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    Ultimate Food Tasting Guide For Your Next Event

    What are some food tasting tips for your next event?

    1. Plan for the food tasting beforehand
    2. Consider requesting the caterer’s specialty
    3. Express your every concern and ask questions
    4. Takes notes and bring a camera
    5. Have someone accompany you to the food tasting
    6. Pay attention to the dish presentation and other services
    7. Arrive hungrily

    For those who want to hold a successful event, it shouldn’t be a question of whether to attend a food tasting or not. Aside from your guests expecting a scrumptious feast, the menu undoubtedly takes up a huge chunk of the event budget. This is why when you hire services for catering in Manila, knowing about the tips from this food tasting guide is a decision you won’t regret.

    A food tasting guide can reveal whether your actual event day will be a success or not with regard to catering. It gives you a clear feel of what food experiences will be expected at your event — from how the food will taste, how the buffet will be designed, how the tables and chairs will be set up, all the way to how the catering staff will display professionalism.

    Whether you are going for ala-carte dishes or buffet stations, food tastings often lead to planning the final event menu. This is how caterers customize wedding packages in the Philippines according to the preferences of their clients, including only what they would like to eat on the wedding day. Read on!

    Plan For The Food Tasting Beforehand

    Plan For The Food Tasting Beforehand

    Before the food tasting day, you have to come prepared and outline important event details such as the schedule and your budget. Keep in mind that weddings require an extensive amount of planning. How much are you willing to spend on the menu? In addition, you must understand your guests’ dietary preferences. Think about whether there are vegans or vegetarians on your guest list.

    Knowing all these details beforehand paves the way for easy decision-making and avoiding mishaps such as schedule clashes, going over the budget, and unhappy guests.

    Consider Requesting The Caterer’s Specialist

    Typically, there are food tasting packages already inclusive of a standard menu and amenities. This is because caterers devote ample time to prepare the food. The standard food tasting menu will usually include options for appetizers, soups, main courses, desserts, and beverages.

    While it’s true that caterers can customize your event menu according to your liking, you can always request their specialty for the food tasting if you are not familiar with their services at first. Your caterer’s specialty will be composed of the best and tastiest dishes, which can help you curate the perfect menu for your event faster!

    Express Your Every Concern and Ask Questions

    Express Your Every Concern and Ask Questions

    Yes, food tasting is a meeting to plan for the menu, but it is also about building a comfortable relationship with your caterer. A good caterer will do what they can to contribute to the success of your event.

    You will be able to sample dishes ranging from the appetizers to the dessert, which is all specifically prepared for your event. Don’t hesitate to express your concern about the dishes. Some caterers will give you the opportunity to meet the chef. While at it, ask questions about the food presentation, the taste of the food, quality of the produce, freshness, and other adjustments needed.

    You are attending the food tasting to make sure everything is perfect for your event day. If you feel something is not right, you should be able to voice out your thoughts. The catering company should happily accommodate your concerns beforehand rather than making adjustments on the event day itself.

    Take Notes and Bring A Camera

    You will taste a wide array of dishes so it’s possible to forget which one you like and liked. If you’re deciding between similar dishes, it might be even more challenging for you to decide what to add to your menu.

    That being said, you should take notes and bring a camera for rating purposes. Taking down notes and snapping a few photos can help you keep track of the experience.

    Have Someone Accompany You To The Food Tasting

    Have Someone Accompany You To The Food Tasting

    Every person has different taste preferences. The dishes that taste delicious to you might not be for other people. This is why if your caterer allows it, have someone accompany you and help in tasting the dishes. For weddings, it is common to bring the partner to the food tasting to provide helpful rating insights.

    Pay Attention To The Dish Presentation and Other Services

    You will be able to tell if a caterer offers excellent services from the moment you walk in the door of a food tasting. They must provide good customer service at all times because it is what you and your guests deserve. You’d immediately notice their professionalism in the way they pay attention to details.

    For plating and presenting your dishes, you can check if the plate edges are free of splatters and if the garnishing is beautiful. For staff attentiveness, you can observe how they replenish the food and how they handle menu requests. Take note that how the caterer is during the food tasting is how they will be on your event day.

    Arrive Hungrily

    Arrive Hungrily

    Avoid arriving in a food tasting with a full stomach as you will be tasting numerous dish options. A full stomach can also dull the sense of taste and reduce the ability to discern flavor differences.

    Key Takeaway

    In this food tasting guide, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know to maximize your experience. Think of the food tasting as a meeting on what to expect on your event day, catering-wise. Remember that your guests may forget other event details, but delicious food matched with excellent catering services is something to remember.

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