Food Ideas For a Children’s Party

April 6, 2020

What are some food ideas for a children’s party?

  1. Make It Colorful
  2. Make It Easy
  3. Make It Fun
  4. Make It Thematic
  5. Make It Safe
  6. Make it Yummy

Fresh out of ideas on what to serve your guests at your child’s birthday celebration? It can be quite a challenge to find the sweet spot between the delights that kids will enjoy and take time to eat before all the wild distractions whisk them away from the dining table. But fear not! Here are some great children’s party food ideas that can inspire you for your kid’s upcoming special day.

Make It Colorful

Gone are the days of sugar-loading with excessive sweets and treats. While candy and cake will always be an integral part of any children’s party, parents will appreciate healthier options for their little ones such as fruit skewers. These are bite-sized fruit portions of apples, melon, grapes, and strawberries on a stick. Use mini skewers to keep it kid-friendly and drizzle them with some honey to pack a sweet punch. Fruit cups work just as well!

The best part? This doesn’t just go with desserts. Feel free to add a touch of color to your other entrees. Try to have a dish of every color that you can line up with all the rest to make it look like a rainbow spread on the buffet table.

Make It Easy

An little girl celebrating her birthday with a cupcake

Let’s face it, kids who come to children’s parties are there to — you guessed it — party. While eating isn’t exactly their main priority, it helps to serve them tasty, easy-to-eat options. Mini burgers, chicken lollipops, and even corn on the cob are your best bet. Anything handy and portable works for kids who have boundless energy and want to jump right in on games and activities. Smaller sizes also prevent wastage in the likely event they get full. Keep the sauces and dips to a minimum. The less fussy it is, the less likely it will end up on your child’s Elsa costume.

Make It Fun

In the height of “party season”, one where every weekend is scheduled with a classmate’s/cousin’s/neighbor’s birthday, it helps to keep the food fun and memorable. Instead of serving plain cookies and cupcakes, why not have the kids decorate their own treats? They’ll have double the fun creating their personalized edible masterpieces. This also lets them show off their artistic side and makes them feel like a chef for the day. Tip: provide labeled grab-and-go boxes and these treats double as a great party giveaway.

Make It Thematic

Princess Themed Cupcakes

Food ideas for a children’s party can be much easier when you have an idea to anchor everything together. Instead of serving your usual spaghetti and hotdog combo, why not ask your child for a theme? This can be their favorite movie, TV Show, or anything that they’re interested in as of the moment. Most children’s parties today are themed so get creative with your food ideas!

Serve dishes in themed containers like mini ships for pirate-themed parties or sprinkle edible glitter on your dessert for unicorn-themed parties. If they choose a specific character or movie theme, think of fun little ways to incorporate it into the food. Add pun-filled labels that allude to the theme or stick cut-out images to make plain silver chafing dishes pop out. A little bit of creativity goes a long way!

Make It Safe

For your little guests’ safety, avoid serving highly allergenic food such as peanuts, shellfish, and soy. While parents will be keeping an eye on their own kids, it is always best to err on the side of caution. Surely, you’ll have many other options to choose from.

Make It YUMMY (for the adults!)

buffet at a children's party

The only thing we Filipinos love more than social gatherings is the “handa”. It is an extension of our love and appreciation for friends and family. Conversations and memories are built around great food, so while the kids play their games and join the activities, get lolo and lola excited over the spread you’ve prepared! Ask your caterer for separate adult menus for more options. Taste-testing is usually included in catering packages so make sure you take advantage of that. Your guests will surely be talking about it for weeks to come.

Key Takeaway

In a birthday party, way more than filling your guest’s bellies with food, is the thought that goes into making it that really stands out. This separates a memorable special occasion and social obligation that parents need to attend with their kids. And it all really boils down to our main V.I.P.s for the day: your kid’s friends and classmates. When they talk about the party you put together in the next few days, these children’s party food ideas will leave these impressions: that it was cool, fun, and definitely something they’re happy they didn’t miss out on.


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