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Juan Carlo delivers only the best wedding experience tailored exactly the needs and wants of its exclusive clientele, perfectly blending the elements of taste, atmosphere, and environment into one grand affair.

A Taste of Heaven: The Perks of Wedding Catering in the Philippines

A number of wedding ceremonies hundreds of years ago, before the Spanish colonialism, would entail being fed cooked rice by a tribal priest or priestess, washed down with water mixed with your and your partner's blood. These days, the ritual of marriage is very much different – people have done away with blood and tribal spiritual leaders and give way to prayers, legal documents, and wedding catering in the Philippines. Although if there is one thing the Philippines has not gone away with, it is the tradition of having a feast following a wedding celebration.

Large feasts are very common in the country. With Filipinos celebrating events like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and much more. These events usually have a large number of guests, from family members, friends, and maybe even the whole village! These events also serve as huge get-together of family and friends, because these are some of the few occasions in which they would meet during the year. This means that you can always expect Filipino feasts to be grand and full of wonderful stories and memories. In terms of size, fun, excitement, and variety, only a few things can beat a Filipino celebration.

In many of these celebrations, food plays a major role. Weddings especially like to have magnificent food offerings to present their guests, who will witness the union of two people. It is true that it may occur for only a single day, but to the newlyweds, it signifies the start of their lives together.

But this does not mean the guests will not be enjoying themselves during these key events. For sure, they would also find it very memorable, considering it involves two important people in their lives. Though, it is no secret that having good food can certainly satisfy everybody on your guest list. This is the reason why Juan Carlo, a Manila catering service, strives to provide the best service; we aim to help you make your wedding truly magical.

Why should you hire a wedding catering service?

The most important part of the wedding is the reception itself. This is the part of the event in which the union of a loving couple will finally be completed, with the company of their family and guests watching happily. A wedding reception is always a beautiful sight to behold, with elaborate and elegant decorations, colorful flowers, well-dressed family and guests, and a picturesque and peaceful venue.

One of the most anticipated parts of any wedding (after the ‘I do's, of course) is the food. You may be in doubt about hiring a caterer, thinking that you can rely on yourself, your friends, and your family to prepare the food. In the old days, the family would get the women and start cooking for the feast two to three days before the wedding. Just imagine, a kitchen full of charming old and young ladies of both families cooking up a storm for your special day. While this may have been quite a sight during those days, it simply isn't something that is feasible nowadays.

Today, this simply isn't a practical thing to do; people are busier now than ever. Most weddings have a large number of guests, which means that the time to prepare the food would have to be shorter. You would also be required to buy all the ingredients you need to create each dish, which will already cost you a lot of money (without even counting the price of the event venue and the decorations). The best way to save time and effort while making sure the food will be excellent is by hiring a good Philippine wedding catering service provider.

What Philippines wedding catering dishes should you consider serving?

Needless to say, your guests will be anticipating a multitude of dishes. This often ranges from hors d'oeuvres to the main course to desserts. Admittedly, some types of food go well together but others don't, which is why you must be careful in choosing the food combinations to be served. These dishes should not clash nor possibly upset your guests' stomach. An experienced caterer will be able to advise you on which types of food go best with each other. Juan Carlo can also suggest set menus that have been successfully tried and tested before, with guaranteed satisfaction.

Having a quality catering service would definitely make your wedding reception a great one. When it comes to selecting food, it is important to get some input from your family members and close friends to make sure that you are picking the right food on your menu. The wedding theme also plays a factor when it comes to picking out the food in your menu.

For example, a Filipino wedding means having some of the classics and staples of Filipino cuisine for the main course and appetizer, while having some sweet and cold desserts. Meanwhile, a beach wedding would mean having more seafood on the menu, along with some colorful fruit juices. These various pieces of detail with regard to your menu play a big factor in making sure that you have the best and most fitting cuisine that your caterer can offer. A great menu is a diverse one, which ensures that you are able to satisfy the different tastes of all your guests, guaranteeing that everyone would be enjoying the food.

A wedding reception meal must always begin with some wonderful appetizers. These appetizers must be rich in taste, while still being light enough to give room for the main course and dessert. A great appetizer is one that gets the guests more excited about the main course. Since appetizers are rich in taste, they must have a variety of flavors that will get the taste buds started. Appetizers can be meat, vegetables, or a combination of both. It is also usually served with delicious sauces for more diversity.

The main course is what your guests will remember, which means they must be of the highest quality. Main courses can consist of a selection of delicious meats, delectable seafood, or varieties of pasta. The goal of main courses is to leave the guests satisfied and full. Along with the main course, there must also be a selection of sides to compliment it. These sides can be light pasta, fruits, light meat, different kinds of rice and a variety of vegetables. The main course is the centerpiece of your wedding reception meal, which makes it one of the most important elements that make a great event. Juan Carlo has the best main courses that would get you covered.

