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Fernwood Gardens

is an events space located in Sanville Subdivision, Quezon City. It has 4 venues: Fernwood Gardens, which can hold up to 300 people; Coral Tree Garden, which can accommodate until 350 people; The Courtyard Gardens, which can take until 250 people, and Cycad Garden, which is capped at 250 people.

Numerous events of all kinds have been held here – weddings, promenades, kid’s parties, Christmas parties, and the like. The beauty of nature and the luxury of modern living come together in this venue to ensure that the backdrop for any and all events held here are sure to be an unforgettable treat.

Partnered with Fernwood Gardens QC is Juan Carlo – an esteemed, multi-award winning caterer whose accolades include those from 1Esplanade, the Wedding Congress, the Wedding Fair and even The Big Banquet. Their years of excellent service are matched only by their equally well-prepared dishes.

"Juan Carlo The Caterer works hand in hand to make your dream events"

Fernwood Quezon City

Fernwood Gardens remains to be the best garden wedding and events venue in the Philippines. With new landscapes, structures and features introduced, Fernwood Gardens continue to become the premiere dream venue with incomparable visions and magnificence.

Fernwood Gardens remains to revel at the distinction of the best garden wedding venue in the Philippines unmatched by any other, and one of the most renowned within Asia. The popularity of Fernwood Gardens is evident over the Media and over the Internet.


Professional, competent and trustworthy these three words defines Juan Carlo. Aside from their outstanding performance in banquet and catering industry, this company is full of passionate individuals which reflects the establishment’s success.

Fernwood Quezon City

Laurel Wreath


  • Fernwood Gardens Christmas Party
  • Fernwood Gardens Kiddie Party
  • MS Bambi-Birthday Celebration
  • Julia Montes's Debut


  • The Big Banquet 4: Best Main Dish
  • The Big Banquet 4: Best Service
  • The Big Banquet 4: Best Set Up
  • The Big Banquet 3: Best Service
  • The Big Banquet 3: Best Set Up


Julia Montes

"I'm the kind of person who really has a hard time making decisions... I admire them, that's why I'm so grateful to Tito Alex because they really got my suggestions and they were able to visualize what I wanted to happen."

Julia Montes


"You exceeded our expectations and we couldn't thank you enough for giving us the best day of our life! It was not perfect, it was far from that. But it was everything we prayed for. Kudos guys!"

Mr. & Mrs. Mase

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