How to Accommodate Handicapped Guests

22nd June 2017

Accessible Wedding JUAN CARLO

While choosing the best place to celebrate a wedding in Manila, catering to handicapped guests could easily slip out of your mind. Forgetting to make your venue accessible to disabled people could force them to go through inconveniences that could ruin their day and, subsequently, yours as well. You don’t want this type of complication at your wedding if you know you’ll be having guests that are persons with disabilities. Ensure that they will have a fun and stress-free time during your special day by going the extra mile to accomodate them.


Choose an Accessible Venue

Of course, when finalizing a church and reception venue, you would want to conduct an ocular. When you do, be sure that accessibility (the term used for products, devices, services, or environments made especially for the disabled) is available on the entrance and exit as well as the path going to the specific room(s) and church that you wish rent. Also check the access the bathrooms and dressing rooms; make sure they are at least 32 inches wide. In fact measure all the hallways, doorways, elevators, and ramps. Note that historic churches may by beautiful venues but were not built to accommodate people in wheelchairs and therefore may not be the best choice


Make the Space Work

Some venues may have facilities that are meant to be accessible to the handicapped, but they may not fit the specific needs of your guests. There are wheelchairs and walkers that are larger than regular ones and a ramp that is too narrow is useless to handicapped guests that use these equipment. Complications could also include narrow hallways, cramped pews, and maneuverability issues.

But don’t fret just yet. It doesn’t hurt to ask the venue managers what can be done about these. Let them know of your guests’ specific needs and they in turn can let you know what they can offer you.


Wheelchair Ramps

If the venue cannot offer any means to address your guests’ accessibility problems, then you can choose either a customized ramp, portable ramps, or a different venue. Customized ramps are good as a carpenter can build exactly what you need; this will depend on the measurements of your guests’ need and the steps/ledges they will need to pass through. Portable ramps, on the other hand, offers mobility and flexibility you may need in case of an emergency.



At the wedding, be sure to tell ushers to leave space next to aisles for guests with wheelchairs or crutches. At the reception, remove a chair where the disabled with wheelchairs are meant to sit. If you did the seating plan properly, then you should be able to plan ahead of time where these empty spots should be in. Also be sure to leave spaces in between tables so that the guest could maneuver to his place easily. Have ushers or waiters assigned to specifically be there to assist persons with disabilities in case they need help with anything.



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