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    7 Ways You Can Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday During Covid-19

    What are the ways to celebrate your child’s birthday during the Covid-19 pandemic?

    1. Bake a cake from scratch
    2. Suggest a treasure-hunt party
    3. Camp outside for a fun day
    4. Watch your child’s favorite movies
    5. Use Zoom for a virtual party
    6. Consider catering deliveries
    7. Give back through good deeds

    Depending on the government guidelines in your area, face-to-face children’s parties might still be not a good idea. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate this occasion with your loved ones. Because most of your family members are now staying at home, see this as an opportunity to bond and enjoy. Keep on reading for ways to celebrate your child’s birthday during the Covid-19 pandemic!

    Bake A Cake From Scratch

    Bake A Cake From Scratch

    A birthday is not complete without a cake! While numerous bakeshops can deliver this to your home, nothing beats a homemade treat. Besides, you can use this as an opportunity to bond with your child.

    Remember to start with something easy and fun to do. If a cake is too much for your kid, you can also opt for other home baked goods like cookies and brownies! Remember that it’s all about the process and not the results.

    Suggest A Treasure Hunt Party

    Most children love a scavenger hunt. Finding things in unexpected places can give a sense of thrill and fulfillment to your energetic kids. Even if you don’t have a big house or a wide yard, you and your boys and girls can enjoy this activity. You only need to define boundaries where they can’t go to. To make the activity more unique, a map is also a good addition to give them clues.

    Camp Outside For A Fun Day

    Camp Outside For A Fun Day

    Whether you have a backyard or not, camping is another activity your kids enjoy for their birthday. You only need a tent (which you can get online), a picnic basket, and some lights! You can serve microwaved s’mores while telling each other adventure stories inside your temporary home. The best part is, you don’t need a yard to make this happen—you can also do this in the comfort of your own living room.

    Watch Your Child’s Favorite Movies

    You might be used to playing children’s movies on the TV by now. But did you know that you can invite other viewers—may it be your child’s cousins or best friends—to watch the same video?

    A Chrome extension called Netflix Party allows people from different places to view the same movie at the same time. It syncs the video playback so whenever someone pauses the film it also stops for other viewers.

    Use Zoom For A Virtual Party

    Use Zoom For A Virtual Party

    Speaking of virtual activities, you should also consider planning a Zoom party for your child! This way, you can invite their classmates, neighbors, and cousins for a hang-out session without exposing them to the virus.

    There are multiple activities you can do for this. You can have a baking competition, arts and crafts party, or a virtual scavenger hunt—which is similar to a bring-me game.

    Consider Catering Deliveries

    If you have your hands full managing your child’s party, cooking may not be easy on this special day. If you’re craving good food, it might be a good idea to consider catering services.

    You can opt for professionally prepared meals packed in group and single-serving packages. If you’re doing a Zoom party, you can also ship these to your guests’ homes! This way, it would feel like a traditional birthday celebration.

    Give Back Through Good Deeds

    Give Back Through Good Deeds

    Aside from these activities, you should also consider doing a good deed in honor of your child’s birthday. For example, you can donate supplies to an orphanage or provide food for front liners. To do this, you can set up a small fruit stand or hold a bake sale to raise funds! If your kid has a hand in skills like cooking, this will come in handy and also make them feel that they’re doing their part for the fundraising activity.

    Key Takeaway

    Even though quarantine facilities are still in place, there are ways to celebrate your child’s birthday during the Covid-19 pandemic. This way, you can make your kid feel connected to their community and reduce the feeling of isolation.

    If you need assistance regarding catering during the pandemic, you can send a message to Juan Carlo! With a little creativity and help from a professional catering service, you will have an unforgettable celebration that your child will enjoy.