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    5 Wedding Trends to Watch Out for 2024

    What are wedding trends to watch out for in 2024?

    1. To-go dessert stations for guests
    2. Non-formal dishes on menus
    3. Epic champagne towers
    4. Thoughtful and fun late-night snacks and drinks
    5. Candid or documentary-style photography


    • The article explores emerging wedding trends for 2024, reflecting a shift towards more thoughtful and inclusive celebrations.
    • To combat food waste and extend the sweetness of the occasion, couples are introducing to-go dessert stations, ensuring guests can enjoy treats beyond the festivities.
    • Non-formal dishes on menus add personal touches, symbolizing couples’ unique love stories and milestones.
      Champagne towers, with their historical and symbolic significance, offer a decadent visual spectacle.
    • Late-night experiences are becoming more thoughtful and fun, featuring secret cocktail menus and health-conscious mocktails.
    • Lastly, candid or documentary-style photography adds intimacy and nostalgia, capturing the essence of couples’ special day in timeless images.

    Weddings are a timeless event that began over four thousand years ago. In that time, many couples have taken part in many practices and traditions that are said to bring luck, fortune, and happiness to the couple. Nowadays, weddings undergo many different changes because of evolving beliefs and social media influence.

    In this article, we take a look at these new practices in contemporary celebrations. Let’s begin with the first wedding trend to watch out for in 2024, the to-go dessert stations. Read on to learn more about this popular wedding practice.

    To-go Dessert Stations for Guests

    As much as weddings are couple-centered, this year many found a way to balance the couple and guest experience in this celebration. Since these celebrations are often huge for exquisite and thoughtful dishes, they are also prone to an abundance of leftover food.

    To help lessen food waste, couples planning to tie the knot this 2024 incorporate to-go stations. For an event with many available pastries including the iconic wedding cake, couples plan to give sweetness to their guests by packing and sharing them. This is a thoughtful gesture that can make the celebration of love last from the altar to each guest’s humble home.

    Non-formal Dishes on Menus

    Non-formal dishes on menus

    Weddings are great places to discover and eat delicious meals. Many couples employ great chefs and catering services that will add to the overall experience of their marriage. Away from the traditional shrimp cocktails and roasted chicken menu, couples have found to incorporate their story in the dishes.

    Newlyweds often opt for a more intimate dining experience by choosing non-formal dishes for their wedding menus. Some couples personalize their menus with seemingly common dishes like burgers and spaghetti, symbolizing significant milestones in their relationship, such as their first date or vacation together. For example, a couple with a passion for travel might include paella, jamon serrano, or other Spanish dishes that hold sentimental value because they fell in love in that country.

    Epic Champagne Towers

    Champagne towers symbolizing wealth and luxury originated from medieval Europe. A popular trend that took off last year, this practice is a timeless symbol of celebration. It is often a visual spectacle with layers of crystal wine glass glimmering, making it a decadent photo opportunity.

    Apart from being a symbol of celebration, champagne towers have other symbols attached to them such as the sun and human life. In the sun interpretation, this practice represents knowledge and enlightenment while in the human life version, it represents the birth and death of people. With whatever interpretation, weddings opt for champagne towers for decadence and the pursuit of knowledge, enlightenment, and growth with the person that you love.

    Thoughtful and Fun Late-night Snacks and Drinks

    Thoughtful and fun late-night snacks and drinks

    Wedding receptions are notorious for ending later than planned. A wedding trend to watch out for in 2024 is the introduction of a more thoughtful yet entertaining late-night experience. Many couples are incorporating secret cocktail menus at the bar, exclusively for guests who are still celebrating into the late hours. These menus, often named after cherished anecdotes and fun memories shared by the couple, add a touch of humor and personalization to the festivities.

    Some couples even craft unique signature drinks specifically for their wedding, enhancing the overall experience. With the growing emphasis on health-conscious choices in the media, couples are also considering offering mocktails to better accommodate their guests’ preferences.

    Candid or Documentary-style Photography

    The impact of the older decades such as the 90s and the 80s on the present aesthetic led many couples on the train of disposable cameras, polaroids, and documentary-style photography. This charming photography style usually evokes nostalgia that many people want to achieve in their photo albums.

    For couples who want a more sustainable celebration, they opt for digital camera applications with filters or designs that can produce nostalgia-feeling photos. With this strategy, they can instruct their guests about a particular mobile app that they can download on their phones to capture everyone’s unique experience. The intimacy that this angle of cinematography presents is one of the ways that makes their weddings look more meaningful and classic.

    Key Takeaway

    With many wedding trends coming and going, it is important that couples truly invest in contemporary practices that will not only add uniqueness to the experience but also add to the overall meaningful atmosphere.

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