7 Castle-like Venues For A Fairy Tale Wedding

January 14, 2021

What are the best venues for a fairy tale wedding?

  1. Palazzo Verde in Las Piñas
  2. Fernwood Gardens in Tagaytay
  3. The Hanging Gardens in Quezon City
  4. Versailles Palace in Las Piñas
  5. Mahogany Place in Tagaytay
  6. Alta Veranda de Tibig in Cavite
  7. The Glass Garden in Pasig

A wedding is a very special event for a bride and groom. It is a celebration of love just like in fantasy books of princes and princesses. To commemorate the union of two people committed to spending their lives together, these venues for a fairy tale wedding will surely inspire you. Continue reading to learn more.

Palazzo Verde in Las Piñas

Palazzo Verde in Las Piñas

Palazzo Verde means ‘palace’ and ‘green’ in Italian. It combines both elements to create breathtaking scenery perfect for photography. With a horse-drawn carriage or a white Mercedes Benz to take you to this castle-inspired venue, you and your partner will feel like royalty living the fairy tale dream.

Choose to celebrate your wedding in their Colonial Ballroom, Grand Conservatory, or Gazebo. With architecture and decorations inspired by the Victorian Era, even your guests will feel like royalty

Fernwood Gardens Tagaytay

Fernwood Gardens Tagaytay

Your wedding day is a special occasion that will only happen once in your life. To make it memorable, a romantic venue like Fernwood Gardens Tagaytay is a quality choice.

Even from above, this majestic place looks like it came from a fantasy storybook. The bride will feel like Cinderella going down from her carriage to be greeted by an awe-inspiring castle! With halls decorated with glass chandeliers and an abundance of flowers, it will make any wedding unforgettable.

The Hanging Gardens in Quezon City

The Hanging Gardens in Quezon City

This French-inspired venue in Quezon City has lush greenery hanging from the walls. With a grand staircase, the bride and groom are like the king and the queen being welcomed by the guests.

This classic wedding reception location is unassuming, yet lavish. Outside, it doesn’t look like a castle. But once you get inside, you will be filled with amazement. Especially since it is located in the metro, it would feel like stepping inside another world.

Versailles Palace in Las Piñas

Versailles Palace in Las Piñas

Versailles Palace is a breathtaking venue located in Las Piñas. If you’re planning another fairy tale matrimonial ceremony, then this place should be on your list.

The balcony overlooking the pool is perfect for photography sessions with your partner. While inside, your reception will feel like a royal ball on this special occasion. With high ceilings, paneled walls, French doors, full-length windows, and a crystal chandelier, you can dance the night away to classical music.

Mahogany Place in Tagaytay

Mahogany Place in Tagaytay

For a simple yet magical wedding, you can celebrate at the Mahogany Place Tagaytay. With 3 venues namely The Grand Atrium, The Tuscan Garden, and The Gazebo, it is the perfect place for a classic and elegant union of two people in love.

Located in Tagaytay, the cool weather will ensure a comfortable and one of a kind experience. A stunning wedding doesn’t have to be about inviting a lot of guests. An intimate celebration also makes it more magical and close to heart.

Alta Veranda de Tibig in Cavite

Alta Veranda de Tibig in Cavite

Alta Veranda de Tibig is an all-in-one venue that can accommodate a garden wedding and a reception. The Plaza Guevarra is a Spanish inspired location that can handle all-weather gatherings. Inside is the El Pabelion de Jardin, which has a dome where the bride and groom can sit.

To feel like nobles, the lovebirds can enter through the wide wooden door or down the grand staircase. The space in the middle is reserved for dancing to romantic music, which can make anyone be in the mood for love.

The Glass Garden in Pasig

The Glass Garden in Pasig

The Glass Garden will remind you of Cinderella’s glass slippers. With all its beauty, women will dream of spending their special day in this extraordinary place.

As the only air-conditioned garden in the Philippines, this venue is filled with lush greenery and vibrant flowers inside and out. The beautiful glass walls allow daylight to magically seep into the area, making any couple feel blessed by nature itself. At night, it will feel even more special as lights illuminating the Glass Garden will make it feel like a magical place.

Key Takeaway

These seven venues for a fairy tale wedding are absolutely breathtaking. After dancing all night long to romantic tunes, a catering fit for a king and a queen can make it a memorable celebration. With sumptuous appetizers, main course, and desserts, you and your guests will remember this one of a kind occasion.

Serving people with finer taste is Juan Carlo the Caterer. With high-quality dishes, different choices of menu, and customer service like no other, your dream wedding will be unforgettable, just like magic!


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