A Quick Guide To Renewing Your Wedding Vows

November 27, 2019

How do you renew your wedding vows?

  1. Determine the reason for renewing vows
  2. Consider an officiant
  3. List down guests
  4. Send out renewal invitation


Planning for a wedding vow renewal is almost the same as planning for a wedding. A vow renewal is more of a symbolic and sentimental ceremony whereas a wedding is a legal ceremony that binds couples together for eternity. Regardless of whether you are celebrating your special silver or golden anniversary, you can never go wrong with taking inspiration from wedding vows examples when writing your own vows. Take extra precautions with the vows that you will write by determining the purpose of your celebration. Note that an anniversary wedding vow is different from vows written after an illness of a partner.


Determine the Reason for Renewing Vows

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It is common for people to exchange vows during anniversary celebrations. However, there are other reasons for renewing vows. From reconciliation to reaffirmation after emotional turmoil, here are some of the most common reasons why.



Celebrate your anniversary by reaffirming your commitment to your spouse. Honor the years you have spent together despite the obstacles you faced. Express your gratitude towards each other’s unconditional love and support.


After a Breach of Trust

Renewing vows is not always about recalling joyous moments together. Rekindle the love and passion you had for each other through a private and intimate session. With this, you do not need to have an officiator. All you need is your partner and your vows. Reconciliation requires forgiveness and renewing your vows sooner will allow you more chances of keeping your spouse.


After Emotional Turmoil

Save your relationship from an unpleasant and unhealthy case of emotional turmoil. With everything you both have to do on your own, there are chances that you are emotionally unavailable to your partner. With this, renewing your vows and reaffirming to each other the promise you made during your wedding day can save the relationship.


After an Illness

The best way to affirm an ill partner is to renew your vows with them. By doing this, you are reminding them of your wedding vows, “in sickness and in health”. Let them know that despite the situation, you will never get tired of them. Renewing vows after an illness is one of those that should be celebrated with the entire family.

Once you have determined the reason for the renewal of vows, you must immediately prepare and write your vows. There is no formal format for writing one. Instead, every word that you must write should come from the heart and should describe the reason for the sentimental ceremony. Take note, you should refer to the vows that you have made during your wedding.


Consider an Officiant

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More often than not, couples celebrate their renewal of vows just by reading their prepared script. Unlike legal marriages, there is no need for an officiant to guide the entire process of exchanging vows. If it is going to be meaningful for you, there is no harm in considering an officiant. You can either invite a clergy member, judge officiates, or even a family member who knows how to assist in the renewal of vows. Again, the renewal of vows is not a legal ceremony. With that, you are not required to have a parish priest to preside over the sentimental ceremony.


List Down Guests

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Listing down guests for your ceremony should not be as daunting of a task as planning for a wedding. Take note, you are not required to invite the ones you have invited during your wedding celebration. The obligation is to yourselves as well as the immediate family members. Regardless of whether you are the type to throw huge celebrations or intimate get-togethers, the important part is that your family witnesses and shares the beautiful and sincere moment.


Send Out Renewal Invitation

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While you should certainly send an invite to your guests to let them know all the details, it does not have to be printed. Just like any invitation, it should consist of a date, venue, time, and purpose of the celebration as well as RSVP. Take note that you do not have to include requests for gifts. A gift registry is among a list of things not recommended to celebrate the renewal of vows. The sentimental ceremony should be kept casual and simple without the lavish gift-giving.


Key Takeaway

Unlike a wedding, there is no need for traditional ways and rules for the renewal of vows. Conversely, weddings require the presence of a priest presider to make the ceremony official. For the renewal of vows, an officiant is enough. Finally, the most important part of the sentimental ceremony is to prepare a heartfelt message for your spouse. Take note of how other people wrote their vows. With plenty of wedding vows as an example, ensure that you are taking inspiration from the most appropriate source.


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