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    The Glass Garden

    Bringing the outdoors in, The Glass Garden is the only air-conditioned garden venue in the Philippines with walls entirely made of glass. Having incredibly high ceilings reaching up to 40 feet high and an indoor garden of only natural trees and plants. Nurturing plants in such a unique indoor garden, we go as far as replacing our flowering bromeliads every three to four weeks to ensure freshness and vibrancy. Our garden venues in its’ simplest form is a testimony to nature’s beauty.

     Juan Carlo & Glass Garden

    Juan Carlo & Glass Garden

     Juan Carlo & Glass Garden

    These indoor gardens are decorated with the beauty of nature in mind; delicately decorated flora coupled with dramatic architecture provides clients with the perfect background for any type of grandiose event. With its 40 foot ceilings, lush green walls, and frosted white glass, the whole place is tailored to appeal to those with a strong appreciation for both the beauty of nature and the marvels of man-made structures.

    There’s no such thing as guests missing out on the program simply because they cannot find parking because we provide a huge parking capacity of over 160 vehicles. The best part is it’s free and fully cemented inside our secured property. At The Glass Garden, it is important for us that the party goes on regardless of any power interruption, which is why we provide a 325 KVA Genset at no extra cost.

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      Juan Carlo & The Glass Garden

      Juan Carlo the caterer has provided both the service and the cuisine for the events. With all their accolades, their experience, and their long line of satisfied A-list clients and partners, their reputation for excellence is one well-deserved.

      The Glass Garden is the only Events Venue in the Philippines covered with walls of green and frosted white glass with the highest ceiling reaching up to 40 feet allowing natural sunlight to pass through. Each fully air-conditioned garden venue offers a relaxing wide space (650 sqm in area/ venue) surrounded by luscious trees and plants. We go as far as replacing our flowering Bromeliads as often as every 3 to 4 weeks to ensure their freshness and vibrancy of color–that is our commitment to ensuring our guests experience an authentic garden ambiance.

      “Juan Carlo The Caterer works hand in hand to make your dream events”