Creative Wedding Reception Ideas

What creative reception ideas can you incorporate in your wedding?

  1. Provide a guest transportation service
  2. Apply themes to food catering
  3. Have an area exclusive to children
  4. Add a unique element which will stand out


One of the best part about a wedding—any event, really — is the actual planning process of where the reception will be held after the formal program is done. Once the couples have made their vows and have received their blessings, only then can the festivities can begin. To have the perfect wedding food catering, the venue, and ambiance, and the overall program flow should all be considered. But nowadays, everyone wants to have an event which is not only memorable but also stands-out.

If a wedding is one of the greatest celebrations that will happen in your life, why not plan one which you and your guests will never forget? Here are some creative and unique ideas to give that “wow” factor and ensure satisfaction among your guests:


Provide a Guest Transportation Service

Provide a Guest Transportation Service

The moment the priest or pastor announces “you may kiss the bride”, whispers of where the reception will be held and how to get there starts filling the air. Guests will end up asking the coordinators or the couples themselves on where the reception area is and how they can get there Sometimes convoys are held just to avoid getting lost and missing the program because of it. But even this isn’t completely foolproof.

The solution? Make it comfortable and fun for your family and friends by renting a transportation service with a twist. If your wedding (or reception) has a working theme, why not hint that the fun is only getting started by having a vehicle related to the theme? For example, renting a yellow school bus or anything which is nostalgic of school days will remind guests of their childhood, where perhaps you and your partner first met. How about keeping it simple and asking your guests to post funny signs related to the wedding on their cars so it’s “paraded” while traveling towards the reception area? Whatever idea you have in mind, assure your guests that this is the start of a great time you want to build memories with.


Apply themes to food catering

Admit it, you are getting tired of attending receptions with a bland presentation. It’s time to show guests how to liven up the wedding catering design through the most awaited part of the program: food. Here are some amusing themes you could consider:

Carnival Style – a carnival or a fair is a great way to have fun, so bring that ‘fun’ on your wedding day by having your food catered in carnival style. This includes food such as popcorn, donuts, cake pops, or even hotdogs. You can go further and have a mini Ferris wheel hold up the food, for instance.

Do it Yourself Dessert area – this works well with a buffet-style catering for the main dishes. Sure, it may not be all too unique now that this idea is being reused, but still, you can go one step better by planning out what will be involved in your dessert area. You can serve cookies, cakes, foreign candies, or perhaps a fountain which features different chocolates.

Children’s Bar – Sure, there may already be a built-in bar area serving cocktails and wine, but have you ever thought of a bar exclusive for children? That’s right, we’re talking about serving milk tea, shakes, carbonated drinks, and all other non-alcoholic drinks.


Have an area exclusive to children

Have an area exclusive to children

Children have the tendency of losing interest after their curiosity of the happenings around them. They will get bored if they see that the program does not involve their age. One creative and unique idea you can do is to provide some sort of children’s area with about 2 tables where your guests’ young ones can bond and play without having to bother the adults. The table can include coloring and/or art materials, activity books, or puzzles to keep them busy and entertained. A kiddie buffet that’s still part of the food catering can also be done, complete with their own child-friendly menu.

If you want the kids to participate, you can also allot a part of the program which can associate them.


Add a unique element which will stand-out

Add a unique element which will stand-out


This is the “I didn’t see this coming” point of your wedding reception. If you really plan in raising the bar for a creative celebration, don’t limit yourself to the ideas mentioned above. For example, have your pets tag along dressed in bowties or tutus. If they trained to fetch, have them bring wedding gifts, for example.


Key Takeaway

Weddings are truly an anticipated life event. Making sure that everything is “perfect” in your wedding could keep the relationship strong and inspire others to unleash their creativity in event planning. No matter how colorful or strange your wedding reception can get, be sure it’s one of the stories you can tell over and over again in the future.

Bringing Elegance in your Celebration

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