6 Things Couples Should Never Do for Their Wedding Day

What are the things that couples should not do for their wedding?

  • You should never crash diet
  • You should never stay up all night before the wedding
  • You should never try a heavy workout
  • You should never second guess
  • You should never overload yourself with last minute hiccups
  • You should never forget your soon-to-be spouse


From choosing wedding catering packages to distributing invitations to saying I Do’s, preparing for a wedding can be particularly hard for the couple. Unfortunately, this pressure can grow as your big day comes nearer, and truth be told that only one wrong move can make everything fall apart.

Thankfully, you could track all of your preparations by having a to-do checklist. However, it is also best to keep a copy of the things you should never do for your big day. To help you out in this endeavor, here are some items for you to consider:


You should never crash diet

  1. You should never crash diet

 It’s a common mistake for women to crash diet just a week or two before their wedding day. In most cases, they tend to get sick or experience difficulties on their big day because of this decision. Even more, being deprived of your proper nutrition can ‘cause impulsive eating.’ In all honesty, there’s no need for brides to go on a diet when they have been accustomed to a particular eating routine, as this wouldn’t result in a huge difference in the fitting. All you really need to do is trust your healthy, regular eating routine and stick to it.

Though if you’re that worried, then you can keep track of your diet; but remember not to overdo it – too much or too less can both give you the headaches.


You should never stay up all night before the wedding

  1. You should never stay up all night before the wedding

 While you may take the hands-on approach when it comes to preparing for your wedding (things like creating your very own handmade invites or place cards), you should definitely avoid staying up all night for this could be a recipe for disaster. Be sure to take the time to rest, particularly in the week of your wedding, as this could be so exhausting.

For all the brides and grooms out there, please heed this warning for complications can easily occur on your special day. If you really have a lot of things to do and prepare for, you could ask assistance from your friends and family. For sure, they’ll be happy to help you do all of them on time.


You should never try a heavy workout

  1. You should never try a heavy workout

 Doing a heavy workout is a no-no. Exercising may be a good idea to keep you fit. However, be cautious enough so you don’t overwork yourself. Otherwise, you may stumble and fall on that very aisle you’ve been dreaming to walk on with your high-heeled glittery shoes. Plus, you don’t want to experience sore muscles as you’re dancing with your spouse for the first time.


You should never second guess (not ever)

  1. You should never second guess (not ever)

 Preparing for your wedding day can be a handful. However, this very reason may not be right to justify second guesses before the wedding day. As much as possible, avoid last minute changes, especially with heavy tasks, such as the reception theme and logistics. This can only break the whole preparation and lead you to unnecessary chaos. If you really need to change some things, then you should keep them at the minimum.


You should never overload yourself with last-minute hiccups

  1. You should never overload yourself with last-minute hiccups

As mentioned above, last minute changes can be truly stressful, hence, why they should be avoided at all costs. If possible, ask someone to help you deal with finalizing every detail of your wedding.

You could possibly appoint someone like your maid of honor, your mother, or a close friend to handle these hiccups. Just be sure to coordinate with them, as well as with your wedding catering services, so that you can be assured that things will run as smoothly as possible.


You should never forget your soon-to-be spouse

  1. You should never forget your soon-to-be spouse

Your wedding day wouldn’t be possible without your soon-to-be spouse, so take your own little private time and catch up with each other. After all, that person is the reason why you’re getting married. Try not to worry too much about the preparations. You should be able to spend some private time together to keep your minds off the load and refresh. Perhaps a quick lunch date or a stroll in the park would do after you two finalize some things.


Key Takeaway

Wedding preparations may need your attention, but overworking things isn’t how you’re supposed to do it. Truth be told, you don’t need to put all kinds of efforts, such as crash dieting or heavy workouts, as these may only lead to unwanted circumstances.

Hence, take these 6 examples and don’t let them happen. Stick to the original plan and avoid unnecessary changes. Most of all, take time to breathe and go with the flow. Surely, in the end, things will go the way you wanted them to.

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