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Signature Cocktail Drinks to Serve at Your Wedding

Wedding catering packages often include menus that can be customized according to the betrothed couple’s wants and needs. This could also include alcoholic drinks that, let’s face it, plenty of people are looking forward to almost as much as the wedding. But we digress! There are a number of cocktail drinks that you can serve […]

Why Are Summer Weddings So Popular?

Preparing for your wedding day requires a lot of time and effort, from searching for the best wedding packages to whittling down the guest list to suit a budget. It’s also important to choose the right date and time for your ceremony and reception. This can be a bit tricky in countries where there are four […]

How to Personalize Your Reception Menu

  Did you know that food and drink make up the large percentage of your wedding costs? Food plays the biggest expenses on your wedding as this will be based largely on how many guests you will have in your wedding. Good thing, wedding catering services these days offer a wide variety of options and […]

A Quick Guide to Reception Meal Styles

Food is one of the most important, and often expensive, aspects of any wedding. It’s a good thing you can choose from various wedding catering styles from catering services offering complete luxury service tailored to the needs of each clients. A right menu is an essential part of every wedding. Apart from choosing what food you […]

4 Top Best Beach Wedding Destinations in the Philippines

A laidback ambience, the ocean breeze, fine white sand, and captivating seascape are few of the many reasons why couples choose the beach as their wedding destination. Nowadays, wedding packages in Manila offer a wide variety of options, including catering in resorts for the ultimate beach wedding. Choosing the best beach wedding destination can be […]

4 Common Wedding Problems and How to Deal with Them

  Everyone expects their wedding day to be magical. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s when you commit your life to the one person you love the most in this world! However, that love is not going to magically take the dream wedding idea in your mind and make it become a reality. You, your […]

How did chocolate become so popular?

  Did you know that chocolate wasn’t always the sweet and tasty treat it is now? For the longest time, chocolate has been a staple in many dessert recipes, much so that you wouldn’t see any wedding catering services not offering chocolate in any of their menus. It is also has a huge influence on […]

4 Ideas for a Healthy Wedding Reception

People from all over the world are becoming more and more conscious about their health, whether it be residents of California, Tokyo, London, or even here in Manila. Wedding packages now feature more diverse offerings as a result, since providers are riding the health wave to keep up with the demand. Not sure how to […]

4 Food Station Ideas Your Guests Will Go Crazy For

  Some argue that sit-down dinners and typical buffet layouts should be a thing of the past, as it can come across too traditional and impersonal. Wedding packages these days offer a variety of options! One that stands out is food stations. A food station is not just your typical buffet spread, where the food […]

5 Tips for Writing a Wedding Day Love Note

Of all the elements that go into the big day, from the actual ceremony to the wedding catering, the wedding day love note is hands down the most romantic and personal part. These notes are usually written days or on the night before the wedding day, when emotions are at its highest. The note is […]

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