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    Santuario de San Antonio

    A church wedding is the dream of many Filipinos. But a simple chapel wouldn’t suffice when it comes to holding a momentous occasion such as the union between soulmates, especially when they’ve planned the rest of their wedding service and catering.

    Thankfully, the Philippines has so many beautiful churches—one of them is the Santuario de San Antonio Parish.

    Santuario de San Antonio

    Constructed in 1951, the Santuario de San Antonio Parish was built by the Franciscans in Forbes Park, Makati. They meant it to be a California Mission-style church and convent but it was later converted into a parish.

    Its rich history is perfect for those who are looking for a venue that exudes tradition and sophistication.

    A picturesque backdrop for weddings, this parish can seat around 200pax comfortably within the confines of the structure. Its interior alone will be enough to leave you and your guests in awe because of its beauty.

    The Santuario de San Antonio Parish will not just make your wedding day special, but also a sight to behold and a memory to cherish.

    Of course, your wedding day can’t be complete without a celebration after the ceremony.

    Juan Carlo, an award-winning wedding catering service, can be your partner in ensuring that you and your guests will have a fulfilling and satisfying meal—making the entire day a wonderful way of commemorating the marriage between two special individuals.

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      Juan Carlo & Santuario de San Antonio

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