7 Useful Tips On Hosting An Event During COVID

What are the useful tips on hosting an event during COVID?

  1. Know the latest guidelines
  2. Cut down the guest list
  3. Maintain clear communication with guests
  4. Ensure a socially-distanced floor plan
  5. Opt for outdoor venues
  6. Make hygiene supplies available
  7. Rethink the menu

Hosting an event during COVID can be extremely challenging. Whether it’s a wedding, children’s party, corporate gathering, or debut — every event must implement health protocols while still ensuring that guests enjoy to the fullest. As the premier choice for catering in Manila, we at Juan Carlo understand that no one wants to postpone their special occasions. Here are some useful tips on hosting an event during COVID. Make your celebrations memorable and keep your guest’s safety in mind! Read on.

Know The Latest Guidelines In Your City

Know The Latest Guidelines In Your City

Every city has different guidelines for holding events. It’s important that you stay updated on announcements from the local government unit and health authorities.

Depending on the current community quarantine situation in the area, you might need to implement health and safety protocols ranging from the mandatory wearing of face masks, placing contact tracing registration booths, maintaining social distancing, having handwashing stations, floor markers, to doing temperature checks.

Cut Down The Guest List

While you might be tempted to invite every relative and friend to the event, keep in mind that it is not a practical choice right now. For everyone’s safety and to maintain proper social distancing, you need to consider cutting down the guest list.

Think about it. Do you really need to invite forty of your parent’s friends or friends that you have not talked to in years during your wedding or debut? It might be better to avoid +1 guests as well.

There is a silver lining when it comes to reducing the guest list. You can make the event more intimate and memorable with only a few of your closest relatives around. This is especially ideal for weddings. To add to that, you have fewer tables to decorate. You can reallocate your funds towards more items such as a grand arch or perhaps an international dinner menu.

Maintain Clear Communication With Guests

Maintain Clear Communication With Guests

If you are planning an event during COVID, it is likely that your guest list will drop due to imposed travel and gathering restrictions. Make sure to plan ahead and communicate with your invited guests regarding their schedule availability. Remember that traveling guests from other cities and countries will need to do self-quarantine for 14 days after arrival.

Ensure A Socially-Distanced Floor Plan

Local government units may not have a limit on the number of guests. However, they do encourage people hosting events to focus on ways to limit physical contact with each other. That being said, you should not ensure the venue has the capacity to accommodate guests but rethink the floor plan to properly space them.

If you hire the right catering service, they would know how to set up tables to practice social distancing. At Juan Carlo, we can assign smaller tables grouped by immediate households or by whatever your preference is.

Opt For Outdoor Venues

Opt For Outdoor Venues

COVID is transmitted through respiratory droplets produced when breathing, speaking, singing, coughing, sneezing. A useful tip for hosting an event during this pandemic is to opt for outdoor venues. Move the celebration outside and let your guest enjoy with safety in mind.

For example, weddings can adopt a stunning garden theme while debuts can have a Bohemian inspired touch to them. There are various outdoor spaces that can practice social distancing and not sacrifice the beauty of the venue itself.

At Juan Carlo, we have plenty of partner venues to make your dream events come to life! Check out the Old Grove Farmstead, Fernwood Gardens Tagaytay, Acuatico Beach Resort, or Forest Barn for a quick trip near the Metro.

Make Hygiene Supplies Available

Now more than ever is the time when guests will want to see sanitization protocols being observed. Have hygiene supplies readily available at all times including hands-free sanitizers, hand washing stations, and perhaps a staff that readily disinfects tables.

Rethink The Menu

Rethink The Menu

There are so many ways to infuse taste and creativeness when it comes to event menu services and still maintain health protocols in place. Traditional buffets and grazing may not be the safest choice for now, but you can always opt for plated meals and chef-attended stations with plastic covering in place.

The overall goal is to minimize guest touch-points while also designing a delightful food experience. Tell your caterer to have beverage attendants going around as well instead of dispensers.

At Juan Carlo, our multitude of set menus has been successfully tried and tested before, with guaranteed satisfaction. From classic Filipino appetizers that bring well-loved flavors to blends of European and Chinese dishes — choosing our catering service in Manila provides the most diverse selection of food that will offer unmatched gastronomic experiences for your guests.

Key Takeaway

It can be extremely challenging to host an event during COVID. With the ongoing threat of infection, those who are planning to celebrate occasions must implement health protocols while ensuring that guests enjoy to the fullest.

At Juan Carlo, we can work to make your dream events come to life with safety in mind. We have catered to some of the country’s most famous personalities and a wide array of event types. May it be a wedding, debut, corporate gathering, or children’s party — you can partner with our event planners and let our renowned catering team ease your worries.

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