your guests quality dishes, it is best to get a quality wedding catering service that can also help you with setting up some parts of your wedding reception.

    Remember that by having a quality wedding food catering service ensures you that your guests would experience the best service that will make your wedding reception experience much better.

These little details may not look like much at a glance, but they are the small things that would make your wedding an awesome one that people will remember for a long time. If you are looking for a quality wedding caterer trusted by many, then choose Juan Carlo!

Truly Extraordinary: Wedding Caterings in Manila by Juan Carlo

Experience an extraordinary wedding brought to you by the number one Manila wedding catering service, because everyone deserves to have their fairy-tale happy ending. Juan Carlo delivers the finest Manila catering service tailored to every clientele’s taste, in order to help them achieve their fantasy filled and glamorous wedding.

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There is so much pressure on the bride and the groom to make the whole ceremony and reception perfect. It is the duty of the caterer and other service providers hired to execute the wishes of the couple and make sure everything goes as planned.


Of course, not all providers can deliver. This is why it is important to invest on an experienced catering service provider. Catering is more than just good food – Juan Carlo promises to deliver the whole package, including excellent service during the event. From the food to servers and top class venues, we can help you achieve your dream wedding in its maximum grandeur and lavish potential.


More than Just Delectable Food


A full dining experience is more than just about the appetizing food. Hiring a Manila wedding catering service for highly important events has become the norm not only because better food is served and it is much less hassle for the couple, but because several providers can offer a full packaged experience. This allows the newlyweds to call the shots for what will be served before the wedding, then sit back and enjoy their special day without any worries.

When it comes to the reception, there are plenty of factors to consider. First is the venue, beautifully decorated to fit your chosen theme. Next is the careful preparation of the food, as well as its meticulous presentation. These can only be executed perfectly by a skillful staff, which include courteous waiters who will tend to your guests.

You can be assured that Juan Carlo will work closely with you to ensure that these factors suit your liking and are up to your standards.

Turn your Dream Wedding into Reality – Choose Juan Carlo

We from Juan Carlo want nothing more than to be able to help you turn your fantasy wedding into reality. We have a long history of making dream weddings come true, from the much talked about surprise proposal/wedding of renowned actors Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi to the wedding of Megastar Sharon Cuneta.

We have constantly delivered nothing but high-quality service for over 10,000 life-changing weddings, including some of which have gone down in history as the best wedding celebrations in the Philippines. The wedding services we provide are our pride and joy – we want nothing more than to give you one of the most magical nights of your life.

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Kick off your road to forever with the grandest event imaginable, made possible by Juan Carlo. Let’s work together to create your dream wedding. Don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us your wishes, so we can discuss how to make them come true with an agreed-upon budget and time frame!

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