10 Tips On Planning An Outdoor Party

What are the tips on planning an outdoor party?

  1. Think of your party theme
  2. Choose an open-air venue
  3. Send out your invitations early
  4. Have a source of entertainment
  5. Plan a sit-down menu
  6. Include some finger foods
  7. Don’t forget the drinks
  8. Make sure everyone has a seat
  9. Decorate the space
  10. Expect weather changes

An outdoor party is different from a normal one. Aside from good food and friendly company, you get to unwind while breathing fresh air in an open area. Whether you hold it during the day or at night, you will surely make memories with your loved ones. To help you, here are some tips on planning an outdoor party. Keep on reading!

Think Of Your Party Theme

Think Of Your Party Theme

Get in the mood for party planning by first thinking of a theme. Depending on the event, your plans can go in a different direction. The occasion can vary, and it can be a wedding, debut, corporate, or children’s party. Decide whether to go full formal or make it semi-casual.

Choose An Open Air Venue

To make it an outdoor party, the venue you choose is important. You can celebrate your birthday enjoying Tagaytay’s cool weather at Hill Creek Gardens, or maybe opt to have fun swimming at Acuaverde Resort. Depending on your theme, you may also like the rustic vibes at Old Grove Farmstead whether you have a wedding or debut.

Send Your Invitations Early

Send Your Invitations Early

Whether you plan to give out handwritten invitations or opt for a more eco-friendly one such as an email, the time you send them can make or break your event.

Keeping this in mind, sending your invitations early ensures that your guests can move around their schedule and set aside time for your party. Try to put effort into the design of your invitations. Being creative about it can make a big impression on your attendees.

Have A Source Of Entertainment

Attending a party is not a lot of fun when entertainment is scarce. Keep in mind that what you choose will be based on the occasion and theme. If there are children among your guests—who are energetic and easily get bored—you can hire a clown, magician, or have a booth for face painting. If your venue has a pool, you can remind everyone to bring their swimsuits.

Plan A Sit Down Menu

Plan A Sit Down Menu

Good food is the first thing that people look forward to when they’re invited to an event. You can opt to hire a professional caterer like Juan Carlo to prepare delicious party meals and set up tables with nice decorations. Aside from your usual buffets, you can also choose an Italian Fresh Pasta Bar with Cheese Wheel, Kebab Station, or a Sushi Sashimi Station to make it more interesting.

Include Some Finger Foods

Aside from a proper lunch or dinner menu, an outdoor party also needs to have some finger foods. Before or after the main meal, guests can mingle with each other while munching on European cheese and cold cuts. The good news is, you can also request these from your main caterer.

Don’t Forget The Drinks

Don’t Forget The Drinks

Now that you have a delicious menu of meals for your guests, you should also prepare one-of-a-kind beverages to make your party memorable. A good way to do this is to set up a Tea Cart or prepare some Juan Carlo Signature Rosé which has a frozen popsicle as a topping.

Make Sure Everyone Has A Seat

Many DIY planners forget to prepare enough seating for every guest at an outdoor party. If you’re doing your event in your garden, your patio chairs may not be enough to keep people comfortable. Depending on your event, you can utilize rustic chairs or keep it casual with picnic mats.

Decorate The Space

Decorate The Space

Now that you have almost everything prepared, all you need to do is to decorate your party space. An event that’s not visually interesting can become bland and boring, so make sure to set the mood by putting up some classy but aesthetically pleasing decor. You can use gold cutlery, or make it more romantic by putting flowers all around the place. All of these can be possible with Juan Carlo’s El Primo Styling.

Expect Weather Changes

When you host an outdoor party, know that the weather can become unpredictable. You can avoid this by scheduling your celebration in drier months, or by having a back-up indoor venue in the same area when it starts raining. When having a summer event, do not forget to set up portable awnings and canopies.

Key Takeaway

These tips on planning an outdoor party can help you make your event successful, even if you’re a beginner. To keep it simple, focus on keeping your guests comfortable, entertained, and well-fed to ensure a memorable gathering.

If you need assistance in preparing sumptuous and delicious meals for your outdoor party, you may send Juan Carlo a message with your questions and inquiries.

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