Event Spaces for Corporate Events in Manila

December 29, 2023


  • Corporate events in Manila are more than gatherings; they’re curated experiences blending business objectives with sophistication.
  • This article explores various spaces, such as Concept Space Manila, Sampaguita Gardens, SMX Convention Center, and The Green Lounge. Each venue caters to specific needs, from creativity to classic charm.

A corporate event is not just a gathering; it’s a carefully curated experience that combines business objectives with a touch of sophistication. From conferences that foster collaboration to product launches that captivate audiences, these events are a powerful tool for businesses to communicate, connect, and celebrate achievements.

In the Philippines, the culture of celebration runs deep, making corporate events a common and integral part of business life. In this vibrant atmosphere, the choice of event spaces takes on heightened importance. From the contemporary to the classic, this article will guide you through various event spaces for corporate events in Manila that elevate your festivities to new heights.

Types of Corporate Events

Types of Corporate Events

When it comes to corporate events, each of these common types serves a unique purpose, contributing to the overall success and growth of a company. Furthermore, pairing every event with culinary excellence, such as Juan Carlo, the top choice for catering services in the Philippines, enhances the overall experience.


Conferences are a type of corporate event that are great opportunities to connect with the target audiences, share useful information, and build networks and partnerships. Typically lasting a full day, conferences feature keynote speakers and various sessions on diverse topics, offering an immersive educational and motivational experience.

Product Launches

Product launches are special occasions where a company introduces its latest products. It’s not just about sharing details with the audience; these events are all about spreading the word and getting people excited even after the launch is over, making them instrumental in shaping the perception of a brand and its innovations.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are crucial avenues for companies to connect with potential customers and establish themselves as industry leaders. Held in large indoor or outdoor spaces, these events facilitate networking, advertising, and speaking opportunities. This all adds up to making a company more visible in a particular market.

Award Ceremonies

Award ceremonies serve two purposes. Internally, they lift employee spirits and build connections, while industry-wide events enable businesses to highlight their excellence and position themselves as leaders. These occasions celebrate accomplishments, creating an enjoyable atmosphere and promoting positive relationships within and outside the organization.

Event Spaces for Corporate Events in Manila

Event Spaces for Corporate Events in Manila

In the lively Metro Manila, where business and celebrations thrive, choosing the right venue for events is necessary. The location provides a variety of event spaces that reflect the distinct vibe of corporate gatherings.

Concept Space Manila

Concept Space Manila is an airy and versatile studio that spans 167 square meters, providing a fully air-conditioned space equipped with VIP lounges, a working kitchen, a coffee bar, free Wi-Fi, themed backdrop panels, and props. The studio also offers complimentary use of lighting equipment, ensuring a comprehensive and hassle-free experience.

The area’s detailed settings, accommodating 100-150 guests, combined with its flexibility, make it perfect for corporate events that demand a touch of creativity. Whether it’s a product launch, team-building activity, or an executive meeting, the venue seamlessly adapts to the unique requirements of each occasion.

Sampaguita Gardens

Sampaguita Gardens transforms its historic film-era setting into an ideal venue for corporate events seeking a touch of classic magic. With different function areas within a captivating garden, the venue offers a unique blend of tranquility and elegance.

The space is well-suited for corporate events of varying sizes, accommodating gatherings ranging from 150 to 750 guests. It also has an air-conditioned function hall with lights and a sound system, a cocktail area, a lobby, free parking, security, and technical staff.

SMX Convention Center

SMX Convention Center is a rapidly growing company that takes pride in managing six state-of-the-art exhibition and convention venues strategically located across the Philippines. Boasting modern facilities and distinctive, professional, and personalized service, SMX is envisioned as the go-to venue for a diverse range of events, blending functionality with elegance.

With up to 42,000 square meters of leasable space, SMX offers versatile, pillarless areas suitable for anything from small meetings to large-scale expositions. It has been the chosen venue for multiple events, from corporate get-togethers to major exhibitions, a testament to its adaptability and appeal.

The Green Lounge

The Green Lounge is more than just an events place; it’s a haven designed to host life’s most significant moments in an atmosphere of timeless beauty. Located in the BTTC Centre, the first green building in San Juan, this venue contains two captivating ballrooms and a quaint outdoor area. The ballrooms can be connected to accommodate larger groups of 250 to 320 guests.

Awarded the LEED Gold Certification by the US Green Building Council, the venue stands as a testament to its Gold-level Certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. This eco-conscious approach adds a unique dimension to corporate gatherings, creating an environment that reflects a company’s commitment to responsible choices.

Key Takeaway

Selecting the perfect event spaces for your corporate events in Manila is essential in shaping the overall experience of the occasion. From creative and versatile spaces to the classic elegance of modern facilities, each venue caters to different preferences.

Elevate your corporate events in Manila with Juan Carlo, the best catering service in the Philippines. Contact us today to add a touch of sophistication and gastronomic delight to your next corporate gathering.


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