5 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Venue In Manila

September 8, 2022

# Factors To Consider When Choosing A Venue In ManilaWhat are the factors to consider when choosing a venue in Manila?

  1. Venue Cost
  2. Venue Capacity
  3. Venue Ambiance
  4. Venue parking
  5. Venue services

When you’re tasked to organize an event in Manila, there are considerations and decisions to weigh in. What’s more stressful is finding the best events place in Manila. Understandably, this is a tough decision, especially if you want to impress your guests.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the factors to consider when choosing a venue in Manila. And if there are three things you should keep in mind in choosing a venue, those are budget consideration, number of guests, what type of event are you organizing, and these factors listed below.

Venue Cost

Filipinos are typically practical when it comes to the venue cost to make a room for food, beverages, and sound budgets. What you can do to reduce your budget for the venue is to be flexible on the date of your event, as some days of the week tend to cost less.

Venue Capacity

Once you’ve listed your guests, you’ll grasp the estimated venue capacity of your event. Be wary of the room capacity your event needs. First, to be practical. You can’t force 350 people to fit into a 150-person room capacity. Second and lastly, their safety should be your priority, so, avoid organizing a crowded event venue just to lower the expenses.

If you’re looking for a venue suggestion for more intimate events, venues like the Hanging Gardens are ideal! This events place in Manila can accommodate 50 to 200 guests. Located in Novaliches, Quezon City, the Hanging Gardens offers beautifully landscaped and furnished air-conditioned venues, banquet halls, lobbies, lounge areas, and restrooms.

This venue also has other features for your events, such as:

Venue Ambiance

Venue Ambiance

What style are you looking for in a venue? Whether you’re into the architectural, modern, minimalist, or classic building interior, the more your venue ambiance matches the desired theme of your event, the more it’s easier to come up with venue decorations.

Venue parking

Now that you have an idea about venue cost, capacity, and ambiance, the next factor to consider in choosing a venue in Manila is venue parking. Can the venue parking accommodate all the cars of your guests? Are there nearby parking lots that the guests can easily access and use until the event has ended?

Those are the factors you need to consider when it comes to venue parking. If you’re in need of a venue with ample parking, we suggest La Pergola Verde. 

Perfectly situated at the heart of Manila, La Pergola Verde is an event place with excellent features with Juan Carlo’s exceptional styling services such as presidential tables, a grand selection of linen, thematic backdrops, and more. This event venue is a fully air-conditioned indoor hall that can hold up to 200-400 guests. Its suitable for weddings, debuts, corporate events, kiddie parties, and more.

La Pergola Verde has features such as:

  • Permanent stage with expansion capabilities
  • Light and sound system
  • Verde Lounge: Holding room or bridal suite
  • Parking space in a guarded compound

Venue services

One of the most pivotal factors to consider when choosing a venue in Manila is the venue services. Make sure that the service is complete to avoid problems during the event. There are venues without kitchen facilities, but partner with other food providers or you’re free to bring in your own kitchen team. But, it’s great if the venue also has catering services such as Juan Carlo!

Also consider the tables, chairs, and linens to use for your event. If a venue has all these items, then it’ll save your time, effort, and money assuming it matches your event’s theme. Second, make sure the venue also provides a setup and crew to avoid building an event team that can put another hole in your pocket. Lastly, there should also be built-in audio-visual equipment to use for the event because it would be stressful if you have to bring them with you at the event!

For events in need of extensive services and amenities, try booking at Lights of Love. Located in Quezon City, this is a hidden venue that exudes natural beauty with its outdoor garden settings. It also has indoor halls that can easily accommodate 150-400 guests.

It has features such as:

  • Air-conditioned function halls
  • Dedicated parking spaces
  • Courtesy rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Available generator
  • Basic sound system
  • Entourage flowers

Key Takeaway

Now that you’ve read the factors to consider when choosing a venue in Manila, it’s time for you to choose your desired venue. 

For more assistance in events planning, work with Juan Carlo today. We are partnered with premium events places in Manila, and provide professional catering services to elevate your event! 

Are you interested in experiencing a one-for-the-books event? Send us a message today!


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