Finally, the dessert must be able to give the guests something light and delicious that would tickle their taste buds one more time. In the Philippines, the most popular kinds of desserts are the sweet and cold ones. For example, desserts like halo-halo and sorbets are some of the most popular and timeless Filipino desserts that guests are familiar with. You can also go for ice cream - which is a hit amongst all ages - leche flan, pastries like cookies and cakes, or even go for some fresh fruits, if you want something healthier for your guests. Just take note that it should be a fitting end to the wonderful and delicious journey of the entire meal.

What can wedding caterers offer you in terms of quality service?

Even with exceptional food, poor service can still negatively affect the dining experience. This is because it will leave your guests dissatisfied, and may have negative memories about your special occasion, which no couple would want to happen. The whole ceremony may have been beautiful and well-made, but these good impressions might be negated if the food catered during the reception is below par.

There can also be troubles in regards to the service, with the food of the guests not being served on time, which leads to numerous delays that would have guests becoming impatient and disappointed. For this reason, each member of the catering crew of Juan Carlo has been trained well to provide nothing but fast and excellent service; this would make sure all of the guest's requests are fully addressed. If you avail Juan Carlo's services, you can be assured that our staff can help manage the event and your guests with efficiency.

As much as possible, don't put off choosing a caterer until the last minute. Some couples think that making arrangements with a caterer a month or two before the wedding is sufficient time, but it is highly recommended for the betrothed to hire a caterer ten months to a year before the wedding. In fact, the caterer must be one of the first things that should be contacted by the couple, along with the wedding venue.

The best caterers aren't always easy to book due to the sheer number of people who seek their services, so book early to raise your chances of success. This will allow ample time for food tasting and other important decisions and details that need to be addressed.

Why should you choose Juan Carlo?

Quality Service Provider

For the best service, choose the best caterer. Juan Carlo has been the top pick of wedding coordinators and event planners all over the Philippines for the past twenty years. Juan Carlo began, a Philippine wedding catering service, started by Alex and Teresita Del Rosario in Batangas in the year 1993, after the couple had success doing business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the 1980s.

Since then, it has catered big events, like the wedding celebration of power couple Senator Bong Revilla and Congresswoman Lani Mercado in 1998. Juan Carlo has been the go-to caterer of numerous stars in the country.

Major celebrity events that have been catered by Juan Carlo include the weddings of Eric Cruz and Katherine De Castro in 2004, Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez in 2010, Rich Alvarez and Kyla in 2011, Zoren Legaazpi and Carmina Villaroel in 2012, Raffy Time and Mariz Umali in 2012, Ardy Roberto and Miriam Quiambao in 2014, and Chito Miranda and Neri Naig in 2014.

The company has also catered the birthday celebrations of Ellie Eigenmann (1st) in 2012, Thirdy Lacson (1st) in 2012, Nora Aunor (60th) in 2013, and Daniel Padilla (19th) in 2014. The company also provided the catering service for the bridal showers of celebrities like Marian Rivera in 2014 and Heart Evangelista in 2015. These events show that Juan Carlo is not only a trusted company, but also a company that can deliver in the biggest events.

Awards and Recognition

Excellence is in the name of Juan Carlo Wedding catering in the Philippines. One proof of this is the numerous awards received by the company. These awards include the 2008 Wedding Congress award, two awards from 1Esplanade during 2009 for Most Professional Caterer, and in 2011 for Best Themed Menu and Presentation, and finally, the 2013 Wedding Library award for Most Sought-after Caterer. These awards are a testament to the commitment of Juan Carlo to provide their clients with the best service that they can offer.

Diverse Philippine Wedding Catering Menu

When it comes to food, Juan Carlo wedding catering in the Philippines has numerous menus to choose from. The menu ranges from classic Filipino staples that bring about a familiar taste, a diverse offering of seafood, wonderful pastas that are restaurant quality, vegetable dishes that are both delicious and healthy, Chinese dishes that gives you rich taste, and some European dishes that will leave your guests in awe. Choosing Juan Carlo means getting the most diverse selection of food that you can provide your guests with.

To lessen the hassle, the engaged couple may opt for a complete wedding reception package, which not only includes the food but practically everything the reception needs from the tables to the emcee to the gorgeous cake. The company will basically provide you with everything you need, without all the trouble involved with contacting numerous people. What more can you ask for? Choosing Juan Carlo will give you the complete catering package that would definitely leave your guests and family satisfied and happy.

With all the wedding preparations, you need to be able to entrust the food duties to an expert. Your reception is sure to be a hit with Juan Carlo's outstanding menus and packages. Your wedding reception will be the talk of the town, with your family and guests raving about the wonderful food and atmosphere that Juan Carlo provided.

Are you interested in getting the best catering service in the Philippines? Then, go ahead and reserve your booking experience!

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"I'm the kind of person who really has a hard time making decisions... I admire them, that's why I'm so grateful to Tito Alex because they really got my suggestions and they were able to visualize what I wanted to happen."

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