The Pros and Cons of Having Your Wedding in the Christmas Season

November 25, 2019

What are the pros and cons of a Christmas wedding?

  • PROS
    • Christmas-themed decor
    • Best rates
    • Great weather
    • Plenty of menu options
    • Something out of the ordinary
    • Great giveaway ideas
  • CONS
    • Busiest time of the year
    • Shorter daytime
    • Unpredictable weather


Still undecided whether to throw your wedding during the Christmas season? Take a look at these pros and cons that will surely help you make up your mind and plan a seamless celebration. Choose to hire professional services that provide catering in Manila. They will help you set up the entire reception venue and provide you with comfort food perfect for the cold season!




Pros of a Christmas Wedding

Aside from a festive-themed wedding, get to avail of the best rates for your romantic honeymoon and experience the cold weather! Here are some of the pros of celebrating a Christmas wedding in the Philippines.


Christmas-Themed Decor

Christmas Themed Decor

A wedding that will be held during the Christmas season calls for Christmas-themed décor. This refers to plenty of flowers such as poinsettias & peonies, as well as vibrant red, green, and gold ornaments as decorations. Indeed, it is a magical affair to have a Christmas wedding. Make the reception festive by putting up a well-lit Christmas tree as the main centerpiece. Pair it up with hanging garlands and colorful Christmas lights. Festive candles with pine cone needles and other Christmas ornaments can act as table centerpieces.


Best Rates

Best Rates

Typically, most weddings are celebrated during the beginning or the middle of the year. Not many couples out there decide to get married during the Christmas season because of schedule conflicts. This means that couples who want to hold their wedding during the Christmas season will have more chances of availing better deals. This includes better rates at hotels, reception venues, and resorts for your honeymoon vacation.


Great Weather

Great Weather

In the Philippines, colder weather starts in early November and the temperature gets lower and lower as the month of December approaches. To combat the cold temperature, the bride and groom can wear pieces with velvet fabric to keep them warm. The thick and smooth texture of the velvet material makes the wedding gown and suit look regal. It carries the effect of a royal wedding. Compared to the summer season, the bride’s hair and makeup will also remain more intact and unbothered in the cool weather.


Plenty of Menu Options

Plenty Of Menu Options

With the cold season, you do not have to worry about serving a hot bowl of your favorite Filipino soup dish. Christmas weddings give you an excuse to serve comfort food as they are more enjoyable during the season. Add a hearty hot cocoa bar with mint stirrers and doughnuts for dessert.


Something Out of the Ordinary

Something Out Of The Ordinary

If you are the type to be extra romantic during colder days, then having a wedding during the Christmas season suits your mood well. From decor, flower arrangements, and attire, certain elements of the season could serve as an inspiration for the overall theme of the wedding. Moreover, you can drape the entire reception with blankets and furs to make it cozy for all guests. Indeed, weddings that transpire during the Christmas season provide plenty of theme variations.


Great Giveaway Ideas

Great Giveaway Ideas

The cold season is abundant with everyone’s favorite things and events! From snuggly blankets, hot chocolate beverages, and plenty of parties. The pleasure and experience during the Christmas season is definitely not something you will find in ordinary days of the year. These Christmas favorites can inspire your wedding giveaways. Here are some of the items your wedding guests will happily take home:

  • Custom flasks
  • Coffee or hot choco mugs
  • Cozy blankets in the color of the wedding theme
  • Mini champagne bottles
  • Hot cocoa powder in a mason jar
  • Wedding ornaments
  • Festive candles


Cons of a Christmas Wedding

The great cold weather can help maintain the condition of everyone’s hair and makeup, especially the bride. While everyone is looking pristine during the wedding ceremony up until the reception, it could be difficult for guests who do not do well in the cold. Here are some cons that you need to consider to have a merry and hassle-free wedding celebration during the Christmas season.


Busiest Time of the Year

Busiest Time Of The Year

December is probably one of the busiest months of the year. Some relatives from abroad come home to celebrate the holiday season with their families. This means plenty of dinner invites, get-togethers, and Christmas parties.

Take note that your wedding day also marks your anniversary. With this, coinciding wedding anniversaries with the Christmas season may be stressful due to the organization of schedules. Friends and family may have prior arrangements that could conflict with your wedding anniversary celebration.


Shorter Daytime

Shorter Daytime

The “ber” months at the end of the year are the start of the season of shorter days and longer nights. Referred to as the winter solstice, the Philippines will experience its longest night and shortest day on the 21st and 22nd of December. The winter solstice is the opposite of the summer solstice, and it transpires every year. While the cold weather could be an excuse to wear thick yet stylish clothing, you must start the day a little earlier to avoid total darkness during the night. Plan the lighting of your venue well to properly illuminate your special day.


Unpredictable weather

Unpredictable Weather

Severe cold weather could occur during the Christmas season, especially as the night approaches. With this kind of weather condition, setting the reception venue indoors without adequate heating can turn the food stale and make the guests freeze. Conversely, holding it outdoors delivers the same results except worse because there is no way to control the temperature. The weather should remain a huge factor in deciding whether you should celebrate your wedding during the Christmas season or not.


Key Takeaway

Christmas weddings can be dreamy and romantic. However, there are a few things to consider before choosing the date during the holiday season. Make sure to weigh your options with the pros and cons of a Christmas wedding. With all the conflicts in schedule, weather, and attendance that may arise, you must follow-up on every detail of the wedding plan.

Seek professional advice from services that provide catering in Manila. They can help you choose the most suitable dishes to serve as well as contact your guests to confirm their presence. Finally, ensure the reception venue is ready to accommodate your requirements and requests with the help of professional event planners.


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