Fragrance and Flavor: Edible Flowers

February 16, 2016

wedding catering edible flower

Flowers are a common sight to see on cakes of different flavors; one might even say this sweet treat won’t be complete without a flower decor or two. While you can opt for the usual sugar, gum paste or marzipan flowers, why not mix it up and use real, fresh ones for your cakes? In fact, why limit it to cake when you can use it on your favorite dishes used for your wedding catering in Manila? Check out these blooms which aren’t just going to add beauty, but also taste – literally.


Locally known as Gumamela, the hibiscus has long been a favorite among children. Often times, it is the flower teachers request their students to bring for their Botany class, as it’s the most common complete flower in the country. But did you know that the Hyacinth is actually edible? In fact, in other countries its calyx is enjoyed as a snack. If you’d like to use this gorgeous blossom for your wedding, feel free to mix in the petals into your fruit salads or to decorate your cake, just remember to remove the pollen first. You can even serve it as a drink for hyacinth tea has several health benefits such as it can lower blood pressure, protect your liver and lower your cholesterol levels.  


Considered to be among the stunning flowers on earth, it is said carnations grew from the spot where the Virgin Mary’s tears fell, thus symbolizing a mother’s unconditional love for her son. MacBeth himself wrote praise for this multilayered flower, immortalizing it in “A Winter’s Tale”, namely the third scene of the fourth act. In it, he says: “Of trembling winter, the fairest flowers o’ the season are our carnations and streak’d gillyvors.”

If you think it’s so pretty you can just eat it, go ahead. It has, in fact, been used in different dishes for years. When used as a tea, carnation can lessen stress, strengthen metabolism and relieve nausea. It can be used to add a little zing to not just desserts such as ice creams and fruit salads, but to stir fried dishes and seafood platters as well. Also, it’s long been used for cordials and cake decor. Remember to remove the bitter white heel at the base of the petal before adding it into your dishes.


Of course, we cannot forget the eternal favorite, roses. Aside from being used for decorations, for the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere, roses are also well known as a great edible flower. Eating rose flowers can help make you feel great about yourself. Also, rose petals have several health benefits; these lovely  buds can help you lose weight, clarify your skin, and fight off illness thanks to its high vitamin C content. Its fragrance alone can help clear your mind relax, so go ahead and use roses not just for aesthetic reasons, but for the body as well.

When using flowers for cooking, do make sure what you are using is organic as this ensures the quality of the flowers. In addition; don’t use the flowers from your neighborhood flower shop as there is a high chance these blossoms have already been treated; search for a reputable source and get the petals directly from them.


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