21st Birthday Party Ideas For Guys

January 2, 2020

What are birthday ideas for guys turning 21?

  1. Host a House Party
  2. Do Charity Work in Your Community
  3. Throw a Black Tie Soiree
  4. Hold a Rooftop Party


Whether you want to celebrate and keep things light or go all out and have fun, ensure there will be sufficient food and drinks for everyone. Take the debut planning process and tweak it according to your preference. Scratch 18 roses and increase 18 shots to 21. From throwing a house party to a black-tie soiree with a buffet setup, here are some birthday party ideas for the guys turning 21!


Host a House Party

A group of friends having fun at a house party

Unlike having a party at a restaurant or a bar, you have full control of everything during a house party. The drinks, food, lights, and even music. A house party will give you the freedom to celebrate however you want to. With that, you should plan for the party to prevent it from ending disastrously. Here are a few things you must remember when throwing a house party.


Set the vibe with mood lights

Rent strobe lights or ring party lights to set the right mood. Take inspiration from your local dance club or bar and incorporate the vibe into the area of your house you wish to set up. A disco ball should do perfectly if you are going to set up a dancefloor where everyone can enjoy dancing the night away!

Line up the booze

Plan alcoholic drinks, fruit punches, and other beverages you wish to serve. Before you hit your local liquor store, make sure you consider the attendance of your guests. Prevent having to run back to the store because the drinks are not sufficient for everyone celebrating your birthday with you.

Establishing house rules

Make sure to establish house rules. Prevent your guests from visiting the rooms they are not supposed to. Another house rule that you should be firm upon is cleaning as they go. With this, you maintain the cleanliness of your house and avoid having to clean the morning after.

Have a party playlist

Of course, what is a house party without a great playlist? If you are not hiring a DJ, make sure to set up your sound system and test it to prevent technical difficulties later on. Queue songs beforehand and make sure at least one person will man the sound system to adjust the song as well as the volume if necessary.

Come up with drinking games

There are plenty of drinking games you can find online. From beer pong, flip cups, to card games, make sure to allocate space, especially for the games. This way, the dancefloor, the game area, the bar, and buffet tables are separate from one another. It will be easier for you to handle each area.


Do Charity Work in Your Community

A young man holding a box of donations with his volunteer friends in the background

Are you into community service and love volunteer work? Holding a small charitable event in your community or within your chosen institution remains a great way to celebrate your manhood. Choose to hire a catering service to provide food for your invitees. Regardless of whether the attendees are adults or children, a local caterer will be able to provide you with a suitable menu. Finally, invite your family and friends over to help you with the activities you have planned for the attendees from the charitable institution. Indeed, there is no better way to celebrate your birthday than with the people you love while doing charity work for your community!


Throw a Black Tie Soiree

A man in a black suit and tie

If you cannot think of a manlier version for a debut, you can call your formal celebration a black-tie soiree or black-tie event. A black-tie soiree is an event wherein every male is mandated to wear black bow ties or neckties. The event originated in British and American conventions during the 19th century wherein the dress codes were often tuxedos, dinner suits, or dinner jackets with black ties. Moreover, it is a semi-formal Western dress code for formal evening events. For women, they typically wear muted-colors like beige, gray, or midnight blue. Similar to a regular debut celebration, you can begin with a grand entrance, have a song and dance performance, and of course an after-party!


Hold a Rooftop Party

A group of friends taking a selfie at a rooftop party

Rent a rooftop space or make use of your connections to score that spot for free on your special day! It does not matter how you acquire the space, the thing that matters the most is how you will maximize the area to accommodate your guests. Apart from the headcount to ensure the rooftop area can house your guests, prioritize the buffet table setup. You can either have cocktail tables or the normal 8-seater tables and a long buffet table for all the viands as well as beverages.


Key Takeaway

Growing into the next phase of adulthood could either be a huge pressure or relief for men. A young man’s 21st birthday is no ordinary birthday. It is a significant turning point for a boy to turn into a young adult. He is now able to legally partake in adult activities. With that, ensure the safety of the birthday celebration with these wholesome birthday party ideas for guys!


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