6 Tips and Tricks for Selecting the Best Wedding Favor

25th January 2017

There are plenty of things to do when planning a wedding. You have to come up with a theme, look for the perfect venue, and track down the best wedding catering company. But aside from that, you also have to prepare small gifts that you can hand out to your guests after the merry event.

These giveaways are called wedding favors. They are souvenirs that you give to your family and friends to thank them for taking the time to witness you exchange vows with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Aside from the wedding catering, theme, and reception venue, this is one thing that you should prepare in advance.

If you are on the process of preparing your wedding favors, here are few tips and tricks that would immensely help you: 

Give Something Meaningful

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a wedding favor is the meaning it holds for you and your spouse-to-be. Think about your love story and the things you like as a couple. Are you guys foodies? If so, then you should consider giving your guests edible wedding favors that they can take home with them. 

It Must Be Practical

You have to consider your guests’ reactions upon receiving your wedding favors. Ask yourself if you would want to receive the same item; if the answer is yes, then you are on the right track. Be wise and practical by providing your guests with something that they can still use years after your wedding. This way, they will not end up collecting dust or, worse, in a trash can.

 Make Sure That They Are Affordable

The price is an important factor that you must consider when selecting a wedding giveaway. Set a budget and take it into consideration when choosing possible souvenirs. As much as possible, do not go beyond it. Instead, look for gifts that are affordable, practical, and meaningful. 

Try Them Out

Before choosing a wedding favor, sample them first. For example, if you are going to hand out something edible, taste them first to see if they are truly delectable. If you are going to give away mugs or cute baubles, check how durable they are first before making a purchase. Do not wait until the wedding day itself to check your wedding favors because by then, it would be too late to return them. 

Personalize Your Gifts

Make the most of your budget by giving away personalized wedding favors. For sure, your guests will appreciate the thought and effort that you put into creating the cute trinkets that you’ll give them. However, you have to remember that it will take some time to prepare the gifts yourself instead of buying them. So make sure that you have enough time on your hands. 

Think Twice Before Monogramming Your Gift

If you want your guests to use your wedding favor, do not monogram it. Why? Because attaching your photos, initials, and wedding date on the mug or pen holder you are planning to give away will discourage people from using them. No matter how practical they are, they become decorations as soon as you monogram them. That means that instead of utilizing them, your family and friends will probably put your wedding souvenir on display.

Take note of these tips when preparing your wedding favors. They will surely help you acquire the best and most memorable souvenirs that can efficiently express just how grateful you are for your friends and family’s presence on your wedding.

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