7 Things You Should Consider When Planning a Debut

March 31, 2020

What are the factors you should consider when planning a debut?

  1. Theme Is Your Guiding Light
  2. Organize Your Budget
  3. Venue, Catering, Lights & Sounds, Host
  4. Gown / Outfits, Decoration, Cake, Entertainment, Invitations
  5. Photo Booths, Mobile Bars, Souvenirs
  6. Get The Guest List Together
  7. Keep The Memories Forever


It’s finally the time when the baby truly becomes a lady. In this greatest, most memorable celebration in her life, everything should come together to create the event of her dreams! Much like a mini version of wedding preparations, you need to make sure that everything goes perfect and that every detail is given close attention. All this is needed to make that magical evening spring to life as she comes of age and blossoms. Here are some things you should consider when planning a debut to make it a night she won’t soon forget.


Theme Is Your Guiding Light

A debutante and her close friend enjoying her night

As you start to imagine what grand night you have prepared for your dearest debutante, set it all to one unifying theme. This should really get the ball rolling for your planning, as everything is strongly anchored to it. The venue and color schemes, the food, the outfits, the entertainment, the invites, just about everything aligns with the theme. It makes the entire evening feel cohesive and well-planned, even for the guests.


Organize Your Budget

To put together a successful debut celebration, you need to prioritize your budget. Always spend on the essentials first before booking all the add-ons your suppliers offer. If you’re tight on budget, be honest. A professional catering service can adapt their services to your needs. Here is a basic tier list we’ve put together of essentials you need to consider for your budget.


Tier 1: Venue, Catering, Lights & Sounds, Host

A catering set up in a debut

These are the essentials. Of course, the bulk of your costs will go to securing a venue for your event, and guests will definitely need to be fed. The catering must be spectacular, so don’t scrimp on the food! Catering services usually offer tables and chairs with skirting so that it hits two birds with one stone.

A technical supplier should supply all the microphones and lighting you need to keep the program afloat, coupled with a professional host who can navigate the evening’s activities from start to finish. They should also be able to keep the audience engaged all night long. Make sure to tick all of these boxes before spending on the rest.


Tier 2: Gown / Outfits, Decoration, Cake, Entertainment, Invitations

Next up are things that make a debut special. The belle of the ball will definitely want to turn heads and look amazing for her special night. Having a gown custom-made must be planned months in advance. This is to get the right fit and the design that she will be happiest with. Aesthetics are one of the major things you should consider when planning a debut, so make sure you decorate in theme and beautify the venue for great photos.

Then comes the beautiful cake as a birthday tradition and the centerpiece of the event during the candle blowing. After that, conceptualize the right kind of entertainment to get the crowd into the celebration. Choose one that can also let the debutante express herself by having the music that she truly enjoys. Next, look to send out invitations that fit your theme. This is a must-have to fill your seats – make sure it’s well-designed on elegant paper to entice your guests to come in their best and to set the tone way before the festivities start.


Tier 3: Photo Booths, Mobile Bars, Souvenirs

A group of friends saying cheers

If you feel that you want to splurge and add some cool items to the debut, then these are great ideas. Photo booths and souvenirs can be taken home as a memory of this special night, but if the first two tiers are delivered fantastically then you’ll have made the night special anyway. The memories themselves are precious in the minds of the guests.


Get The Guest List Together

This is where a lot of the work is cut out for you. Your daughter would want to have all the important people in her life together in one room on this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Get this sorted out early. Plan who are part of her 18’s (candles, roses, treasures) and who sits in the VIP table. Also, send out the invites as soon as possible to lock in their calendars.

Another pro tip: get her closest friends in on the planning. They know her very well and can point out stuff that she likes and doesn’t like from the early stages. Spruce up your program with their own ideas of how to make it more meaningful and entertaining.


Keep The Memories Forever

A female event photographer

Don’t forget to document everything professionally with a pro video and photo supplier. This is her once-in-a-lifetime moment to transition into an important stage in her life. She would want to have something to cherish and relive this magical evening that you have whipped up for her in the years to come.


Key Takeaway

These are just some of the most important factors that you need to take into consideration when planning a debut. Ensure that your little girl’s special day is unforgettable with the help of professional catering services in Manila. They only turn eighteen once, so make the most out of this grand celebration!


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