5 Small Party Venues In Manila

August 22, 2022

5 Small Party Venues In Manila

What are the best small party venues in Manila?

  1. Blue Leaf Events Pavilion
  2. Fernwood Gardens
  3. One Canvas Makati
  4. Glass Garden
  5. Casa Aguilar

In choosing a perfect venue for a party, we always consider how big the space is. Finding one with just enough space is important for other considerations, such as your guest list and entertainment options.

And sometimes, we just want a small venue to host an intimate gathering with friends and loved ones. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, corporate, or farewell party, a small venue is still enjoyable for everyone!

So if you’re looking for the best small party venues in Manila, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top picks:

Blue Leaf Events Pavilion

The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion in Taguig City is set in a sleek and modern Asian design. This small party venue is perfect for those who are looking for an inviting and resort-style venue for any occasion. 

It has three pavilions: Jade Pavilion, which can cater to up to 200 guests at 280 square meters; the Silk Pavilion which can hold up to 280 guests at 380 square meters with its octagonal space; and the largest one is the Banyan Pavilion, which can accept 300 to 500 guests.

Each pavilion is fully air-conditioned for relaxing and comfortable small gatherings with private spaces for VIPS.

Fernwood Gardens

Also known as one of the most popular debut venues in Metro Manila, Fernwood Gardens is another one of our recommended small party venues, located in Quezon City. 

This venue has a classic elegant atmosphere, thanks to its artfully decorated event halls filled with floral gardens, delicate decorations, and water brook features. This venue remains to be the best garden wedding and events venue in the Philippines.

Fernwood Gardens’ event halls can hold up to 300 guests, but it can also be customized for smaller guest lists. This makes it perfect for either small or big events! Fernwood Gardens gives you regal beauty and a luxurious feeling that will be memorable for every guest.

One Canvas Makati

One Canvas Makati

Looking for the best small party venue in Manila for your dream event? If you’ve been to Makati City, you’ll know how glamorous the city is. And, many venues offer the same beauty this city does — such as One Canvas Makati!

This venue has an industrial style that can match just about any modern event, including your wedding or debut. Aside from this ambiance, it also offers what they call a “blank canvas” for those who decide to rent it out, which is perfect for those who want to flex their creativity when organizing their event. 

And, it has enough space to comfortably accommodate up to 300 guests! This may just be the perfect venue for your friends and family to enjoy your upcoming event. 

When looking for a small venue in Manila, you should take time to consider the ample space and versatility that One Canvas Makati offers you!

The Glass Garden

If you’re looking for something with lush greenery, then The Glass Garden is the perfect venue for your party event. With its green architectural design, lush tropical walls, and delicate flora and water features, this venue brings you closer to nature. 

This venue is inspired by the design and aesthetics of the classic English greenhouse, so it’s perfect for elegant themes as well. 

This venue offers two fully air-conditioned venues, 40-foot ceilings, parking facilities, a spiral staircase, and elevated platforms. Your small event can be more enjoyable if you book it at The Glass Garden.

Casa Aguilar 

Casa Aguilar 

Casa Aguilar features a magnificent dome, massive patio, and elegant Victorian Mansion, making it a go-to events venue in Las Piñas City. This charming spot is ideal for all kinds of events, such as birthday parties, weddings, debuts, and even intimate get-togethers. 

Casa Aguilar offers three options for your event needs. The first is De Lanai, which can hold up to 70 people and is set in a formal room in between the venue’s lanai, lawn, and dome. This area is perfect for your guests to sit back and relax in the formal style of the living and dining rooms. There’s a rustic barn that can conveniently serve your guests on the far end of the room, too.

The next is Piazza de Lydia, which can accommodate 100 to 150 guests. Set in a dome on the far end of this Victorian-style mansion, the Piazza de Lydia gives you the creative freedom to style your events. It evokes a sense of elegance with its royal blue roof, flower-like drapes, and white walls. It also beautifully blends Spanish classicism, Venetian, and Grecian aesthetics.

The last is Patio Filemon, which can be seen from the patio and the beautifully landscaped, classic garden, is the largest formal room in this venue. It has flower beds, Grecian urns, and foundations of classic Spain that are marvelous for evening events!

Key Takeaway

Bigger venues don’t always mean better events. That’s why here at Juan Carlo, we have a variety of venues to choose from, including the best small venues in Manila. 

Here at Juan Carlo, we partner with these events places in Manila to provide excellent catering services for anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events, and weddings! We can turn your celebration into success as we make sure that your experience with us is truly unforgettable! We got you!

Our service also offers delicious menus that cater to the different tastes and demands of our clients. At our competitive prices, we make sure to transcend your expectations. Click here to make a reservation! 


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